Was rooting for Messi throughout as I'm a sucker for a good sports fairytale, and in this case the chance to, live, in my lifetime, witness genuine once in a generation greatness. And so we did.

The storybook part of this is almost too much. The unrivaled club success for so very long opposite the desperation of the national team struggles. And almost the instant his club situation uproots leaving his career at large looking unfathomably rocky his national team fortunes answer equally and oppositely back. A loud and emphatic Copa America championship, a Cup of Champions trophy (is what it is but nonetheless a trophy amongst an otherwise barren international cupboard), and in the most dramatic and captivating way one could draw up the trophy of all trophies. All of a sudden a whirlwind of the kind of success he'd pined for well over a decade. Genuinely, almost comically, sports poetic.

Congrats to Argentina on the whole, the squad man for man, Scaloni, and of course the goat.. unique and clearly flawed but entertaining tourney, unbelievable final, thrilling finish, and the bow of all bows on top with the legend absolutely completed.

That was fun.