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Thread: ou(R) Fed presents: Rise of the Phoenix (Finals)

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    ou(R) Fed presents: Rise of the Phoenix (Finals)

    Rise of the Phoenix
    The Phoenix Cup Tournament
    Night 1

    The cameras open up, live on a ring surrounded by roughly 1,000 wrestling fans on all sides, the din of the crown at a reasonably tolerable level. Standing in the ring is a man known to all who are familiar with the storied history of the RFeds…. And to roughly about a quarter of the crowd in attendance.

    Joey Noone

    JN: Ladies and Gentleman, welcome to night 1 of the ouR Fed Tournament!!!

    The audience responds with a smattering of applause, as well as a few drunken yells asking Joey if his suit comes in mens.

    JN: Let’s try this again…. LADIES AND GENTLEMAN, Welcome the night 1 of the OUR FED TOURNAMENT!!!!!!

    The crowd gets the hint and responds with a loud cheer, worthy of a properly excited indie crowd.

    JN: My name is Joey Noone, and I will be calling the action for those at home, after we put all the matches together into one show and sell it on DVD of course. Blu Ray where available.


    JN: Now let me introduce you to the man who will be calling the action with me. He is a veteran of the latter days of the RFed, a man that made his calling with his silent brutality, I present to you…. Jonathan CAITO!!!

    With that, the heavy bass of Tool’s Sober pounds thru the $1,500 sound system, and thru the black curtain steps Caito. He stands there for a moment, looking to take it all in…. And then realizes exactly what his surroundings are. He continues to look around at the crowd, and the gymnasium as he proceeds down the aisle and thru the ropes, being handed a microphone by a stagehand before he can be welcomed by his partner.

    JN: Jonathan, it is a pleasure to have you here and I gotta ask, isn’t this a great setting for the beginning of our tournament?

    Caito continues to look around as he begins to respond to Joey’s query.

    Caito: Joey, its nice to be….. I mean its a real pleasure to be back…… Joey we are in a gymnasium man.
    JN: It promises to be an electric setting doesn’t it?
    Caito: Joey, they forgot to put one of the hoops up. Over there in the corner, behind our desk. I think there is even a bunch of kids playing basketball….
    JN: We have 4 exciting matches coming your way. I, for one, don’t know which of the 4 I am most excited for.
    Caito: It looks like they are playing Hustle.
    JN: Our first match is coming your way right now. Ring Announcer, TAKE IT AWAY!!!


    Cypher v Kris “Fa Sho” Destiny

    Generic Ring Announcer: Ladies and Gentleman, this is our opening contest, and the first match in the PHOENIX CUP TOURNAMENT!!!!

    The entrance music of Kris “Fa Sho” Destiny begins to echo thru the gymnasium, a nearly forget song of yesteryear as Fa Sho steps thru the black curtain leading to backstage/the actual stage that the local kids put on HS Theatre with. Fa Sho comes down the steps and walks confidently to the ring, hearing his wrestling monikor announced to a crown for the first time in a very long time. He slides into the ring and takes a look around, remembering the feeling his past took away.

    As the music fades, it is only a moment before White Zombie’s More Human Than Human begins to creep thru the system. Cypher is announced over the heavy beats, before Cypher pushes his way thru the curtain, standing on the stage and looking around, before fixating his gaze on the ring, and his opponent within. Cypher strides to the ring, never taking his eyes off of Fa Sho, as he walks up the steps and thru the ropes.

    Our generic ring announcer exits the ring as the two men stare each other down from their respective corners. Both men with something to prove, one gone from the R-Feds for years under unfortunate circumstances, the other a well traveled man, recognized the world over. As those on hand begin to realize what is beginning with the first match in our multi-night tournament, smatterings of cheers and applause grow louder as the two men confidently, yet cautiously, approach each other, coming face to face with a stare down in the ring. Neither man jawing, just simply staring into each other’s eyes, perhaps their souls.

    *Bell Rings*

    JN: As our tournament begins, what do you think of our opening contest here Jon? And what sort of challenges come with being the ones tasked with starting a tournament of this magnitude.
    Caito: You can’t have a different mindset starting the tournament or ending it. Either way, the primary focus needs to be to win, and if need be, at all costs. As for these two, I don’t know them well, but I wouldn’t be surprised if this is the hardest hitting match of the first round. Also, I gotta admit, Cypher’s NES Metal Gear shirt is pretty awesome.

    Cypher makes the first move, taking his big meaty hand to the face of Fa Sho and shoving the (relatively) smaller man away. Fa Sho responds with an expression of annoyance and disrespect as he quickly gathers himself and returns to his original position, only for Cypher to repeat his tactic. Fa Sho responds quicker, but turns into a heavy overhand right hand crashing into his chest. Cypher’s advantage proves to be short lived, as Fa Sho turns and with surprising quickness and strength, lifts Cypher and quickly tries to run him into the corner. Cypher manages to grab his arm around Fa Sho’s neck, and using leverage falls backwards, holding on to the front headlock. Fa Sho is unfazed, blindly but effectively landing body blows with rights and lefts, forcing Cypher to release and push his opponent away. Both are up quickly, this time Fa Sho gaining the advantage as Cypher turns into a dropkick that sends him into the turnbuckles.

    Fa Sho up quickly and runs at his opponent, leaping and landing a flying front elbow. Trying to take advantage of a stunned Cypher, Fa Sho readies himself and again throws body shots at the big man, connecting before Cypher has a chance to cover up. What he does manage to do is push Fa Sho away, but is immediately attacked again as Fa Sho buries the side of his thigh deep into the solarplexes, trying to force the air out of the big man’s body. A second and a third have even more effect as Cypher begins to double over, allowing Fa Sho a moment to back up to the center of the ring, line his opponent up, and rush.

    Whatever his plan was, it does not come to fruition, as Fa Sho crashes into turnbuckles, Cypher having moved out of the way, running the ropes. Fa Sho staggers out of the corner and turns to find his opponent, only to be the victim of a vicious lariat.

    JN: A whopper of a clothesline from Cypher there.
    Caito: It’s a lariat Joey. And look, Fa Sho has great quickness for a man of his size, but sometimes, speed can’t outdo power, especially if you run right at it.

    Cypher quickly moves into a pin attempt, but it is too early in the match and Fa Sho kicks out at 1. Cypher simply responds by holding Fa Sho by the head and delivering several stiff shots. FaSho is released, and he attempts to put space between the two men, albeit slowly. Cypher watches him from his knees before standing himself, grabbing a recovering Fa Sho from around the back and lifting him high and overhead, releasing him and sending Fa Sho crashing with a German suplex. Cypher quickly over for another cover attempt, but still too early, FaSho out at 1. Cypher almost smiles, appreciative of the fight perhaps. He grabs his enemy with both hands around the head, looking to bring him up to a vertical position.

    Fa Sho with a quick left hand the the gut. Cypher feels it, but it doesn’t do enough. So Fa Sho, hits him with another left, and follows it up with a right. Cypher still has a hold, so Fa Sho turns his body, quickly burying his left elbow into the stomach and them immediately pivoting, a right hand traveling and coming dangerously close to a kidney punch. Cypher releases his left hand, but quarter does not come easily. Quickly, Fa Sho brings his hands together and boxes Cypher’s ears, freeing himself completely. Gaining momentum, Fa Sho stops on Cypher’s right foot, and immediately turns his body, taking Cypher down with a drop toe hold on his opposite foot.

    Both men up quickly, Fa Sho due to a renewed sense of strength, Cypher due to anger. Cypher quickly uses the nearby ropes to help himself to his feet, and turns directly into a V-Trigger Knee. The big man immediately falls backwards, stumbling between the ropes and falls to the mat below, as Fa Sho watches, catching his breathe and motioning for Cypher to get up.

    JN: Cypher has to watch out, Fa Sho has him in his sights and seems to be readying himself….. and here he comes!

    Fa Sho is indeed coming, running the ropes and diving thru the top and middle, a suicide dive directly into the body of Cypher, who once again is felled, this time into the front row of fans.

    Caito: Oh no, those poor little 115 pound guys in the front row. What a terrible terrible shame….

    As both men release themselves from the front row, Fa Sho continues his offense, nailing some knife edge chops that back Cypher up, towards the ring steps. Cypher tries to push Fa Sho away, but his retaliation leads to a straight kick to the left knee, a weak point of Cypher. Cypher feels the full effect, falling to a knee. Once again, Fa Sho measures him, and rushes forward to deliver a super kick…. and connects with the steel steps as Cypher ducks out of the way. Fa Sho is more surprised than hurt by the miss, and turns after a moment to see Cypher sliding back into the ring. Fa Sho quickly to the apron, grabbing the top rope and readying himself. He leaps, and springboards off the top rope, connecting with a knee to the face. Both men crash down, and Fa Sho quickly for the cover…



    Kick out by Cypher

    Fa Sho with only the slightest look at the ref as he immediately tries to get Cypher back to his feet. He locks in a front chancery, throws the arm over, and begins to lift…. But Cypher isn’t ready to give up the size advantage that easily. Fa Sho tries again, but Cypher has regained some of his strength. He escapes the duplex attempt, turns his body to fully release Fa Sho’s grip, before grabbing Fa Sho around the waist and lifting him, turning and slamming him down with a belly to belly suplex. Quickly to his feet, he climbs the ropes as Fa Sho writhes in pain on the mat. Cypher quickly leaps and comes crashing down onto Fa Sho with a massive frog splash, expelling all the air out of his lungs. Cypher for the sure pin…



    Fa Sho kicks out at 2 1/2

    JN: Fa Sho starting to look hurt here Jon.
    Caito: It’s not a great feeling to have a guy land with just about all his body weight and sink it 3 inches into the mat.
    JN: Either way, many more moves like that and I don’t think the match will be much longer.

    Cypher looks at Fa Sho in annoyance and goes for another cover. Again, it is a 2 count. Cypher rolls off, looking at the ref with a very annoyed look. He stands, bringing Fa Sho with him. He holds his head in both hands before connecting with a headset that puts Fa Sho onto a knee. A straight right hand keeps him there until Cypher brings him to his feet, locks in the chancery, and quickly does what Fa Sho could not, a snap suplex. Once again, Cypher goes for the cover, but Fa Sho kicks out just the smallest bit quicker this time.

    Quickly, Cypher brings himself and Fa Sho back to a standing position, backing his opponent into the ropes. A quick succession of front elbows to the head, rapid style, leave Fa Sho woozy and unbalanced. The ref tries to step in, only to be shoved aside by Cypher. Now knees to the gut, once again interrupted by the ref, whom Cypher attempts to chase away. He returns to his quarry… but Fa Sho kicks forward with his right leg, holding on to the top ropes with both hands to balance. Cypher is stunned, but advances again. Fa Sho repeats his tactic, this time using both legs and as much force as he can muster, sending Cypher towards the middle of the ring.

    Feeling the sudden jolt of adrenaline, Fa Sho rushes forward, leaping at and around Cypher, who is completely taken off guard as the Slingblade is executed to perfection. Cypher is quickly back up to a knee, but not quick enough to protect himself from the soccer sale kick that Fa Sho delivers directly to the chest. Cypher instinctively brings both hands to his chest in pain, stunned by the attack. Meanwhile, behind him Fa Sho is holding on to the top rope, once again measuring Cypher. This time, he connects.

    Kiss of Destiny straight to the back of Cypher’s head, both men falling. Cypher straight to the ground on his back in a prone position from the hit, and Fa Sho falls on top of him, mostly from exhaustion, into the pinfall…




    Only it isn’t a pinfall, Cypher just managing to kick out!!!!!!!

    JN: Fa Sho can’t seem to put Cypher away.

    Caito: He does seem to be trying to pull some of the big moves out, he knows this is a fight that he can’t waste his time with.

    Fa Sho rolls off of Cypher, but remains prone for a few moments, his energy nearly spent. The referee looks at both men, and begins the dreaded ten count. The kind that always comes when the match is getting closer to the end but would never actually end the match. Both men begin to stir early in the count, Fa Sho looking for ropes to help him get to his feet, while Cypher crawls towards the corner, near the steps. Finally, Cypher makes it to the corner on one end of the and frantically pushes the top portion of the steps aside, revealing his beloved brass knuckles.

    On the other side, Fa Sho has pulled himself to his feet, and the ref is checking on him to make sure he can continue. Meanwhile, Cypher has his knucks in hand, leaning in the corner, his back to Fa Sho, trying to properly slip the knocks on his hand…..

    Suddenly, Fa Sho pushes the ref to the side and rushes at the back of Cypher, leaping and crashing into Cypher, who drops the knocks onto the ring apron. Fa Sho follows up with quick jabs and strikes to the lower back of Cypher, trying wear the man down. Fa Sho switches tactics, and begins to stomp on the back of the left knee, causing Cypher to howl in pain. With a renewed feverish pace, Fa Sho shoves Cypher from the corner towards the center of the ring, turns and props himself up on to the rope. Not wanting to give Cypher a chance to catch a break, Fa Sho leaps towards Cypher…

    Who swiftly and in one motion catches and slams Fa Sho to the mat with a power bomb, in an impressive showing of testicular fortitude, gutting it out thru the pain. Cypher knows this is now or never, quickly picking Fa Sho up, dragging him to the corner, before climbing to the second rope…


    The move has brought the thousand to their feet, and even interrupted the pickup basketball game in the corner, as both men lay, their energy depleted. After an agonizing few seconds, Cypher pulls it together long enough to roll over and drape an arm across his fallen foe.




    JN: How? Jon I don’t know how Fa Sho kicked got out of that? How is he still going?

    Joey’s shock is well placed, as Fa Sho barely is able to roll the shoulder over, perhaps more by instinct than anything else. Cypher rolls off of Fa Sho, wondering what more he can do, when he spots his dropped brass knuckles. Slowly, he once again makes his way over to his favorite weapon, as Fa Sho rolls over to his side, trying to shake the cobwebs out. Cypher reaches his knucks and puts them on, knowing what he needs to do to end this match. Cypher makes his way to his feet, rubbing his throat in preparation when the ref spots the illegal object on his hand. The referee grabs his right hand, but the 5’9 165lb man is in no way a match for someone who outweighs him by 100 pounds. Cypher pushes the referee away and directs his attack towards a now standing Fa Sho….but as Cypher begins to spit mist towards his opponent, Fa Sho quickly strikes with an open hand directly to the throat. Cypher immediately begins to choke on the mist still not expelled.


    Caito: You have to push thru it now, you have to hit your big move and not waste any time.

    Not wanting to waste any more time, and almost as if he can hear Caito, Fa Sho immediately grabs Cypher before he can make it to his feet on his own…..





    Ladies and Gentleman…. The winner of the opening contest…. KRIS “FA SHO” DEEESSSSSTINY!!!

    JN: And that does it. Our first match of the Phoenix Tournament is in the books.
    Caito: Fa Sho certainly earned that victory, but he looks like absolute hell. He almost looks like a Bears fan after a Chicago, Green Bay football game. Only his side actually won.

    Fa Sho can only make it to his knees, so that is where the ref raises his hand in victory. Trying to catch his break, he looks at his opponent, the now stirring Cypher. He nods towards his opponent, knowing the fight he was just in.


    Millertime Rebel vs Tyson Bell

    The music gets loud as Millertime Rebel makes his way thru the curtain and down the stairs. A name from yesteryear in the RFeds, he repeatedly nods to himself as he walks towards the ring. It has been a long time since we have seen him compete, and as he gets in the ring and uses the top rope to loosen his back and stretch, all that fills his mind is his opponent, and what he needs to do to be as good as he ever was.

    One Blood by The Game announces a man well known in the RFed annals. Thru the curtain walks Tyson Bell. Tyson pauses on the stage, looking out into the gymnasium. It reminded him of his younger, more unknown days, fighting for survival. He puts it out of his mind, as he makes his way to the ring, pausing only to give the slightest of nods to the announce table, and a man he had a few matches with.

    JN: It looks like Tyson is acknowledging my partner’s presence here. Jon, you are of course familiar with Tyson Bell.
    Caito: I never had the pleasure of facing Millertime Rebel in the ring, he had taken a lighter schedule before I came around. Ive faced Tyson a couple times though. He’s a tough guy, no doubt about that. Had already established himself when I made my debut. Of course, by the time I made my debut, The Dynasty had come and been gone for quite a while, along with his true glory days… not that that stops Tyson from bringing The Dynasty up multiple times a promo.
    JN: Didn’t Tyson cost you a championship once? Something about a rooftop ring in the rain….
    Caito: *glares menacingly at Joey*
    JN: Oh look, both men are now in the ring, and we are about to begin!

    *Bell Rings*

    The two men stand apart in their own corners, but the sound of the bell brings them together, both scanning quickly to see if they can grab a quick advantage. Tyson goes to hook up, but Millertime, sidesteps, getting behind and grabbing a waist lock. Tyson tries to break Miller’s hands, but ends up using his size advantage to throw elbows behind him, connecting with the head and releasing the hold. Tyson quickly turns over, grabs a side headlock, and brings Millertime to the mat with a takedown.

    Millertime tries to punch up on Tyson, connecting lightly. Miller turns his body to his side, and manages to get to a knee. From there, the two trade reversals and counters, both trying to conversely free themselves and ground their opponent. After several minutes of back and forth, they end up with Millertime having the headlock, a reversal of fortunes, and Tyson pushing him against the ropes, with the ref calling for a break.

    JN: Nice early exchange here, ref looking for a clean break.
    Caito: Yea….. I wouldn’t count on that.

    Miller releases the hold, and Tyson straightens up, Miller’s hands high in the air… which is all the opening Tyson needs for an open handed chop, which lands. What also lands is the several right hands that Millertime responds with, surprising and backing up Tyson. A quick change in tactics to knife edge chops backs Tyson against the ropes, followed by an Irish whip and a back elbow to a returning Tyson. Bell is dropped, and doesn’t have a chance to protect himself from the elbow drop before Millertime goes for the quick pin. Bell is out at 1, and immediately rolls towards and under the ropes, looking to slow down the brawler.

    Tyson walks around outside for a moment, keeping his eyes on Rebel, who stands at the ready in the center of the ring. Bell climbs the stairs, eventually into the ring as Millertime keeps his stance, his gaze. Tyson puts his hands out again, looking for a lockup as he advances, then quickly changes as he delivers a kick to the gut. Following up with a clubbing blow to the back, Tyson briefly admires his handiwork before locking in a chancery, a suplex executed to perfection. Tyson follows up quickly, mounting Millertime in a ground and pound, using his elbow to try to break thru the hands protecting Miller. Eventual, Millertime is able to free a leg and starts to kick, freeing himself from the ground and pound position. Both men back to their feet, with Miller hitting the ropes. Tyson ducks low to avoid the clothesline, and is able to grab Millertime, who had come to a stop, lifting him and crashing back down with a sidewalk slam. Another pin attempt by Bell, and very early into the two count does Rebel kick out.

    Bell looks only a moment at the ref before raising back to his feet, delivering a few stomps to the body. Again, Bell backs up, and measuring Millertime, drops a knee onto the back of the neck. A quick follow up sees Tyson take his knee and put it in Rebel’s back, hands locked around his jaw and leaning back, trying to wrench and torque Millertime’s neck.

    Caito: Look, Tyson isn’t gonna get a submission out of this. Everyone here knows it, probably except you Joey. All he is trying to do is punish Millertime, make him think, and weaken the head and neck for his Bonecrusher.

    Tyson wrenches back once more for good measure, and then slams Millertime’s head forward, only Miller getting his hands in front of his face sparing the worst possible damage. Tyson is up to his feet, jawing, telling Millertime to get up for more. To his credit, Millertime does indeed begin to get to his feet before Tyson decides to help him. With both hands around Miller’s head, he looks around at the crowd, a confident look over his face.

    This one brief moment of relaxation is all the opening that the smaller man needs. He quickly wraps his own hands around the top of Bell’s head and brings all his weight down, a jawbreaker releasing him and backing up Bell. Millertime follows up. A straight kick to the gut. A right hand. Another. Knife edge chop. An Irishwhip sends Tyson across the ring, with the rebound opening himself up to a Lou These press. Now it is Millertime in the ground and pound position, opening up and raining down rights on Bell, who manages to cover up and block the majority of the strikes. Millertime to his feet, and running the ropes. Tyson up as well, but facing the wrong way as he is taken down from behind with a bulldog. Tyson hits hard and Millertime immediately goes for the cover…



    Kickout by Tyson

    A very audible “Damnit” from Rebel, who felt like he had built enough steam to take Tyson by surprise there.

    JN: Rebel has all the momentum on his side.
    Caito: Gonna take more than momentum to keep Tyson down for that long.

    Both men to their feet, but Millertime once again taking advantage, grabbing Tyson from behind by the trucks and pulling him into a forearm to the lower back. Rebel repeats the maneuver, with Bell going to a knee. Once again, Millertime runs the ropes, running in front of Bell, hitting the ropes….. before being picked up and slammed down with a spinebuster from Bell. The momentum brings Tyson back to a kneeling position, his face a mixture of annoyance, determination, and tired. Tyson brings Miller back to his feet, executing a scoop slam, followed by a leg drop before he goes to make the cover…



    Kick Out

    Tyson slams his hand to the mat three times, telling the ref what his job is. Tyson brings Rebel to a vertical position, holding on as he delivers a shot to the head, and then another. Tyson sends Millertime into the ropes, picking him up for a Samoan Drop….. but Millertime somehow finds leverage and instead turns it into a Crucifix Pin attempt….



    Tyson just frees an arm to roll his shoulder over!!!

    Tyson up fast but Rebel up faster. Tyson rushes Millertime, who responds with a back body drop. Tyson hits hard but is up quickly, met by Millertime and several rights. Tyson is backed into the corner, where Millertime attempts to bring Tyson down to his size by grabbing the ropes and stomping Tyson down. Feeling the tide turning in his direction, Millertime grabs the arm of Tyson and goes for an irish whip… reversed by Tyson, and Rebel is the one who crashes into the corner. Now it is Tyson’s turn to follow up and he does so by rushing his monster frame towards Millertime….. who escapes a mere moment before Tyson can crash into him with a huge splash

    JN: Neither man can hold an advantage for long. Can that be the mistake that leads to the end of the match?
    Caito: Neither many can really afford too many more without it costing them the 3.
    JN: That may have been the last mistake, as Millertime Rebel looks like he has all the confidence and is feeling himself right now.

    Millertime Rebel is indeed feeling himself, watching Tyson stagger out of the corner. He readies himself, waiting for Tyson to turn to face him, as he springs into action with SWEET DIXIELAND……. But Tyson sidesteps him. Millertime turns quickly to attack his opponent…..


    Millertime crashes to the mat, and Bell is up quickly, stacking Rebel up and placing both hands on his shoulders to keep them down.




    Ladies and Gentleman…. The winner of the match…. TYYYYSON BEEEEELLLLLL!!!

    Bell back to his feet so that the referee can raise his hand. He spares a nod in Millertime Rebel’s direction, before turning towards the crowd and throwing his hands in the air, celebrating his victory, and advancement to the next round.

    JN: And that does it. Tyson Bell moves on alongside Fa Sho to the next round in this tourney.
    Caito: This was a bit of a faster paced match than I expected. Credit to Millertime Rebel for his showing, but Tyson was just a little bit better tonight.


    The Jitterman vs Gehrig Gardner

    ​We don't have the budget for the area to go black, (it is gymnasium after all) or a screen, but the rather creepy tones of something this man calls music still comes thru the sound system. A veiled woman, wearing what looks like a black wedding dress, walks past the curtain holding a book of some kind. the figure turns its head, when suddenly a man that can only be The Jitterman appears besides her. They both walk down the steps, marching towards the ring as several near by stand in awe of the size of the man.

    JN: Once again, another big man coming down the aisle to take part in this tournament Jon.
    Caito: There’s no shortage…. But this dude seems a bit…. Odd. And for what its worth, I had a hotter manager back in the day.
    JN: How is Jules anyways?
    Caito: Well, last time I spoke to here she said “Hey, I have this great commentary gig for you”….. and here I am. Lying bitch.

    The Jitterman reaches the ring and climbs in, as Alice moves towards Joey and Jon, and the empty seat nearby.

    JN: Maybe you’ll get to ask her questions about her management style Jon?
    Caito: I’m no broadcast journalist. Id rather go ask this kids if they plan on stopping to play ball while this show is on.

    As the creepy music dies down, the mood and timbre of the music changes, announcing the mountain of a man, former professional football player Gehrig Gardner. He steps thru the curtain, shouting with intensity. As he marches to the ring, he continually rolls his shoulders, looking impressive.

    Caito: See, now this is a guy I can get behind. He just needs to get some time and experience under his belt, and in the meantime hope that raw power and intensity does the trick for him.

    *Bell Rings*

    Quickly, Jitterman and his massive size moves towards Gardner, but Gehrig quickly steps thru the ropes. It takes a bit of effort from the ref to convince the big man to stand down for a moment, with Gardner looking on. The ref finally gets the Jitterman to back down, and calls for Gardner to get back in the ring. Gehrig does, but again heads thru the ropes as the Jitterman approaches, smiling the whole time as the Jitterman tries to intimidate the ref to let him pass. Gehrig hops down from the apron, audibly laughing as he is trying to get into the head of the Jitterman.

    At least until he turns and sees Alice, sitting besides Joey and Caito in a chair, knitting, barely paying attention. Gardner goes and stands over her, as if to intimidate her next. Except, she continues to not pay attention to him.

    JN: What do you make of this?
    Caito: I said that he needed time and experience, but apparently he needs some maturity too. I don’t hate trying to get into your opponents head, but doing it this way makes you more of a tool than anything else.

    Gehrig, hearing the words of Jonathan Caito, turns his attention, focusing squarely on the former Fedder. He motions at him, daring him to talk shit to his face. Slowly, and without fear, Caito rises at the table, his years as a pro wrestler seeing to it that there is no trepidation, as Caito has faced bigger men than this before. The crowd gets awfully silent and attentive, as this is the most interesting thing that has happened yet in this “match”. It is so silent in the gymnasium, you can even hear the particularly bad shot that hit the rim so hard, the basketball somehow made its way past the feet of he crowd and in the vicinity of the announcers desk.

    JN: Ummmmm Jon, calm down, you’re here as an announcer, there’s no need to….
    Caito: don’t worry Joey, this guy is never gon……

    It only took the momentarily glance from Caito to Joey for Gehrig to grab Caito’s water, and throw it directly in his face. Caito stood there, his face soaked, fuming. But Gehrig quickly moved on, grabbing the book Alice had and threw it aside, laughing. This enraged the Jitterman on the inside of the ring, who attempted to crawl thru the ropes, before being held up by the ref and backed towards the opposite ropes. Laughing, Gehrig felt he had done enough, and hopped onto the apron and began to climb thru the ropes…..

    JN: Caito what are you doing?

    With swift movement and accuracy, Caito picked up the wayward basketball and threw it directly into the side of Gardner’s head. Gardner tripped thru the ropes, quickly got to his feet and leaned over the ropes, gesturing at Caito, who simply pointed behind Gardner. Gehrig, confused, turned around…


    Gardner is immediately dropped, but the Jitterman wastes no time, picking the man back up to his feet before setting him up for


    The pinfall is academic




    Ladies and Gentleman…. Your winner…. THE JITTERMAN!

    Alice stands from her chair to applaud her charge, and retrieve her tome. Caito, meanwhile, has picked the basketball back up and seats himself at the table.

    JN: What just happened?
    Caito: I don’t know. I came into this thinking Jitterman was gone play the role of shit heel, then Gardner wanted to try to fight while unprepared…. It’s a shame, these things app…. What do you need?

    One of the youths who had been playing basketball, dressed in shorts and a t-shirt with a very large and ominous tumbleweed adoring it, gestures towards the basketball. Caito smirks, tossing it back at him.

    Caito: Kid, take my advice, you lot go home now.

    Joey shoots a confused look at Caito, who uses a towel brought to him by a stagehand to clean himself up, as the boy rushes back thru the crowd and out the door, his friends in tow.

    Caito: Well, that was more effort than I thought I’d put in. Whats next?


    Mr H. Vs Rip

    JN: We have come to our marquee match of the night, featuring two men incredibly popular names from the history of the RFeds, and also two men that you are incredibly familiar with.
    Caito: I’m not gonna lie to you Joey, and I’m certainly not gonna lie to the fans…. I am going to be biased here. I had quite a few matches with Mr H, who was going by the name mth when we had our matches. He is a great wrestler, and is really one of the best examples of the full package in the industry. But one of the things he said about Ripper was absolutely true, and that he was a father figure to a whole lot of us. Myself included. Hell, I retired Rip, made him tap out. So what did he do? He took me in, was willing to teach me. And when I had my own personal problems, needed a safe place for MY girls, he offered up his home. I tagged with his son Ben in Japan. And I was in the UK as much as I could when…. What’s important is that Ripper is more than a father figure to be, he is a damn good man, no matter. And that’s where my heart is tonight.
    JN: I understand, and well said. Let’s go back to the ring for the final match of first round, and of the night.

    Music that can somehow be described as both gaudy and creepy seeps its way into the St Rajah Gymnasium, with only one person that could possibly be announcing. With a bit of flare, Mr H pushes thru the curtain with his right hand, keeping it up and giving a Queen’s wave to the crowd. H saunters his way down to the the ring, crawling onto the apron when he gets to it, his tongue out. As Mr H straightens himself up, against the ropes, his eyes find a former nemesis. He smiles, waving his fingers towards Caito before turning to his side and bending backwards, choosing an abnormal way to climb thru the ropes. H finds the corner opposite the entrance, and seats himself on top, awaiting his old “friend”, his opponent for tonight.

    Jerusalem announces that opponent, and thru the curtain steps the old Ripper. Many of those in attendance rise to get a look at the legend, his sleeveless shirt revealing arms and shoulders that have held the weight of the world. He looks around at the crowd, and much like other competitors before, nods to himself as he steps down the stage, marching to the ring with a purpose, pausing only to share a glance with Caito, who nods in response.

    Caito: Go get him.

    Rip turns his attention to the man in the ring, walking up the ring steps and stepping thru the ropes, heading directly towards H before the ref gets in between, asking Rip to wait for the bell. Mr H, meanwhile, simply smiles his Cheshire grin, toothy. He hops down and grabs the ropes, stretching, as both men await for….

    *Bell Rings*

    The two men meet in the middle of the ring, silent, but with a certain amount of hostility. Eye to eye, they stare into each other, perhaps past each other, until Mr H cocks his head to the side, a quizzical expression on his face, developing right back into that smile. He begins to walk around Rip, his eyes never wavering. Rip continues to stand still, moving only his head in order to keep an eye on his opponent. H’s walk turns into a bit of a strut, as if he is showing off to us. Yet Rip stands his ground, his gaze unwavering, even when Mr H comes to a stop in front of him again, and watches as H calmly and flamboyantly reaches his arm towards Rip.

    Suddenly, with the speed of a man decades younger, Rip moves. Grabbing Mr H by his outstretched arm, he spins, putting it in a ringer and immediately steps forward with a short-armed clothesline. H hits the ground, but Rip keeps control of the arm and brings him back to his feet for another clothesline. Still holding on, Rip twists the arm again before laying into H with one, two knife edge chops. Mr H is dragged back to his feet, only for Rip to step into him and throw him over his hips, yet still holding on to the arm. An Armbar is locked in, with a knee to the neck of Mr H, who is now frantically trying to reach out towards the ropes. After serval agonizing moments, H does indeed find a rope break, stretching his leg as far as it can go before laying it on the bottom rope. The ref calls for a clean break, and Rip gives him one.

    Rip retreats to the middle of the ring, still never taking his eyes off Mr H, who is now lying on the mat against the ropes, looking up at the Ripper. Eventually, he pulls himself up and smirks, nodding as he again begins to circle Rip. Arms outstretched, he invites Rip and gets a collar and elbow. For a moment, they seem to be at a standstill, until Rip puts his weight and power advantage to use, backing Mr H into the corner. Again, a break is called for, and again, Rip gives one… and then suddenly Mr H leans forward and gives Rip a kiss on the forehead, before immediately putting his body between the top and middle rope.

    JN: What is Mr H hoping to accomplish here. Are these just mind games? Or is there something else at play here.
    Caito: It’s mind games. It always has been. And on quite a few performers, it would work to unnerve them, giving him an instant advantage. But there is very little Rip hasn’t seen in his time in the RFeds. This isn’t something that is going to really put him off his game.

    Rip backs towards the center of the ring again, briefly touching his forehead, before readying himself again for Mr H. Pulling himself back into the ring, H smirks yet again, and once again moves forward, arms outstretched for a tie up…. But Rip doesn’t let him, a straight right hand nearly flooring Mr H. Rights and lefts back up Mr H, and this time, no clean break is given. The bigger and is laying in body shots, and Mr H is doing his best to cover up. Rip grabs H around the waist and takes a few steps back, before turning his body and throwing Mr H overhead in a belly to belly suplex. Mr H hits the mat hard, and gets up holding his back, only to be taken over by a Judo throw. Mr H is reeling, up to his feet slower this time..however, as Rip comes at him yet again, a kick straight to the knee immediately halts the progress. Quickly, Mr H grabs Rip and throws him threw the ropes, past the apron to the floor below, finally giving himself respite.

    Mr H recovers himself quickly, as Rip has grabbed at his knee on the outside. Mr H to the apron, pointing waiting for Rip to turn around, running and leaping off the apron when he does so, driving both knees into the face of Rip, taking him down. Mr H up, bringing Rip with him. Quickly and effectively, Mr H hammers him with several forearms, before grabbing Rip by the arm, using it to Irish-whip Rip into the steel steps, his back crashing. Mr H slides back in the ring, the ref telling him to stay there as he turns his attention to Rip, beginning the ten count.

    Rip pulls himself to his feet and looks towards the ring, as Mr H blows him a kiss, and then begins shadow boxing. Rip grunts, then smacks himself in the knee as if to get feeling back, before climbing back onto the apron and thru the ropes.

    JN: That knee of Rip may come into play later on in this match. That has to be what Mr H is hoping for.
    Caito: It’s no secret that Rip’s knees have been his weakness for a long time. That is a lot of years of wear and tear on a man that doesn’t know how to quit.

    Again, the two men go for a tie-up, but H feints, moving around Rip and going into a rear waistlock. Waist lock leads to a side headlock, which Rip pushes H off of, forcing him to run the ropes. Mr H ducks under a clothesline, then attempts to take Rip over with a sunset flip. Rip maintains his leverage however, and drops a knee, aiming for Mr H’s face. H moves just in time, and aims a shot to the knee… which is caught by Rip. Once again, with control of the arm, Rip brings H to his feet, trapping his arm and executes another suplex. Rip to his feet, watching and waiting for Mr H. Rip approaches Mr H as he gets to his feet…. And is greeted with an open handed slap to the face.

    It takes Rip a moment to to process what happens, and when he does, he instantly sees red. He throws a strike, that is ducked by H, who returns a jab. Rip doesnt feel it, and throws another, which again, H ducks and dances away, getting a few jabs in. Rip throws one more wild punch, missing again. Mr H counters with a kick to the gut that doubles Rip over, following it up with a DDT that plants Rip. H quickly goes for a cover…



    Kick out by Rip

    JN: We are starting to see a bit more urgency out of Mr H.
    Caito: Yeah, but Mr H needs to keep attacking. You can’t give Rip any time to heal or he will make you pay.

    Mr H wastes no time, staying on top of his attack. He leaps in the air, his knee crashing onto Rip’s. While this does damage to H, the weakened knee of Rip takes the full brunt, as he reaches back to try and get H off. It is to no avail, as H hooks Rip’s leg with his own, and the falls backwards, putting even more torque on the knee. Rip reaches for Mr H’s face, trying to free himself in any way. Rip manages to claw at H’s eyes, releasing the hold, but H comes back quickly, rolling over and throwing strikes of his own, connecting several times with the face of Rip. Back to his feet, Mr H quickly kicks at Rip’s knee again, before grabbing his leg and falling backwards, a leg lock in full effect.

    Rip knows he is in trouble, and immediately begins to try to kick at Mr H. Mr H keeps holding on though, and Rip starts to look for another way out. Using all of his strength, he begins to drag himself towards the ropes. He gets within a fingertip, and reaches as far as he can. Eventually, he reaches his goal and the ref calls for a break. He doesn’t get a clean one though, as Mr H, holding onto the leg, gets to his feet and drags Rip back to the middle. He tries to readjust his hold on the knee, but Rip catches him with a kick. And another. Finally, Rip is able to use both legs and propel Mr H off of him, freeing himself.

    Mr H quickly up to his feet and advances on Rip, receiving a strike to the gut for his trouble. Rip up to a knee, another shot to the gut. Rip now on both feet, and backs Mr H into the corner, before whipping him across, crashing into the opposite turnbuckles. Rip advances on Mr H cautiously, but still catches a couple feet thrown into him from H, who takes Rip backing off to duck thru the ropes, readying himself. Springboarding off the top, H flies thru the air, his elbow hitting the mark. Rip manages to keep his feet however, so Mr H runs right on past him. But as he hits the ropes, Rip is gone from the center of the ring. A quick turn to the left fills in the rest, as Rip collides into Mr H, sending him flying into the ropes, crashing to the mat. Mr H tries to get back to his feet quickly, but turns into Rip, who grabs him, sets him up…..Piledriver. Mr H bounces off the mat, and Rip quickly over to make the cover…



    Mr H rolls his shoulder over, breaking the count, as Rip rolls off of him in annoyance.

    Mr H, looking slightly dazed, keeps his shoulder up, reaching out to nothing in particular.

    Caito: You see that Joey? H knows now he is in a fight. Rip is gonna come at him with everything he has got now. And you can be sure he will overwhelm H.

    Rip to his feet, bringing his antagonist with him. A shot to the head, then another, before Rip hooks Mr H, and lifts him high in the air, a stalling suplex the goal…. But Mr H turns his body and lands on his feet. Rip releases and turns to H, who immediately runs the ropes. Rip aims a back elbow, which is ducked under. Mr H continues to run deftly, hopping over the ropes to the apron, turning towards his opponent as Rip turns toward him…. XO.

    Caito: Damn…

    The innovative slingshot flatliner, takes down Rip, but Mr H also is down on the mat, and the referee looks at both, knowing he has no choice but to begin the ten count.




    Mr H moves towards the ropes, using them to begin to pick himself up.



    Rip beings to stir, bringing himself to a knee as Mr H reaches a vertical base.



    Both men to their feet, and the referee calls off the count.

    Mr H is the first one to respond, jumping into Rip with a forearm smash. Rip is staggered, but stays on his feet and responds with a right hand. Another forearm from H is returned by another right from Rip. Forearm blocked, the right is not. And another right, another. ANOTHER. Rip has found a spot of adrenaline, using it to pummel Mr H to his knees, his arms no longer up to cover. Rip with a primal scream, stamping his feet telling H to hit him. Mr. H tries, but his wild right hand is ducked, and instead he is taken over with a Northern Lights suplex. Rip can’t hold the bridge though, and quickly rolls off, measuring Mr H.

    Mr H, is staggering to his feet, turning and finding himself again in Rip’s clutches. Rip lifts him to his shoulders in what looks like a backbreaker, but long time fans know what comes next…

    Caito: Pendulum! He’s gonna hit it!!!

    But Mr H knows what is coming as well, and wildly throws as many elbows as possible to release himself. Enough impact Rip’s head, and he is forced to drop Mr H to his feet. He is spun around, and Mr H delivers a kick… that is caught by Rip. Hopping on one leg, Mr H executes the most effective counter, leaping for an enziguiri… that Rip ducks under. Mr H, crashes to the mat, and Rip adjusts his hold on the leg, dropping to the mat as Mr H screams in agony, having been caught in the RIPPER.

    Mr H is far from the ropes, and the referee is right there, asking H if he wants to give it up. The crowd has gotten loud, watching a man give it his all too win. Slowly, painfully, Mr H tries to drag himself to the ropes, trying to drag along his bigger opponent. Little by little, he makes headway, his muscle growth over the last few years paying great dividends. Rip, knowing he has only moments to make H tap, rips and tears, trying to wrench the ankle, doing everything he can to end this. Finally, Mr H reaches out one last time, grazing the bottom rope, before grabbing it in full. The ref calls for the break…. But Rip refuses. He holds on as the referee tries to manually break the hold, finally resorting to a 5 count.





    Rip finally breaks the hold, shoving Mr H aside.

    JN: Rip nearly getting himself disqualified there?
    Caito: That man knows exactly what he is doing. You have until 5, so break it 4. Tear into your opponent, do whatever it takes to get the win and move on!

    Mr H rolls underneath the bottom rope, trying to put a barrier between himself and his opponent. Rip, knowing he only needed to put on the RIPPER one more time and the match was his, advances on Mr H, reaching over the top rope. He grabs H, and hooks him, looking for a front suplex… but Mr H counters, grabbing Rip around the back of the head and hanging him up on the top rope. Rip staggers and falls to a knee, and Mr H quickly follows up, stepping thru the ropes and advancing on Rip.


    Rip slumps to the mat, but Mr H falls as well, grabbing at his ankle, still in a great deal of pain. He comes to his senses quickly, and covers Rip.





    JN: HE KICKED OUT!!! RIP KICKED OUT!!! How in the hell did he do that.
    Caito: That man WILL NOT DIE! You cannot kill that hard old man, he will keep coming back!

    Mr H looks around, shock the expression on his face. Mr H is up, and confronts the referee, three fingers in his face. Rip, slowly stirring, grunts in pain, breaking Mr H’s confrontation. With renewed rage, Mr H rushes to Rip’s side, hammering him with right elbows. A furious pace, perhaps hoping to knock Rip out of commission, he is only stopped by the referee, who is calling for a break so he can check on Rip. Mr H refuses, and the referee is forced to get between the two. Mr H tries to push the referee aside, but this is a stubborn zebra, determined to do his job, finally up and shoving Mr H away, pointing to his own shirt, demanding H allow him to do his job. Mr H finally relents, even blowing the ref a kiss as the referee goes to the side of Rip, who is trying to stand.

    Seeing a perfect opportunity, Mr H begins to gently massage at his throat, preparing. Rip, finally up and trying to convince the referee he can still continue, eventually forcefully switches spots with the referee, putting himself between the ref and Mr H. Rip turns…


    To the REFEREE!!!!

    Rip, having known Mr H for as long as he did, sees the move coming and ducks out of the way. The referee is not so lucky, the blue mist dazing him, and after taking a few staggered steps away, eventually fells him to the mat. Mr H looks at the referee in complete annoyance for getting in his way, until circumstances change force his expression from annoyance to pain…. As Rip delivers a low blow from behind. H instinctively with his hands down, is suddenly turned around by Rip….


    Mr H is down, Rip is down, but crawling over to H, finally laying an arm down over Mr H in a pinfall.

    JN: Rip has the cover, but there is no referee!
    Caito: GET SOMEONE DOWN HERE!!! RIP has the match won!

    Finally, a referee emerges from the curtain, hitting the ring and sliding into a perfect position….




    Both men are still down after Mr H barely got his shoulder rolled over. The new referee, after briefly shaking each mans hand, begins his ten count. Both men stir early, and finally bring themselves to their knees. From there, exhausted, they exchange right hands. Slow and steady at first, with each trade of strikes, they gain speed, adrenaline, and power. Mr H finally takes an advantage forcing Rip to a knee, before retreating to a corner, climbing the second rope, and leaping at Rip… who catches him briefly, before slamming him into the corner with a Buckle BOMB…

    Or at least, as much of one as he can muster, his knees giving him problems and robbing him of his full power. Mr H still feels some effect, but is able to recover as Rip charges the turnbuckle. One straight right foot to the Patella all he needs to stop the charging man. Rip is felled immediately, up quickly….. and in quite a bit of pain. He hops away, barely able to put and weight on his leg. Mr H quickly out of the corner with one more kick to the patella, following it up by grabbing Rip around the head and laying a devastating knee strike to the head…. And then two more.

    JN: These are hard, stiff strikes, and I don’t know how many more Rip can take…
    Caito: Come on…..

    Mr H backs away, again into the corner, watching Rip closely. Rip, still on a knee, turns to H, their eyes meeting, locked on. Mr H, takes a moment. A long one…

    Before pointing at Rip, nodding towards him, and rushing forward.



    JN: That's gotta be it...


    Caito: Kick out you stubborn bastard……


    The referee’s hand slams the mat for a third time, with a finality that can be felt deep in your soul.

    Ladies and Gentleman…. The winner of the match…. MIIIIIIISSSSSTER HHHHH!

    Mister H, stands in the middle of the ring, looking down at his fallen foe. What thoughts are going thru his head, we are unsure about. What is sure is that he took everything this old legend had, and came out on top. The referee raises his hand in victory, but it is unknown if Mr H even realizes it happens. Meanwhile, Jonathan Caito has stood at the announce table, removing is headset and walking towards the apron.

    JN: Folks, we have had a helluva night here. I wish I could get my broadcast partner’s opinion on the night, but he has left the announce table. What I do know is we have our four men who have advanced to the second round. Fa Sho, The Jitterman, Tyson Bell, and Mr H have all advanced. The matchups will be posted on, and we will be back for our second night of the Phoenix Cup Tournament. Until then, we thank you for joining us, and we wish you all a Happy New Year. Good night everybody!!!

    As Joey signs off, Jonathan climbs the apron, and thru the ropes, his eyes on a friend, who is struggling to make it to his feet. Mr H, gives Caito a cursory glance, before exiting the ring, walking away, but turning back to get one last look at his opponent in the ring. He disappears past the curtain, as the crowd remains on their feet.

    Caito, propping himself under Rip’s left arm, helps his friend to his feet as the audience cheers in appreciation for the old vet. The two men look at each other, one the weary veteran, the other a man who owes the other more than he can repay. They nod to each other in appreciation, before Rip can raise his gaze to the audience of 1,000 applauding his efforts. Our feed fades away as Rip raises his right arm, in acknowledgement and thanks.

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    Joey Noone and Jonathan Caito stand in the ring in the middle of the small arena, surrounded by 5,000 wrestling fans who actually know what they are there for, unlike our previous installment.

    Joey Noone: LADIES AND GENTLEMAN……. WELCOME BACK to our Rajah PHOENIX CUP TOURNAMENT!!!!!!! Jonathan we, got a great night ahead of us.
    Jonathan Caito: See Joey, now this is at least a decent crowd. And look around, not a single kid trying to play basketball.
    JN: We have an action packed night for everyone, 4 matches scheduled to go on tonight, bookended by Ladder matches that will advance us in our tournament. As for the middle two matches….
    JC: Nahahahhaha…… we can’t actually talk about those.
    JN: What do you mean?
    JC: They’re not gonna be on the DVD. Production and copyright issues.
    JN: Oh…. Well…. Either way, let’s get right to the action everyone, with our first match of the evening, The Jitterman…
    JC: Yeah, i’m just gonna call him Jitters.
    JN: versus Mr H!!!


    The Jitterman v Mr. H

    As the arena goes dark, with the lights and screen flickering, the woman known as Alice steps thru the entrance. She slowly looks around, speaking to her book. She is eventually followed by a large, imposing figure.

    The man known as the Jitterman

    Together, they make their way to the ring, Jitters only passing here when they reach the ringside area. This monster of a man enters the ring as Alice finds a comfortable chair provided for her right next to Joey Noone, whom is NOT thrilled.

    The lights eventually turn back to full power and the music changes, announcing the arrival of a man currently know to the wrestling world as Mr. H.

    JN: This is going to be a clash of styles here Jon. H, the wily veteran, who has been there and done that against the newcomer with such awesome power in Jitterman.
    JC: Interesting to see how mth’s strategy here changes. I was hard on him for good reason about Rip, but Jitters is a whole different monster here. Let’s see if he can repeat his “fortune” from the first round.

    As he makes his way to ringside, Mr H stops to briefly turn his attention to Caito, a man who was very vocally against him in the first match of this tournament. That momentary distraction is enough for Jitters, who slides out of the ring, spinning H around and delivers a right hand that completely takes H by surprise. Another right hand drives H back-first into the commentary table, where he finds Jitters massive hands wrapped around his neck, trying to break the airflow of the smaller man, as Alice looks in approvingly, having taken a seat. Jitters releases the grip with one of his hands, raising it high in the air before smashing down, nearly caving in the chest of Mr. H, who is finally released and staggers away from the big man, holding his throat and crawling into the ring. Jitters follows him, for finally……


    …. and our match is officially underway, with Jitters once again grabbing H, and sending him over the top rope to the floor below.

    Jitters also exits the ring, making his own way to the ladder set up in the walkway. As he reaches it, H attacks from behind, having gained enough whereabouts to begin his offensive maneuver. Jitters turns and eats several right hands before grabbing H around the back of the head and delivering a headbutt that once again falls H, his back lightly grazing the ring steps. His attention fully returned to his opponent, Jitters stands H up, looking to throw him forcefully into the ring steps, only for his move to be countered and reversed, Jitters being the one who meets the steps. As quickly as he can, Mr H gathers himself and the ladder still set up in the walkway, folding it on itself and throwing it at the bigger man, who cannot avoid the steel projectile. The ladder bounces off Jitters, who gets up and tries to move away, making it partially to the other side of the apron when he turns around, finding that H had mounted the ladder onto his shoulder, aiming it directly at the man’s jaw. Once again, Jitters crashes to the mat, and H follows up by simply dropping the ladder onto him.

    Mr H raises and arm, looking towards the audience, who respond with jubilation that the action has started hot and heavy in this program, before he grabs the ladder, sliding it into the ring. H sets his ladder up, wanting to end this match early, and begins to climb as Jitter begins to make his way back into the ring. H sees him and doesn’t hesitate, launching himself and catching Jitters with a flying knee. H up quickly and stays on the attack, dropping an elbow to the big man, before bouncing off the ropes to deliver a second, more forceful one. Again off the ropes, this time leaping high into the air and dropping his knee directly to the masked forehead. Off the ropes again, this time a sliding basement dropkick, trying to knock Jitters out of the ring. His nemesis comes to rest under the ropes, and H decides that is close enough to try again, as he picks the ladder back up and places it under his prize, ready to ascend.

    But Jitters suddenly is up quickly, yanking H down, his body crashing to the mat as the ladder falls, bouncing across the ropes. Mr H is picked back up, with clubbing blows levied against his back, before Jitters tries to send him against the ropes with an Irish Whip. H reverses, delivering a kick when Jitters returns, and hooks him for a DDT…. That doesn’t come. Jitters not only blocks the DDT, but manages to pick H high up in the air and toss him forward, crashing face first to the mat. H makes his way to his feet, only to be grabbed and tossed overhead with a suplex that nearly sends H out of the ring.

    JN: H having a hard time keeping a consistent offensive attack here against The Jitterman.
    JC: Last time we saw this man, it was essentially a squash match, so we didn’t get a chance to see what he was capable of. We are getting more of an opportunity here.
    JN: He had a squash match because his opponent was focused on you…
    JC: I already forgot that man’s name.

    Jitters places the ladder in the corner, folded up against the turnbuckles and sends H flying into it face first. H is then sent into the opposite corner, where Jitters follows him, a huge splash in the corner driving all the air out of H, who falls first to his knees, and then to a prone position, as Jitters looks to take advantage. He retrieves the ladder, carefully setting it up in the middle of the ring before he attempts to climb. But H is up somehow, and he delivers a strike to the side of Jitters. The effect is short lived, as Jitters drops to the mat and immediately delivers a back elbow, knocking H back down. Jitters climbs again, this time Mr H goes to the opposite side of the ladder, both men ascending. They reach the top at the same time, exchanging blows, their quarry temporarily forgotten. Eventually, Jitters gains the advantage, knocking H from the ladder to land on his feet on the mat below. H quickly back up, and just as quickly knocked back down. Jitters reaches high for his prize, but H hits a dropkick on the ladder, momentarily destabilizing it. Jitters holds on though, and once again reaches, until the ladder twists and falls out from under him, H having successfully dropkicked the ladder and knocking it down.

    Both men raise themselves to their feet, and it would appear that Jitters has had enough of the games. He kicks the ladder under the bottom rope, it lands near the feet of Alice, who is still doing her knitting.

    JC: Dude, this broad is talking to herself.
    JN: I’m honestly scared to look over at her.
    JC: You’re scared to look at any woman.

    Mr H looks across the ring at Jitters and nods in understanding. There is no point trying to climb if that man still stands. H rushes Jitters, ducking under a right hand and responding with stiff forearm smashes to the jaw. He succeeds in backing Jitters up against the ropes, but is suddenly grabbed and catches a knee thrust to the gut. Jitters grabs H around the back of the head and turns, depositing him into the corner. A straight open handed chop to the chest reverberates around the arena, as Jitters tosses H to the mat and follows up with a leg drop. Jitters pauses there, his full weight still on his opponent, looking around.

    JC: Jitters starting to get too comfortable here, and Mr H needs to do something to change that.

    Jitters tosses H from the ring on one side, and then steps outside on the opposite side, retrieving the previously disposed ladder. He slides it into the ring, as H is pulling himself to his feet on the opposite side. With a burst of energy, Mr H slides into the ring and rushes towards Jitters, who was trying to slide in underneath the ropes. H holds onto the top rope as he stomps at the big man, trying to slow him down. Jitters is still trying to get to his feet as H backs up, loading up his arm…. And delivers a perfect Chainsaw Forearm that knocks Jitters from the ring, although he lands on his feet on the mat below. Mr H readies himself to run the ropes again, but his leg is grabbed, and he is dragged underneath the ropes to join Jitters, who executes a perfectly violent lariat that nearly turns H inside out. Jitters takes a moment, his breathing slowing down and becoming more stable before he re-enters the ring.

    Jitters grabs the ladder and sets it up, moving noticeably slower than earlier in the contest. The ladder stable, Jitters begins to climb it when he is suddenly attacked. H, having grabbed himself a weapon, has taken a steel chair shad shoved it directly into the side of Jitters, who retreats to the ring mat before H takes the chair back and full out swings, catching Jitters full force in the shoulder, crashing him to the mat. Quickly, H props the ladder in the corner and climbs the ropes. Jitters makes his way to his feet and sees the ladder thrust in his direction. He quickly and instinctively catches it, only for H to leap from the top rope and dropkick the ladder directly into his face, the mask offering little protection.

    JN: Mr H simply keeps getting back up and keeps coming, no matter how many times Jitterman knocks him down.
    JC: Jitters has to hit a homer shot on mth, or else he may not like the way this match ends.

    Mr H looks around and sees Jitters stirring, but slowly. Perhaps this is the time? H gets the ladder in the middle of the ring and places it, readying himself. One by one, Mr H climbs the ladder, until his fingers are able to graze his prize, when suddenly he feels his angle above the ground moving. Jitters has made it back to his feet, and is pushing the ladder over. Mr H hops down, hoping to avoid damage, and instead finds the top rope waiting for him, as he crashes against it and bounces back into the ring hard.

    Both men are slow to get up, both showing the pain and effects of the match. But Jitters is up first, and we can only assume that he is mad. With Mr H still down, Jitters takes the ladder and props it in the corner. Jitters then turns his attention to his opponent, who is finally up to a knee, before he is unwittingly grabbed and forcefully thrown head first into the ladder. H rebounds off the ladder and back into the arms of Jitters, who grabs the back of the head and begins to smash H’s forehead into the ladder, these repeated shots not only quickly wearing away what paint escaped the perspiration, but breaking open the skin beneath, allowing blood to freely escape from the wound. Spaghetti-legged, H is then propped with his back against the ladder, as Jitters sees the previously used steel chair. Retrieving it, Jitters readies it, measures Mr H, and swings for his head…. Catching nothing but the ladder as H ducks out of the way.

    Undeterred, Jitters takes the ladder and drops it towards H, who rolls under the ropes and out of the way of the ladder. Jitters steps between the rungs, his body thru the ropes as he tries to pick up H and bring him back in the ring. However, H drops down, hanging Jitters up on the second rope, stunning the big man more than hurting him. It backs him up as H tries to get back to his feet. Jitters returns, receiving a shoulder thrust to the gut, once again forcing him to take a step back. Jitters returns his attention to …… XO!!! Mr H’s slingshots flatliner to Jitters into the fallen ladder!!! Even Alice looks up from her knitting, suddenly showing signs of slight concern for her charge.

    JC: Wow, she is alive….
    JN: Mr H is doing everything he can to knock this big man done. What else does he have to do?
    JC: I mean, he has been known to lick people before? Maybe try that and then wallop him in the head with a steel chair?

    Both men down, not a referee in sight, and the crowd is making noise. After what seems like an eternity, Jitters begins to stir, eventually crawling towards the corner, looking to use it to bring himself to his feet. Before he can enter a standing position however, Mr H seemingly has a burst of adrenaline, reaching Jitters and raining down rights and lefts, and eventually forearm thrusts to the side of Jitters head, trying to incapacitate his enemy. Emotion takes over H when Jitters seems down for the count as he turns away from the corner, a primal scream erupting from his vocal cords. H turns back and charges his Jitters, who makes a strong, upward swing with his right hand and catches H in the throat. H is down immediately and writhes in pain, his body sent into spasms as he holds both hands in his own neck area.

    JC: Damn Joey, i’m right next to you.
    JN: Alice has made a huge impact in this match, provided Jitterman with a dangerous weapon, and all you can say is “I’m next to you?”
    JC: This is how no dq matches work Joey. Trust me, I was damn good at them. You think Jules would hand me barbed wire because she was bored?

    Alice walks away from the corner where Jitters was, throwing down her remaining knitting needle as she watches her charge retrieve the ladder, as H rolls closer towards here, still in obvious pain. Finally, Jitters has the ladder set, resting his forehead on the ladder, the exhaustion of the match starting to take its toll, before he slowly begins to climb, as Mr H tries to get back to his feet, still holding his throat. Jitters is nearly halfway up the ladder when H is finally to his feet, having used the ropes for assistance. He turns and sees Jitters getting oh so close, and readies himself to rush the ladder…. Until Alice grabs Mr H around the leg, impeding any chance of H getting there. He tries to free himself, unable to simply wrench his leg from Alice’s grasp. He looks back towards Jitters, whose fingertips are within range, when he finally decides to drop down and forcefully kick Alice off of him, freeing his leg, but also shoving Alice violently, crashing her back first into the commentary booth.

    In that moment, everyone’s attention is on the crumpled body of Alice, who is not moving. But one man’s gaze changes quickly, as Jitters looks towards Mr H, the mask hiding his face, but his body conveying the rage within. Jitters hops down from the ladder, and makes his way towards Mr H who is still looking at the damage he caused…. Until the realization that he is being grabbed around the waist from behind hits him, and he is effortlessly picked up and tossed overhead with a German suplex. Jitters, a man of fire currently, closes the ladder, dropping it onto the mat before retrieving H, a scoop slam landing him on the ladder. But that isn’t enough, as Jitters leaves H prone, defenseless on the ladder, as he makes his own way to the corner, propping himself on the second rope, getting ready to crash all of his bodyweight onto both H and the ladder. What he doesn’t see in time, is H spotting the knitting needle he was a victim of before, before grabbing it and using burst of energy to get up and leap at Jitters, using the oversized knitting needle to deliver a strike directly to the forehead. Jitters immediately falls into a sitting position on the top turnbuckle….


    Mr H manages to run and leap at Jitters, using the ropes to deliver his finishing move as Jitters starts to sway…. And finally falls from the turnbuckles, his right foot getting caught in the ropes, essentially hanging him upside down, with no one to help him as Alice has only begun to stir. H knows if not now, then never. As quickly as he can, H gets the ladder back and sets it up as Jitters has begun to regain his senses, desperately trying to free himself. It matters not, as H gets to the top of the ladder, wraps his hand around the contract, and pulls it down.

    JN: And with that, Mr H has cemented his place in the finals of the tournament!!!
    JC: That Jitters is one scary dude, and he really showed me and everyone in here something tonight. But the man we now call Mr. H has been doing this a damn long time, and he is one of the best.
    JN: You can’t take anything away from Mr. H, he took a beating, but persevered to be the first half of the finals. What are we going to now Jonathan?
    JC: We have two more matches, that we are under no obligation to record or do anything with because they didn’t sign exclusive contracts with us. Right after THIS!!!


    JN: Welcome back, and boy those middle two matches were….. something.
    JC: Thank God we don’t have the rights for them.
    JN: They weren’t that bad Jonathan.
    JC: I would’ve rather had a front row ticket to Bears game. At least that would have entertaining gifs come out of it.
    JN: Ignoring that unnecessary jab at the Chicago Bears franchise……. Ladies and gentleman, our final match of the night is our second ladder match, and if the promos are any indication, this could be match that could go either way. Lets get back to the ring!!!

    Tyson Bell v Kris “FaSho” Destiny

    The unmistakeable sounds of One Blood by the Game announce the arrival of the veteran from Compton. Tyson Bell makes his way thru the curtain, his head silently nodding along with the beat of the music. He makes his way to the ring, giving a glance at the ladder set just next to the entranceway. Tyson climbs into the ring and throws his hands up towards the audience, who respond to him in kind. Tyson readies himself, keeping his body loose as his own entrance music fades, and another begins.

    This time, the man called FaSho to keep the writing in the match consistent, is the one announced by not only the music, but the ring announcer as well. FaSho confidently strides down the entrance, his gaze and his focus never leaving the man in the ring. Words were said between these two men, and one can only hope they will bring the same physicality as they did vocabulary.


    This match is officially underway without the extracurricular activities that preceded our earlier ladder match. Both men in the ring, eye to eye. They can be seen jaw jacking each other, both men trying to speak over the other as the din of the crown drowns them both out. Both men are into it, their foreheads meeting, eyes both ablaze, before the first shot is thrown by the veteran. Bell and FaSho, trade right hands, neither gaining an edge until.FaSho is able to land several successive shots. Bell looks to halt the momentum before it begins by grabbing a headlock, only to be shot against the ropes. Bell with a shoulder tackle, hits the opposite ropes, leapfrog over a quickly up FaSho, and eats a clothesline on the way back. FaSho quickly with a mount, straight shots to the head. He relents, waits for Bell to gets up and shoots him off the ropes, only to be reversed. Back Body drop by Bell is telegraphed by Bell, who instead gets a straight right kick. FaSho rushes forward as Bell is staggered, yet is sidestepped and thrown over the top rope to the floor, nimbly landing on both feet.

    From behind and below, Bells feet are grabbed and his legs pulled out from underneath him. Was Tyson is dragged under the bottom rope, FaSho prepares a European uppercut, that finds success. Bell once again is staggered, his arm grabbed for an Irish whip. Bell recovers enough to reverse it, but FaSho is able to stop himself from running into the corner post. He turns around… directly into a right hand from Tyson. FaSho falls backwards, towards and into the steel cage separating the wrestlers from the fans.

    Several more right hands from Tyson relegate FaSho to a sitting position against the guardrail. Tyson, taking his time, measures every shot, before dragging FaSho towards the steel steps and throwing him backfirst into them. FaSho begins to writhe in pain, and Bell delivers a stomp for good measure. Tyson turns his attention towards the ladder outside of the ring, walking over, intentions clear. His arm reaches for one side in order to close the ladder, but FaSho is up and attacks from behind. Tyson is turned around and eats a straight forearm from his opponent, followed by a second, and then a kick to the gut before the favor is returned, with FaSho throwing Bell against the steel guardrail in the entranceway. And then he meets the opposite side as well. FaSho continues the attack, several more rights and bouncing Bell off the rails before rolling Tyson back into the ring.

    JN: Neither man spending much time in the ring so far.
    JC: Neither man can make and hold much of an offensive advantage either.

    FaSho briefly looks back towards the ladder, but decides to follow Bell back into the ring. The momentary indecision proves enough for Bell to get his wind back, meeting FaSho with several shots each stiffer than the last. Whip against the ropes and FaSho ducks not one but two clothesline attempts, before he is taken down by a flying clothesline. This time, FaSho does not hesitate as he heads right back outside for the ladder. Still, it is not enough as Bell quickly is out of the ring and simply tackles him from behind, knocking both FaSho and the ladder to the ground. Bell up quickly, bringing FaSho with him and hits a huge knee to the gut, doubling FaSho over, before backing up a step and knocking him down with a big boot on the man, who was already down to a knee. Bell collects the ladder, picking it up with ease and sliding it under the bottom rope and into the ring.

    FaSho grabs Tyson before he himself can enter the ring and spins him around, where both men begin to trade strikes again before FaSho takes the advantage, hooking Tyson in a front chancery, and lifts him for a vertical suplex… that is eventually blocked. FaSho continues to try but cannot lift the bigger man as Tyson keeps the move blocked, before forcing FaSho back a couple steps, and lifting him high in the air with a suplex of his own, the small of FaSho’s back crashing into the corner of the ring apron.

    The landing on the mat outside, does not go much better for FaSho, as it is nearly straight on top of his head. Bell is up and begins to walk off part of the damage, before finally following the ladder into the ring.

    JN: Tyson Bell so far using his size and his strength advantage to try to make a difference in this match.
    JC: It may work out for him too, as he is trying to get that ladder set up relatively early and get out of this mostly unscathed.

    The ladder is indeed set up, Tyson steadying his potential climb to the finals, before beginning to climb the ladder. From behind, FaSho is climbing the ropes, reaching the top before leaping, crashing into Tyson more than striking him, knocking all three entities to the ground. Slowly, the two men begin to make their way back to their feet as FaSho attacks. Rights and lefts backing Tyson into the corner as he attempts to cover up, before FaSho climbs to the second rope, trying to rain punches from above. Suddenly, Tyson lowers himself and grabs FaSho from below, walking out of the corner looking for a power bomb. It is countered into a makeshift hurricanrana, doing more to disorient Tyson rather than hurt him. Tyson to a knee quickly, shakes the cobwebs, and turns to face his enemy…. who swings the ladder that is in the ring somewhat like a basement bat, FaSho burying the ladder into the gut of Bell, felling him. As quickly as he can, FaSho stands over Bell, raises the ladder high and drives the portion of it that you are not supposed to stand on, yet every construction worker I know ignores that rule, right into the chest of Tyson.

    Bell immediately rolls out of the way, FaSho himself doubling over, the fight already taken a toll on his stamina. After several moments, FaSho sets the ladder up, beginning his first ascent towards the prize. He only makes it halfway, as Tyson returns, grabbing the leg of his opponent, yanking him to the mat. FaSho does all he can to keep the momentum, immediately running the ropes, only to be sidestepped, grabbed by the back of the head and thrown directly into the set up ladder. FaSho crashes to the mat, the ladder hitting the ropes and bouncing towards the center of the ring, until Bell grabs it and directs its fall onto the prone FaSho.

    Tyson tosses the ladder from FaSho, bringing his opponent to his feet, before lifting him by the waist, walking over to the fallen ladder, and dropping him with a Sidewalk Slam directly onto the rungs. The screams of pain immediately emanating from FaSho, his body writhing before coming to a rest, still on the ladder. Tyson up, measuring his opponent, drops an elbow to the sternum. FaSho tries to roll away, grabbing his chest, but Tyson makes sure he goes nowhere with several right hands. Tyson up, backing up against the ropes, giving himself the extra momentum to bounce off the ropes, leaps high into the air with a leg drop, connecting only with the ladder, as FaSho finally manages to roll out of the way. Tyson’s hamstring takes the full brunt of the move, and again, both men and ladder are on the mat.

    FaSho is the first to a knee, with Tyson trying to follow. However, FaSho quickly gets to his feet and runs at Tyson, a soccer style kick directly the the back of Tyson’s right thigh, quickly felling him again. Grabbing Tyson by the right leg, FaSho delivers several kicks to the same spot, before turning and dropping an elbow onto the inner thigh, the leg suddenly becoming a point of attack after the failed leg drop. Tyson tries to get back to his feet, using the ropes to help him, until FaSho kicks his leg out from under him again. FaSho, knowing he needs to take Bell down to size, grabs the ladder, sets up Bell’s leg and closes the ladder onto the leg with violent intentions. Tyson rolls as quickly as possible away while kicking the ladder as far from him as possible. FaSho waits, measuring his opponent, who is using the ropes to bring himself back to his feet. FaSho looks to strike, running at Tyson and leaps, looking for his V-Trigger Knee….. but Tyson manages to catch the smaller man before the knee can find its spot. Using what strength he has in his one good leg, tossing FaSho up and over the ropes. But FaSho lands on the apron, turning around Tyson and delivering a right hand, that is instead blocked. Tyson quickly drops down, hanging FaSho by the head on the top rope. FaSho tries to recover quickly, but Tyson manages to move back and then forward, a boot directly to the face of FaSho, that drives him all the way from the ring apron into the guardrail below, and yet again, both men are down.

    Tyson is much quicker to his senses, rolling out of the ring and demanding the ring announcer give up his chair. A new weapon in hand, Tyson slowly makes his way over towards FaSho, who is trying to pull himself to his feet with help of the guardrail. He never seems the chair coming, as it smacks across his back full force, the crash echoing around the arena. FaSho drops to his knees, more in shock than in pain, but a second shot brings every ounce of pain to his being. FaSho falls to the ground as Tyson throws the chair over his shoulder, almost absent-mindedly, into the ring. Otside of the ring, Tyson retrieves his prey, setting him up and then lifting him high into the air, before slamming him straight down with a Ron Simmons style spinebuster. FaSho’s body immediately responds, his back recoiling, his face an expression of agony, as Tyson stands above him, favoring his own injury.

    JN: What BRUTAL chair shots from Tyson!
    JC: He had to do something to even the score. You can already see Tyson is limping. Id pay attention to that as the match keep going.

    Tyson turns towards the ring, his eyes meeting the prize that hangs above. His gaze returns to FaSho, who is slowly moving, trying to roll away. Bell re-enters the ring, his leg allowing him to move so swiftly, before setting up the ladder in the middle of the ring. Tyson begins to climb, the damage done to his leg evident in the lack of speed, as well as his current stamina level. He is nearly halfway up the ladder when he feels the tug on his leg from behind. FaSho is up, barely on a knee and is reaching high to try to halt the progress of Bell by grabbing onto his ankle. The move succeeds in gaining Tyson’s attention, as he hops down and measures FaSho with a right hand. Another right and Bell looks around to the audience, as if showing off. Quickly, FaSho reaches up and rakes the big man across the eyes, giving him a temporary reprieve and allowing him time to knock the ladder over. That is all the time he has though, as an angered Tyson grabs him around the waist, and turns his body, bringing FaSho along with a belly to belly, releasing the hold on impact as FaSho rolls under the ropes, his leg dangling over the edge.

    JC: You see that Joey? Tyson didn’t have enough strength in that leg, so he simply roared around the good one to still execute the move. Whatever you gotta do to get it done, YOU DO!

    Tyson returns to the ladder, picking it up and prepares to settle it a final time, but FaSho catches his attention. He has indeed fallen out of the ring, but he landed on his feet, and both mens eyes meet, one in exhaustion and anger, the other in defiance. Almost wanting to chuckle to himself, Tyson props the ladder up against the turnbuckles before advancing on FaSho, reaching under the ropes and dragging him in by the head, before whipping him directly into the ladder, FaSho’s body almost flying into it. The crash throws the smaller man’s body backwards, crumpling at the feet of Tyson, who picks him up, smiling, and forcefully smashes his head into the ladder. FaSho’s body is turned and propped against the ladder, as Tyson backs up, measuring his shot. With a sudden burst of energy, Tyson rushes forward…. Only to use his arms to stop from crashing into the ladder, Fasho having rolled out of the wa……. KISS OF DESTINY!!! With that shot to the back of the head, Tyson is dropped to the mat, and FaSho is don as well, the kick bringing the arena to its feet.

    For what seems like an eternity, neither man moves. Finally, Tyson begins to stir, followed by FaSho, who is bleeding, most likely caused by getting his head smashed into the ladder. The men slowly advance on each other, with Bell taking the first shot. It is returned by FaSho, but Tyson with another shot. Both men continue to return shots until FaSho takes advantage. Repeated rights and lefts drive Tyson to a knee, and suddenly, his face a mask of crimson, FaSho begins to show the rage and desire of a man with nothing to lose…. Until the veteran Tyson, willing to do whatever it takes to win, drives his arm in a massive uppercut that quite nearly squashes FaSho’s plums* (cheque in the mail Shirty). All momentum stopped, FaSho drops to the mat, holding his tenderness, while Tyson has decided he has had enough.

    Bell gets to his feet before forcefully picking up and throwing FaSho out of the ring. Following his opponent outside, Tyson delivers some stiff shots that stagger and fall FaSho, who is merely trying to cover up at this point. Tyson turns away from him and separates the top section of the ring steps from the base, dragging the base between the ring apron and the commentators. Tyson, satisfied with the setup, retrieves FaSho, and puts him into position. With a deep breathe, Tyson picks FaSho as high in the air as he can, looking to powerbomb him directly into the stairs…. But FaSho keeps rotating, landing behind Tyson and somehow on his feet. Both men quickly turn, but it is FaSho who takes advantage, a reverse STO catching Tyson completely unaware.

    FIN’ !!!!!

    In a brilliant transition, FaSho executed the Reverse STO directly into one of his finishing maneuvers, his version of the Koji Klutch! Tyson is struggling, but it is a match with no rules, and already being on the outside of the ring means there is no rope break. Tyson is trying to fight out, but one arm is effectively out of commission and the other cannot reach FaSho from its position. Meanwhile, FaSho is wrenching as much as he can, trying to ground the big man and keep him on the mat, drawing the breathe from his body. Eventually, Tyson ceases movement, and after a few more seconds, FaSho releases the hold, exhaustion nearly taking over. A few moments later, FaSho pushes the body of Tyson, as if to see if he is indeed out. Tyson does not react, and FaSho rolls away, finally up to a knee and looks above the ring, a path to the end finally made.

    JN: Is this the end? Is this how FaSho puts his name in the history books and goes on to the finals to meet Mr H?
    JC: His body is failing him Joey. Taking him an awfully long time trying to get that ladder situated.

    Finally, FaSho has the ladder set up, his focus solely on contract that is closer to in his grasp than ever before. As FaSho begins to scale the ladder, he pays no mind to his opponent, who has not only begun to stir, but has dragged himself back into the ring. The crowd yelling for him to hurry, FaSho is nearly there. He can metaphorically feel it. As he reaches high in the air, he can PHYSICALLY feel it, his fingers grazing the contract…. And that is when his focus is broken. Tyson, grabbing FaSho’s leg with one hand, delivers a blow to the back with the other hand that earlier in the match, would’ve been clubbing. For now, it is merely distracting. FaSho kicks him away, breaking Tyson’s grip. But Bell will not relent, and FaSho is forced to kick him off again. Finally, Fasho feels the grip around his leg a third time, and forcefully drives Tyson away, towards the ropes. Not wanting his momentum to end, FaSho turns towards Bell and readies himself, leaping thru the air, arms outstretched…………….

    WEST SIDE BONECRUSHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    If there was a sound level in this particular arena before that could claim to be the record, it was just shattered as Tyson Bell, somehow, caught a leaping FaSho and countered with his finishing maneuver, and the house was nearly brought down with the sustained pop. Chants are breaking out through the arena, fans in hysteria. Even Jonathan and Joey are rendered speechless as both men are down yet again, and it is truly anybody’s match.

    Tyson is eventually the first to move, albeit extremely slowly. He drags himself over to the ropes, using them to try to get back to a vertical base. Meanwhile, FaSho has turned his body, and spotting the nearly forgotten chair crawls towards it, and then uses it to prop himself to a knee. Tyson, finally up, wearily approaches FaSho, and for his trouble receives a chair driven directly into the solarplexes, knocking the air out of him and driving him all the way against and thru the ropes, to the ring apron. FaSho sees the damage caused and decides to go for one os his big moves, discarding the chair as he approaches. Tyson is upon the apron, but FaSho quickly reaches him, and after reliving several stiff forearms to the side of the head, hooks Tyson in a front chancery. FaSho looks around, readying himself to bring Tyson back in and deliver a massive Brainbuster…..

    But Bell blocks the move, using all the leverage he can to stay on his side of the ropes. FaSho tries again, with no visible difference in result. The chancery is released as FaSho tries to lay. Another strike into Bell….. who ducks down and using what strength he has left, back body drops FaSho over the rope and onto the still set up steel ring steps base, FaSho’s back once again smacking off the impact.

    JC: This has to be it. If Tyson want to win this tournament, his next step has to start here. He has to END Fasho. BURY HIM!!! And then go get that contract!

    Tyson is doing everything he can to catch his breathe, but as if he has heard Caito, he knows the time to end this is now. So he waits as FaSho tries to roll off the steps and drag himself back to the ring, grabbing at FaSho when he does. Quickly, and with more strength than he really should have, Tyson hoists FaSho up to his shoulders, readying himself for one final move. The base of the steps below once again his landing target, Tyson lets out a primal scream to the delight of the jam packed audience before swinging FaSho off….. but his opponent has wrapped both of his legs around the top rope! FaSho has fond a way to hold on, as Tyson again tries to swing him off, violently so. Suddenly, an elbow to the side of the head stuns Tyson, a second causes him to release his enemy, who lands in front of him on the apron. Tyson attacks, but his strike misses and FaSho delivers a straight kick to the injured leg of Bell, who immediately goes down to one knee. And that is all the opening that FaSho needs…..


    Once again the crowd is left jumping, as FaSho delivers his finisher to Tyson, leaping from the apron and driving him into the steps below, Tyson having bounced off of the ring steps, FaSho remaining there, seated with his head resting against the bottom rope, his back on the apron. Both men are spent, but FaSho is the only one that even looks conscious. Reaching behind him, his hands find ropes and he pulls himself up, basically falling into the ring. A moment passes before FaSho begins to crawl over to the ladder, the crowd seemingly cheering both for him and for Tyson to make his feet and dramatically keep the match going. Tyson does indeed begin to stir, just as FaSho has reached his chosen side of the ladder. After what seems like an eternity, FaSho begins to climb, but his pause has given Tyson time to crawl back into the ring. FaSho has up a couple rungs, but Tyson has reached his own side of the ladder, trying to climb himself.

    JN: How in the world are these two men still moving?
    JC: I honestly have no idea who that piledriver onto the steps DIDNT give Tyson Bell a concussion…

    FaSho with a bad back, and Tyson with an injured leg, never mind the potential head injury, each slowly make their way up, moving as fast as their bodies will allow. Finally, FaSho reaches up, his fingers once again grazing the contract before he is forced to take one more rung up. He reaches, leaving himself vulnerable. Tyson sees his opportunity, and knowing he has to strike now, reaches his arm back, ready to unleash all he has left…..

    But is too slow to pull the trigger, as FaSho wrenches the contract down, falling with it in his hands. Tyson can do nothing but watch his enemy crash into the mat with the prize in his hand, taken out from underneath him, standing above him as the bell rings to signify that FaSho, not Bell, has won the match and will advance to the finals.

    JN: My God folks, what a match. What a match to end our night.
    JC: I have no idea how FaSho pulled it off Joey, but he did.
    JN: And with that, our finals are all set. The man known as Mr H will go one on one with Kris “FaSho” Destiny, and the winner will be the man who holds the trophy at the end of this. Until then, for Jonathan Caito, I say farewell folks!!!!

    FaSho rolls out of the ring, his arms hugging the prize to his chest as Tyson gingerly drops down from the ladder to the mat. FaSho backs his way up the entrance ramp, stopping just on this side of the curtain, raising the contract high above for all in the arena to see and applaud. All the while, in the middle of the ring stand Tyson Bell, fuming at what he thought was his.

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    As our scene gradually fades in, an empty arena slowly comes into focus. Dominating the foreground, is an equally empty wrestling ring. This squared circle, sacred to so many for a variety of reasons, on this occasion, feels just a little bit emptier.











    As the final toll reverberates, giving us an extra moment of pause and remembrance, the scene fades away, as quietly and with all the reverence that it came with.

    Once again, we fade in, this time hand in hand with the din of a live audience, vocal in their excitement to watch a live professional wrestling event. They are like all of us, ever so patiently waiting thru ought this tournament, eager to see a winner and a satisfactory conclusion to an event that is a long time coming in the R-Feds history. The faces of their excitement are prominently on screen, the first shot that we see. Those faces are that of Joey Noone, and R-Fed legend (in his mind) Jonathan Caito.

    JN: Ladies and Gentleman, boys and girls, welcome to the final show, and the conclusion of the Rise of the Phoenix Tournament!!! We are so very much thrilled and happy to be joining y’all, streaming live on the Rajah Federation website! Jonathan, we have finally made it back to live.
    JC: It took a couple of shows, but with the action and the performances that these men have shown us, they have earned it for everyone to be put on a pedestal and have their highlighted be something better than random 15 second TikToks by someone named RFED4Eva2185 or some other jackassery account name.

    JN: Clearly never at a loss for words is my partner, but he is not wrong. And speaking of the performances of these men, you can see in the ring is many of those that brought us to where we came to on this very night.

    With those words, the camera shot changes to an elevated view, where inside, nearly all of the participants in this tourney are readying themselves. Some, like Cypher and Millertime Rebel are lightly bouncing on their feet, their eyes studying the men around them. Rip stands against the ropes, readying himself for the next battle. Meanwhile, in two opposite corners of the ring, Tyson and the Jitterman stare towards each other. The two big men know a clash is coming… and the audience can see it as well.

    Outside of our squared circle, several referees stand ready to keep an eye on the action. There is also Alice, whom, even though she is doing nothing but sitting in a metal folding chair and knitting, is still slightly creeping out Caito. However, we do seem to be missing someone…

    JN: Jon, I can’t help but notice we are missing a couple of people here. First off, where is Gardener? Everyone participant in this tourney was invited to take place in this match, and yet, he is nowhere to be found.
    JC: Eh, does it really matter? He was barely in the tournament when he got here anyways. Does his absence really mean anything?
    JN: You’re probably right. In either case, we had a generic ring announcer lined up and I don’t see him either.
    JC: Ahhhhh now you’re talking about the important things. And Joey, do I have a surprise for you and for everyone in the R-Fed Community!!!

    With that, a song that sounds like it could’ve been ripped directly from an 80’s professional wrestlers theme music begins to announce itself thru ought the arena. All of the audience, as well as the majority of the wrestlers in the ring look towards the entranceway. Thru the curtain steps a man….. that, let’s face it, has never wrestled in the RFeds for a single moment of his career. Yet he is loved all the same. With a bright smile, he walks down the entranceway sporting a bright red paisley sport coat, that for some inexplicable reason had a black lapel, dark sunglasses, white button down clad with a sharp bowtie, this gentleman walked right towards the commentary booth, his hands clasped in a very warm gentleman handshake by Caito, as Joey looked on, confused by the site.

    JN: Mazer?
    JC: Right and wrong Noone. Tonight, I present this man to you as…. Gorilla MonMazer. He is gonna help us out tonight by doing some announcing. I present to you, the man who will be the ring announcer of the finals of our tournament tonight.

    Mazer continues to look around the crowd, a smile plastered on his face, his right arm outstretched in a greeting to the audience as a whole as Joey continues to stammer.

    JN: Ok, yeah sure that works…. But…. I mean, Maze, why are you out here now?
    JC: Im so glad you asked Joey. You see, Gorilla here is gonna by my partner for this opening contest. Therefore, I will be playing the part of Jonny “The Brain” Caito.

    (A slight pause)

    JC: So, ummmmm. Im gonna need you to give him your headset, and also for you to introduce the opening contest.
    JN: What?!? This is my job, there’s no reason for me to give up my spot that you brought in on a whim that has no connection to the Feds whatsoever!

    After a brief, but measured sigh…

    JC: Joey, do you know how long it has been since I had to put a commentator into The Last Stand?
    JN: *nervously* You know, that’s fine. Ummm, im just gonna go grab that mic from ringside and introduce our first match. If you’ll excuse me…..

    With that, Joey quickly, yet carefully removes his headset and hands it to the man known tonight as Gorilla MonMazer. Mazer goes to sit behind the commentary table, adjusting his headset as he does, preparing to welcome everyone to the show…… again.

    Mazer: WELCOME EVERYBODY TO THE RAJAH ARENA. LISTEN TO THIS TREMENDOUS CROWD!!! Welcome everyone, I’m Gorilla MonMazer, here along with Jonny ‘The Brain” Caito. As everyone is aware, the biggest prize in recent RFed history will be awarded tonight, as we are here to celebrate and decide the finals and the winner of the Phoenix Cup! In addition, we have an opening contest that pits every member of the tournament, with the exception of Mr H and Kris Destiny, against each other.
    Caito: Well, my money for that one is going to have to go to Tyson! He’s the biggest man in the match, the meanest, the nastiest, and he was ROBBED of an opportunity to be in the finals, where he belongs, where he should be!
    Mazer: That and a whole lot more coming coming tonight. Lets go up to our ring announcer… Joey Noone!
    Caito: Mazer, you couldn’t have tried to at least grow some hair to go along with that costume?
    Mazer: Will you stop?

    Inside the ring, Joey has composed himself and is ready to start the show.

    Joey Noone: Ladies and Gentleman, our opening contest, is a special BATTLE ROYALE, featuring every man that participated in our special tournament!!!!

    First, from Durham in the United Kingdom. He weighs in at 21 stones. He is the Tick-Tock Psychotic, the RIPPER….


    An ovation of respect and support fills the arena, as Rip raises an arm in acknowledgement, never taking his eyes from his many opponents.

    From Watertown, NY, weighing in at 265 pounds, This is CYPHER!

    Cypher’s only response is to clap his hands together twice, as we still looks to loosen himself up to prepare for the coming fight.

    Next, from Minneapolis, Minnesota. He is a former football Defensive Player of the Year. He weighs in at 285 pounds, he is….. Gehrig Gardner!!

    Mazer: He’s also not here Brain! What kind of a strategy is that?
    Caito: Don’t you worry Gorilla. A big strong man like that, he’ll make his appearance when he is good and ready and he won’t let anyone stop him.

    Hailing from Parts Unkown, weighing in at over 300 pounds, Ladies and Gentleman…. The JITTERMAN!

    The crowd reacts in a mostly negative way, but Jitters doesn’t seem to notice. He is continuing to stare a hole deep into Tyson, who looks nonplussed.

    From Sikestown, Missouri, by way of Ole Miss. Weighing in at 250 pounds…. MILLERTIMEEEE REEEBBBBBEEEEELLLL!

    Caito: From OLE MISS! No wonder Ive never like that guy. What a dump of a school, and a bullshit football tailgating scene. An absolute abysmal experience The Grove is.
    Mazer: Your just saying that because some guy you don’t like went there once upon a time. What was his name, Eli?
    Caito: PUT EM UP!

    Finally, from Compton, California. A former Limitless Champion in the revered RPW, a member of The Dynasty. He weighs in at 280 pounds. He is…

    TYSON BELL!!!!!!

    Tyson acknowledges the crowd, his gaze still at the next biggest man in the match. Joey beings to exit the ring as a murmur from the crowd begins to grow. After several moments, the camera catches the source of the disturbance. From the audience, Gehrig Gardner is making his way towards the ring and the match that is about to begin.

    Mazer: Now why is he coming to the ring from that way? He was invited to the match? Just walk down the entranceway!
    Caito: Maybe he saw a large sewer rat and didn’t want to come in that way. Ya know, I can see some of the people sitting along the entranceway, and I would guess he probably got confused!


    The audience continues to react to Gehrig pushing his way thru, trying to make his way thru the crowd and into the ring before the bell announces the official start of the match.

    Mazer: Well, it seems like he is going to make it in time to be a part of our opening contest here.
    Caito: Cant stop a man with the heart and drive of a champion, like Gardner there. That man is going to be a MAJOR force in this match.

    Gardener finally makes his way to the ring and climbs the apron, pausing to turn and jeer at the crowd, who is firmly against him. Gardner continues to taunt them as he climbs into the ring, turning only to see Rip immediately rushing him and connecting with a massive lariat. Gehrig is immediately taken over the top rope, his body crashing onto the apron…


    Before falling all the way to the floor.

    Mazer: I thought you said a major force?
    Caito: He did! Look how much of a force he hit the ground with!
    Mazer: in any case folks, the rules here are quite simple. You have to throw your opponent over the top rope, and BOTH feet, have to touch the floor. Last guy standing is the winner

    The Old Man looks at the arena floor with a certain level of satisfaction, as Gardner hit the ground hard and a referee is attending to him. The audience is clear in their vocal support of Rip taking the young guy down, while behind Rip, the other 5 men in the match have slowly begun to advance on one another. Only the Jitterman remains still, as he patiently watches the others, waiting to see where their intentions lie. It is Cypher who is the first to break the peace, as he delivers a kick to the gut of MTR, backing him up towards the turnbuckles. Tyson joins in with Cypher, as they begin to pummel MTR in the corner. From behind, Rip grabs Cypher around the neck and pulls him away. Cypher is spun around and immediately receives a knife edge chop for his troubles. Cypher stumbles away, but Rip is relentless, grabbing him from behind and duplexing him overhead, throwing him into the middle of the ring. Tyson and MTR are engaged in a struggle for the upper hand, with Tyson using his size advantage to overcome. Meanwhile, Cypher is reeling from the suplex when he realizes that the Jitterman is standing over him, and is ready for the fight.

    As Rip advances on Tyson, Jitterman drops an elbow to the back, the full force of his power crashing onto Cypher. As Cypher recoils in pain, the Jitters shows surprising quickness, back to his feet and drops another elbow, this time to the gut, expelling all the air out of Cypher. Again, Jitters is up, but Cypher manages to roll out of the way, finding refuge near the bottom rope. Jitters is largely unaffected however, as he simply makes his way back to his feel. Meanwhile, MTR is doing his best to hold Tyson from behind by the arms, as Rip lays hands into the solarplexes. Jitters makes his way to his feet and once again advances on Cypher, while Tyson manages to get an arm free. A back elbow to MTR precedes a knee thrown directly into the gut of Rip, and Tyson is freed.

    Cypher holds onto the bottom rope, trying desperately to stay out of the grasp of the bigger Jitters. Meanwhile, Tyson turns and grabs MTR around the back of the head, ramming it into the top turnbuckle, and swiftly changes his targeting, a kick to Rip the result. Jitter is down to a knee and delivers some straight shots to the head of Cypher, who does his best to defend himself but ultimately relents. His arms down, Jitters gets two clean shots before raising up and stomping Cypher in the chest.

    Tyson has MTR by the head again and delivers several stiff forearms before throwing him towards the center of the ring….. and a waiting Jitterman, who immediately turns his body and swiftly lifts up MTR, dropping him with a sidewalk slam.

    Mazer: What a slam by the big man.
    Caito: And look at these two behemoths eying each other, like they’re both dogs and there’s only one bone left. Imagine if they come to blows.
    Mazer: The unstoppable force against the immoveable object all over again.

    Tyson stares in at Jitterman as the latter makes his way back to his feet. For a brief moment, it appears they may come to blows…. Until Rip explodes from his position, going after Jitters. Rights and lefts from Rip land, and Jitters covers up, absorbing all that he can. Tyson looks on, amused, and is about to engage in the battle himself when Cypher gets back to his feet and lands a lariat, surprising Tyson. Rip continues to battle Jitters, backing him into the corner. Tyson also is backed up, Cypher gaining an advantage until Tyson reaches across and rakes the eyes. Cypher is forced to back up as Tyson notices Jitters has turned the fight around, Rip’s back to the turnbuckles. Cypher, still blinded, turns back towards Tyson who grabs him around the throat and lifts him high in the air, a picture perfect choke slam crashing Cypher to the mat. Quickly, Tyson regains his feet and takes aim at the big man, rushing across the ring and aiming a spear just as the Jitterman turns around….

    But it is Rip that takes the hit. The Jitterman swiftly sidesteps Tyson, who spears Rip directly into the corner turnbuckles. Three men are down now, as Jitters watches Tyson rise to his feet, turning towards him.

    Caito: It’s happening GORILLA!!!

    The rise in decibels from the surrounding audience tells you that the crowd wanted the two biggest men in the fight to hook it up, and it appears they are about to get their wish. Tyson loosens his arms up, staring into the emotionless mask his opponent wears. After a moment, the two men come face to face, barely an inch separate the size of the men. As the noise level of the audience seems to reach its plateau, Tyson strikes first, a huge right hand to Jitters….. who is barely moved by it. Tyson strikes again, his success only slightly more evident rather than the first time. A third is thrown, and finally Jitters responds, a right hand of his own. Both men exchange right hands, until Jitters gets the advantage, backing Tyson up and against the ropes. An Irish whip and Tyson returns, looking for a shoulderblock to go against Jitters. The men crash into eachother, but neither are felled. Tyson backs up against the opposite ropes and tries again, the result the same. Jitters stares down Tyson, and you can almost see the smile behind the mask.

    Tyson changes his tactics, a kick to the leg stunning the big man. His back presented, Tyson grabs around the waist and attempts to use all of his strength for a belly to back suplex. But Jitters is too big, and Tyson is forced to lay forearm after forearm into the upper back. Tyson tries the suplex again, but Jitters is still too big. Finally, Tyson grabs his prey by the arm and spins him around, reaching back and hitting him with a clothesline as hard as he can. Finally, Jitters is taken to the ground, and the roar of the audience tells the story. Tyson hears the crowd, feeding off it it and turns towards them, a primal yell his response.

    But what Tyson doesn’t see is Jitters rising up behind him, apparently no worse for wear.

    Tyson turns, and sees the danger, albeit much too late. He cannot even get his hands up as The Jitterman runs directly at him, and the result is simply Lights Out! The running boot nearly knocks Tyson into next week, and as Jitters stands above him, he clearly has no clue where he is.

    Mazer: Tyson just being run over here by the Jitterman… and I think Alice approves? Who knows what that woman is thinking.
    Caito: I tell you what Gorilla, she SCARES me.
    Mazer: Not your type Brain?
    Caito: Wrong. Exactly my type back in High School…. And college…… and the majority of my 20’s. Plus most of my current TikTok crushes.

    With a simple movement of his thumb across the throat, Jitters calls for the end of Tyson. He lifts the still dazed and confused Bell to his feet, only to grab him in position for Bed Bugs Bite.

    Mazer: Looks like it’s all over for the big guy.

    Tyson is helpless, and Jitters reaches his head down, prepared to leave a large bit on the forehead of Tyson…….


    Jitters is, unexpectedly, nearly immediately dropped, as his grip on Tyson is extinguished as Bell rolls to the floor, and out of the way. The force of the single blow is unexpected…. Until the shine off of the brass knuckles held by Cypher offers all of the explanation that is needed. Jitters looks up and realizes it isn’t only Cypher standing before him. MTR rushes Jitters, a Lou Thesz press taking him down. MTR follows with several furious elbows raining down on the big man, who has to eat the repeated shots to the head. Finally, he tosses MTR off to the side, and looks to get up…. But Rip delivers what would be a perfect form Penalty Kick if this was an EPL match. Jitters does manage to get a hand up, but the majority of the blow still lands.

    Rip is rallying the troops, both men willing to listen to the old ring vet. Rip motions to Cypher, yelling a plan. They each pick Jitters up, hooking the bigger man in a front cannery. Rip and Cypher go to lift Jitters, but her resists. Not the second time, as both men put everything into it, and lift the Jitterman high above, a double suplex landing Jitters on his back. Quickly, Rip points to Cypher and motions him to the corner as MTR readies himself, waiting for his opportunity. It comes as Jitters manages to sit up….


    A perfect superkick to a sitting Jitters sounds him, and for a moment, he remains seated. Finally, gravity has its way and Jitters falls back to a prone position…. Just before Cypher leaps from the top rope crushes Jitterman underneath a Frog Splash. Rip celebrates with an outstretched arm, and then calls on the two younger men to help him dump Jitters over the top rope. All three men pick up Jitters and lead him over to the ropes, trying to get below him and pick up what is mostly dead weight over the tope. Finally, Alice is out of her seat, and from her dress she produces a chain. Only Rip seems to notice Alice, as he tries to get the others to push harder. Jitters is now actively resisting, as Alice has climbed to the apron, ready to strike. She takes her aim for the body nearest to her, as she begins to swing the chain at MTR…. But from behind she is grabbed and tossed off the apron, her footing taken from her as she lands and crumples on to the floor. With that, Tyson rolls back into the ring underneath the bottom rope, as Rip, MTR and Cypher have renewed adrenaline, and the Jitterman is sent over the top rope, both feet hitting the floor and officially eliminating him.


    Caito: That certainly doesn’t seem fair to Jitters.
    Mazer: It certainly is. The biggest man in the match is outta there. What a turn of events in this battle royal.

    The still standing trio look down at their handiwork, before MTR motions over to Tyson, whom, while having rolled back into the ring, is still having trouble recovering. Cypher and MTR nod in agreement, pausing only to gather Rip’s cooperation. Rip nods in agreement, and turns to lead the offensive….. but MTR holds back just long enough to deliver a chop block to the left leg of Cypher, his known weak spot. Rip turns around just in time to sidestep MTR doing the same to him. MTR is able to grab on and take Rip down with a double leg takedown, mounting the Ripper and trying to force down forearms. Rip eventually reverses the position, until MTR throws him off, both men to their feet, and the brawl begins. Both men fight tooth and nail, their only interruption is Cypher, back to his feet trying to interject himself. A back elbow to the jaw changes that.

    Rip eventually grabs the advantage, able to throw MTR over with a hammerlock suplex. Rip to his feet advances on his foe, but Cypher pushes him aside, wanting his revenge for the blind shot. Cypher quickly to MTR, taped right fists finding the mark before he pulls MTR to a sitting position, sticking his thumbs into the left eye of the man from Missouri. MTR waves his limbs wildly, in a great amount of pain. Meanwhile, Rip stands by, amused at the site, before reaching down and grabbing Cypher around the waist, taking him over with yet another suplex.

    Mazer: There he goes again, Suplex City!
    Caito: Now why would he do that? Just let them beat up on each other, then toss em over. Though you can’t really blame him.
    Mazer: Whats that supposed to mean?
    Caito: Well, guys like these are always a little short in the brain department. And at Rip’s height, he’s about a foot away from his brainwaves working anyways.
    Mazer: WHAT?

    MTR is in the corner, trying to drag himself to his feet and clear the cobwebs from his sight while Rip continues his advance. Millertime has enough sense to see Rip coming, and turns to deliver an open handed, overhand slap to the chest of the Ripper…. Which Rip seems to eat and revel in. He motions at Rebel to try again, to which MTR acquiesces, which only seems to strengthen Rip as he begins another offensive. Meanwhile, Tyson is trying to make it back to his feet, his battle with Jitters taking more out of him than he thought. But Cypher has other ideas, quickly hooking Tyson up with a front chancery and delivering a snap suplex, making perfect use of leverage. With Tyson down again, Cypher rejoins the fight with MTR and Rip as the Old Man continues to use his whole body to pummel MTR.

    Cypher spins Rip around and delivers a straight right hand. Rip falls against the ropes, leaving Cypher to concentrate on MTR. However, Cypher decides to fight on two fronts. A right hand to MTR, back elbow to Rip. Again and again, gathering adrenaline and confidence. The audience is getting into it, watching a man fight two battles simultaneously. Cypher looks to give himself a bit more room, and delivers a straight kick, targeting the chest of Rip, forcing him back and off his feet. His attention returning to MTR, whom is doing his best to keep himself on his feet by holding on to the ropes. Cypher grabs him around the head, and they switch positions, Cypher, a small smile starting to appear on his face, seats himself on the top rope. He puts MTR into position, and then lifts, holding him as high in the air as he could……


    Except it isn’t. MTR resists at the last possible moment, and is able to land on his feet. Once again, the left knee of Cypher is the target. And once again, MTR is successful in exploiting a weakness in Cypher, who hops off of the top rope in pain. It is then that Millertime Rebel execute an attack of humiliation, as he open handed slaps Cypher across the face, in a fit of disgust….

    With his vision narrowed on the fight directly in front of him, MTR is grabbed from behind, and lifted into the air. Upon Rip’s shoulders, Rebel stares directly into the lights above him, trying his hardest to escape. Cypher also seems to have tunnel vision, as he grabs at the leg of MTR, trying to pull him off of the shoulders of Rip, instead of doing the smart thing and trying to eliminate both men…. But the crowd around the ring begins to stand as they see the charging Tyson Bell, who clotheslines Cypher high on the body sending him over the top rope and out to the floor….




    Exhausted, Tyson and Rip eye each other.

    Mazer: And just like that, we are down to two!
    Caito: Thats right, two of them. Two ugly people, just staring at each other.
    Mazer: If that’s the way you feel, wh
    y don’t YOU go up there and tell them that?
    Caito: Im needed here
    Mazer: OH?

    Both men raise their hands, knowing the rest of this will be a straight out fight. Tyson advances and tries to grab Rip, who sidesteps and sends Bell into the corner. Rip to the second rope, tryin to even the height difference and strikes at Bell, who shoves him off. Rip quickly back to the attack, again on the second rope. This time Bell tries to get low, and use leverage to dump Rip over his shoulder and to the outside. Rip changes his attack to elbows to the top of the head, and Bell loses his leverage. Rip hops down hoping to continue the attack…. But Bell immediately grabs at the Ripper and turns, changing positions. It is now his turn to lay in hands.

    Tyson lands his shots hard to the body, repeated rights and lefts. The last shot goes right to the jaw of Rip, who is rocked as Tyson takes a few steps towards the center of the ring, before reversing course and leaping, splashing into the Ripper, before Irish whipping him across the ring and to the opposite corner, where Rip crashes. Down to a knee, Rip pulls himself away from the corner, holding on to the middle rope as he tries to straighten himself back up. Tyson sees his opportunity, and rushes Rip, looking for the big boot that would take Rip over…. But the crafty veteran ducks down, and uses all of Bell’s momentum to take him over the top rope, and to the apron.

    As Tyson finds himself in a precarious position, the audience in attendance is beginning to rise, seeing the end in sight. Rip is back up and lays a huge right hand. Tyson holds on, but another threatens to loosen his grip on the rope, doing all he can to stay off the floor. A third drops Tyson to a seated position, still holding on to the top rope with all he has. Rip charges, looking to spear Tyson off the apron. The move is bested by a knee to the head, and Rip is felled back towards the middle of the ring, as Tyson falls in between the ropes back inside the ring.

    Mazer: What a toll both of these men have taken Brain. It’s gonna take someone with a great deal of fortitude to make it thru this.
    Caito: Im trying Gorilla, but this match is testing even my limits to watch. Makes me wish for the good ole days, when I was champion of my neighborhood. I made everything must watch.
    Mazer: You were never champion of your neighborhood!
    Caito: They retired the title when I came around.

    Both men slowly up to their feet, with Tyson looking to take the advantage. However, as he advances on Rip, he is grabbed from low and picked up, his throat crashing against the ropes as Rip executes a Stun Gun. Tyson grabs at his neck, instinctively, as Rip grabs him by the arm for the Irish whip. Tyson reverses, Rip ducks under the clothesline attempt, but can’t avoid the big boot on his way back, falling him and Tyson takes a moment, hands on his knees, catching is breathe. Tyson looks around at the crowd, then back down at Rip, who Is stirring again and suddenly, his resolve becomes absolute. This has to end now. Tyson grabs Rip around the neck, pulling him up and setting him in position for a power bomb. With a deep breath, Tyson lifts Rip up into the air, resting him on his shoulders and makes his way to the ropes, preparing to deposit him over the ropes and all the way to the floor below.

    But the wiley ole veteran won’t go so easily, and as Tyson goes to throw him, Rip holds on, and both men go tumbling over the rope…… but they both also grab a hold of the top rope, and land on the apron, both precariously close to the ending of the match.

    As the crowd cheers on their respective support, Tyson and Rip exchange blows, the trading only pausing when Rip manages to block a right from Tyson, and gains the advantage, blow after blow, putting Tyson down to one knee. Rip goes for the kill, looking to land a straight right kick to Tysons head….. But Bell blocks it, catching Rip’s foot and forcing him backwards. Rip stumbles backwards, but manages to stay on the apron. Rip regains his balance, only for Bell to kick him right in the plums. Rip immediately is stopped, as the pain that all men know all too well overtakes him. And that is all the opening that Tyson needs, as he hooks Rips head, grabs onto the middle rope, and delivers a devastating DDT, driving Rip’s head into the mat, watching as Rip rolls off the apron and to the floor below.


    Tyson falls between the ropes, back into the ring, his arm outstretched in victory as the crow reacts loudly, depending on if they supported Bell or Rip.

    Mazer: It’s all over folks! Tyson has outlasted them all and has won it…. So why hasn’t the bell rung? What are the officials still doing, waiting on the outside?
    Caito: LOOK AT THAT!!! It’s Gardner!!!!! He made it to the ring, but he wasn’t inside of it when the bell rang so he was never officially eliminated! He has stayed outside the whole time waiting for his opportunity. WHAT A GENIUS!!! WHAT A PLAN!!!! ITS BRILLIANT!!!

    Tyson is finally pulling himself up, and Gehrig Gardner is indeed standing in the ring, behind Tyson, measuring him. As Tyson begins to turn, Gardner attacks….

    THE STRE……………



    Tyson smiles, looking over at Gardner, who he had just driven straight into the mat, with extra emphasis just for the annoyance. It is academic now, as Tyson lifts Gardner up, and simply tosses him over the rope and Gardner hits the floor…. Again.



    Mazer: Well, now its official. Tyson Bell has won our opening matchup, a Battle Royale that lived up to all of the hype it had been given.
    Caito: Not exactly hard Gorilla, considering I didn’t tell anyone I was doing this.
    Mazer: In any case, I want to thank Joey for being such a good sport and letting me have this match. If you’ll excuse me, Im gonna get ready to announce our main event match, and the finals of the Rise of the Phoenix tournament.
    Caito: In all seriousness, we do have a great final to get to. The Labours. Mr H, a man a lot of us know as mth, against Kris “Fa Sho” Destiny. This match is going to be well worth the weight. As you can see, they are setting the ring up right now for the first fall, a Cage match. So, we are gonna share a few messages, and we will be right back, for the introduction of our finalists, and for our Cage Match. We’ll be right back ladies and gentleman!!!

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    JC: Alright folks, we are back, and in a few brief moments, the main event of this entire tournament will begin. Everything that we have witnessed, all that these two men have fought and sacrificed for, is nearly upon us. The cage is nearly fully constructed, where we will hold the first fall of The Labours. At this time, I’d like to welcome back to the commentary booth, my partner Joey Noone. Joey, good job on the introductions and thanks for allowing Mazer and I have to have a little bit of fun.
    JN: Yea, sure whatever man. Glad you guys had fun.
    JC: Joey… What’s up man? It was all just a bit for a laugh.
    JN: Well, I’m glad y’all could laugh at my expense.
    JC: Dude, what are you tal….
    JN: You know, I have been around the R-Feds longer than even you Jon. And yet, I’m essentially an afterthought, just some guy brought out from the shelves when there is no one better to in this chair. Never allowed to branch out, to show my personality. I mean, what do you see when you look at me?
    JC: I don’t know man….. Todd Grisham?
    JN: …………. Seriously?
    JC: What!?! It’s better than Mike Adamle.
    JN: … you know what, I’ll take that….. The cage’s construction is complete, and Mazer…
    JC: Gorilla Mon….
    JN: Gorilla MonMazer….. *audible sigh* ….. is just outside the ring, and he is prepared to announce the two finalists in our Rise of the Phoenix tournament.
    JC: Sure seems like it’s gone on forever, huh?
    JN: Probably partially your fault…

    The lights begin to dim in the arena, the anticipation, as well as the excitement of the crowd equally rising. A deep growl of bass comes thru the sound system, adding to the atmosphere as the announcements begin.

    On the ramp next to the curtain, a majestic and ornate trophy, standing nearly 5 feet in height, is proudly displayed. Lit from above, the shine is understated, yet resplendent. This is the prize that awaits the winner… or perhaps more accurately, the survivor.

    Standing besides this symbol of honor, now donning a black tuxedo jacket and sans bowtie, is our special guest announcer.

    Mazer: Ladies and Gentleman. This is the final match, in the Rise of the Phoenix tournament. WELCOME… to…. The LABOURS!!!!

    The crowd roars in approval as Mazer allows the excitement to reach a crescendo, waiting only until then to continue his charge.

    Mazer: This is a two out of three falls match, and each fall will feature a stipulation, designed to test the mind, body, and will. I present to you the first stipulation….. a CAGE MATCH!!!

    Again, the crowd in attendance vehemently voices their approval, heightened once again when the music changes from the growling bass tones, to the theme song of our first entrant.

    Mazer: Introducing our first participant…. He stands at an even six feet tall and weighs in at 224 pounds. He hails from Davenport, Iowa. Ladies and Gentleman…. I give you ….


    “FA SHO”


    With that, the curtain is emphatically thrown aside and out marches Kris Destiny. He stops on the stage briefly, at first taking in the atmosphere. He seems to breathe it in, before turning to his left and fixing his gaze on the Phoenix Cup. A deep breathe later, and Kris makes his way to the ring, his mind set on the task at hand. He stops at the bottom of the ring steps, his gaze downward, nodding his head, steadying himself. One quick glance at the referee holding the door open later, and Destiny bounds up the steps, entering the ring and awaiting his foe.

    JN: Our first competitor is in the ring, and we are this much closer to beginning our finals.
    JC: This is also not a typical cage match, in that escape is not allowed Joey. The referee outside is there to shut and lock the door, and only to open it in the case of an emergency. The referee in the ring is there for either the pinfall, submission, or if one of our competitors cannot physically continue.
    JN: They say The Labours is all about survival and facing down your opponent. Which is why escape is not an option. Stand and fight is the goal here.

    The mood in the arena changes along with the music. Our final competitor of the night is here.

    Mazer: Introducing his opponent. He measures in at five foot, ten inches, fighting at 215 pounds. He hails from an unknown place, and is a certifiable R-Fed LIVING LEGEND….

    With that, the curtain is slowly walked thru, the man with the always colorful face paint saunters on the stage. A smile that a Cheshire Cat would be proud of is plastered all over his face as Mazer finishes his introduction.





    Mister H is currently caressing the Phoenix Cup, as gently and loving as one would expect from the Electric Hobgoblin. He blows a kiss before he makes his way down the ramp, although it isn’t immediately clear if it is directed at the Cup, or Mazer. mth takes his time, walking all the way around the ring, slapping the steel cage as he goes, the eyes of Destiny following him all the way around. H finally makes his way back to the door, slowly, making his way up the steps, his arm and hand grabbing on to the steel door, closing it behind him. The door clangs shut, both men finally in the ring. The referee on the outside begins to lock the door, as the referee on the inside goes over the rules of the cage, one final time. Both competitors are in the center of the ring, listening to the referee, but never taking their attention or their eyes off of the other.

    JN: Moment of truth Jonathan, what are we looking at right here, and who is going to stand tall at the end of the night?
    JC: Joey, take a look in that ring. Those two men are standing eye to eye, nose to nose. No back down in either of them. When it comes to their skillset, they are more alike than they probably care to admit. Both are incredibly proficient in technical wrestling. Fantastic ground games. But they both can up the tempo and fly around as well. They have, potentially, three falls to put their opponent away. What they both know is this. One mistake may not kill their chances, but it will severely hamper them. Neither of them can afford to give up an inch, and they know that.
    JN: So who you got?
    JC: Not a fair question in my eyes Joey. My entire career, I have watched Mr H and been involved in this industry the entire time. He says he is the backbone of the industry, and he may have a point. He has the experience factor over Destiny, and if you put a gun to my head, I’ll tell you that is what is going to win out and decide this tournament.

    As Caito finishes speaking, the referee can be seen finishing the reading of his instructions. His right arm raised, he gives the order for H to back away from the center, into his corner of the steel enclosed ring. With a smile of true joy, Mr H follows the referees request, backing into the corner. Kris Destiny is given the same request, a small emotionless glance at the official his only response at first, prior to acquiescing. With both men firmly entrenched, the referee raises his hands, looks toward the timekeeper and gives him the signal…

    Cage Match
    First Fall

    *Bell Rings*

    Cautiously, both men exit their corners, slowly advancing on each other, trying to get a feel. Collar and elbow hookup produces zero advantage for either man before they mutually break it. The opponents circle again, before trying a second time. Destiny manages to gain the upper hand, forcing H into the corner. Mr H tries to get out of the hold, until Destiny releases of it on his own accord and immediately lays in a chop that reverberates thru ought the arena. A second is attempted, but mth ducks under, finding himself back in the center of the ring. With a smirk, H motions at Kris, offering to hook up one more time. Kris advances, only to be sidestepped, mth taking the opportunity to immediately start throwing hands. Rights and lefts for Kris to cover up and is eventually backed up into the corner, where H continues the offensive, until the guard is dropped and Kris is forced down to a knee.

    H is pushed away, but comes back with an elbow to the back of the head. Up quickly with a second, missed when Kris rolls out of the way. Both men up quickly, a right hand from mth ducked under as Kris lands a jab to the solarplexus of H. Another right missed, another shot to the gut from Destiny. A blocked right hand by mth, and Kris follows it with a short kick, stunning Mr. H long enough for Kris to finally gain control, a side headlock wrenched in, extra torque applied before both men to the mat in a takeover, Kris continuing to hold the move.

    What follows is classic chain wrestling. H using his legs to free himself and grab a hey lock, Kris turning his body around to counter, both men back to their feet before mth tries a clothesline, ducked under and taken over again by Kris with another headlock takedown. H rolls his body and Kris’ shoulders are to the mat. A 1 count follows before Kris rolls back over. H resists, trying to free himself before getting to his feet, goes to push Destiny off…. who holds on and brings H right back down. H on his knees, Kris on his feet, uses the leverage to keep the advantage. Mr H, still held, manages to get below Kris and lift him, looking for a back suplex, but Kris comes right back down on his feet, floats around, and now grabs a hammerlock. Mr H ducks under, turning his body, reversing the hammerlock. Now he wrenches it in, and Kris’ only means of escape comes with an elbow to the head. Destiny goes to run the ropes, but H grabs him from behind by the neck and yanks him down. Mth runs the ropes, hops over a turning Destiny, misses a clothesline and stops dead in his tracks, turning around and right into a kick and a snap suplex. Both men up quick as mth gets to a knee, but Destiny to both feet, turning directly to Mr H, blowing him a kiss, much to H’s chagrin.

    JN: For a cage stipulation, I imagine this is much more chain wrestling than anyone expected to see.
    JC: Very little chance that mth thought that this was the strategy that was going to be used. Much more surprising to me that Kris is the one gaining the advantage this way. With much more experience going the other way, I have to imagine that mth feels like he should be the one who has the advantage in mat wrestling.
    JN: Can’t imagine Mr H appreciates the kiss being blown his way either.

    Mr H and Kris stand at the ready, both reaching their arms out, trying to get a feel…. Until Mr H simply SLAPS Kris Destiny hard across the face. After a few moments spent in disbelief, Destiny rushes mth who meets him with a stiff forearm to the face. A second and a third backs Kris up against the ropes, from which H grabs at him with an Irish Whip, nailing him in the middle of the ring with a textbook dropkick. Destiny back up quickly but a clothesline as he turns to find H takes him to the mat hard. H is feet away on all fours, waving his tongue at Kris, who may or may not see it.

    A quick pin attempt gets a menial two count. Mr H brings Kris back to his feet, only to whip him into the turnbuckle, rattling both the corner and the nearby cage. Kris stumbles out of the corner only to be sent into the opposite, once again crashing. Stumbles again, and a back body drop awaits him. Mr H with full confidence drops an elbow, finding his mark and trying to drive the air out of his nemesis body, before quickly turning into a lateral press…



    Mr H wastes no time after the kick out, putting in a hammerlock, wrenching the arm and delivering several knees to the lower back. The referee is checking on Destiny as H simultaneously is wrenching back on the arm and massaging the face of Destiny.

    JC: Classic mth here, always trying to get in the head of his opponent.
    JN: Indeed it is behavior we have come to expect from this eccentric man, but it does look like Kris has been able to get a slight opening and is fighting his way to a vertical base.

    Both are indeed on their feet, and Kris is throwing strikes, trying to free himself. H is take the shots, trying to hold on, until Destiny finally frees himself and goes to run the ropes…. But H grabs a hold of him, and a Russian Leg Sweep later, he goes for another pin attempt.



    Kick Out!

    Mr H brings Kris back to his feet again, a vertical suplex the next maneuver. H floats over into a mounted position, a precursor to the elbow that H measures, then delivers with a stiff finish. Another lateral press, but it yields a two count too short for me to write out and format. A look of annoyance passes from Mr H into the direction of the referee. Kris begins to roll away as H climbs to his feet. Mth spots Destiny rolling and gives him a stomp for good measure. Destiny is at the ropes and begins to pull himself up when another stomp puts him down. H follows it up by ripping an elbow… but hits the mat as Kris was able to roll under the ropes, stopped only by the steel cage surrounding the ring. Kris uses all of the slight reprieve make his way back to his feet, seemingly unaware that Mr H is targeting him again. mth rushes in, looking to spear Kris into the cage, and is greeted instead by a high knee, knocking him back. Quickly, Kris is up, thru the ropes, attacking H with several rights, backing him against the ropes. Irish Whip from Destiny, who waits for the rebounding, using momentum and sending H with both arms directly over the ropes and into the steel cage.

    Mr H, his face moments after meeting the chain link, staggers back towards the center of the ring. Kris sends him into the steel again on the opposite side of the ring, and H staggers back yet again. He is trying to get his bearings back when he turns and is immediately taken down by a flying elbow, Kris having run the ropes in the meantime. Both men are vertical again, but Kris holds the advantage, throwing Mr H HARD into the turnbuckles. H falls out of the corner, rolling to the center of the ring as Kris brings himself to the apron, before leaping to the ropes and flying thru with a nearly picture perfect springboard elbow. The crowd is to their feet, the excitement rising as Kris rolls off, bringing himself to a knee and letting out a primal scream, his adrenaline finally giving him his second wind.

    JN: Kris has life again in this match and has Mr H at a disadvantage.
    JC: That disadvantage doesn’t do him any good if he doesnt follow up. He has to pin mth NOW!

    Kris doesn’t try a pin however. What he does do is wait for H to bring himself to his feet, who finally does. Kick to the gut, front chancery and a vertical suplex. mth lands hard on his back and instinctively brings himself to a seated position, the pain etched on his face. It only gets worse when Kris hits the ropes and returns with a running knee, hitting just below the neck. Kris back to his feet, hits the ropes and delivers a low clothesline. Now Kris takes Caito’s advice…



    And only gets a two count.

    Destiny turns to the referee, as if to confirm it wasn’t a three. H again is up to.a seated position, the offensive onslaught taking their effect as he has a slightly glazed look in his eyes, his right arm reaching out for nothing. He is brought to his feet, whipped again into the turnbuckle before Kris crashes into him with a clothesline. Thrown into the middle of the ring, Mr H lays on the mat, his gaze at the ceiling above. Almost as if he can feel it coming, H gathers all of his strength and rolls towards the turnbuckle, avoiding flying offense from Kris Destiny…. who does not crash to the mat. Instead, as if he knew H may escape, rolls thru on impact, his momentum taking him right back to his feet. Both men on their feet and H finally strikes again. Kick to the gut doubling Destiny over, Mr H grabs him by the head and readies himself for a DDT, but in the instant before H can drop, Kris turns his body, freeing himself. Mr H isn’t even prepared when he is grabbed, taken down in an STO, Kris looking to immediately follow it up with FIN’.

    Destiny has rolled high onto his back and is trying to wrap his legs around mth’s neck. Mr H, knowing what is coming, has his arm in front of his face, blocking the hold. The two men struggle, Kris trying to lock in his version of the Koji Clutch, H with the best early defense. H tries to hammer the left leg of Destiny, hoping to charlie horse it. For a moment, it appears he will succeed, until Kris uses his right knee to deliver repeated shots to the back of the head, stopping only when Mr H drops his arm….


    The hands are locked around the back of H’s head. The leg wedged underneath his jaw. And Kris is wrenching back as much as he can. Mr H is flailing his arms as much as possible, trying to grab a hold of anything. The more he struggles, the more Kris is able to lean back, adding extra torque. The referee is prone, asking H if he wants to give up and move to the net fall. But Mr H is stubborn, and he refuses to give up. His right arm is blocked from a full range of motion, his left outstretched searching…. Until it is not, fading down. Our ref pats his arm, mth responding by pounding the mat once, and having given up on trying to grab anything, H is doing all he can to turn his hips and relieve the pressure. For a moment, it looks like his plan will work.

    But then Kris manages to squeeze his leg underneath, putting even more pressure on the carotid artery, and mth’s arm fades once again, dropping to the mat. Our referee yells towards Mr H, who is barely responsive. Destiny calls out to check him, and the referee does just so, getting to his knees and grabbing H’s arm, raising it high in the air.

    Mr H’s arm falls, and the referee makes a huge show out of yelling

    Kris pulls back harder, hoping the referee goes faster.

    A second time, Mr H’s arm falls and hits the mat.


    JN: Destiny with everything he has got, just may have the first fall right here with a submission!!!!!!

    The arm is raised a third time.

    It drops.

    And it comes to a rest, hovering above the mat.

    Suddenly, with seemingly unnatural adrenaline and quickness, H turns his hips and somehow gains enough leverage to turn Kris over…



    Kris releases the hold and turns his shoulders off the mat.

    JN: OH MY GOODNESS…. HOW CLOSE was that Jon!?!
    JC: I think you can argue that Kris should’ve been able to put him away there, but the mth Ive always known is so damn good, so damn agile, he was able to somehow turn this around and nearly pin Kris Destiny! You cannot be complacent when you’re about to put your man away, and mth showed you why.

    The focus of Destiny’s eyes dart all around, almost unable to believe that he nearly just lost the fall while in complete control. His incredulous work quickly turns into anger, as he spots mth a few feet away, clearly hurt and trying to get to his feet. Destiny up quickly, advancing on his adversary. Kick to the gut. Forearm smash. Kick, smash. Mr H is barely standing under his own power, so Kris grabs him by the back of the head and brings him towards the turnbuckle, Kris’ back towards the corner. Another forearm smash, before Kris grabs H by the head, climbs to a seated position on the top turnbuckle, then jumps for a tornado DDT… but mth throws him off. Kris lands on his feet and immediately rushes. Back body drop from Mr H, but Kris lands on the top rope. H throws a right hand, blocked by Kris, responding with a straight kick that knocks H down. Kris steadies himself on the top rope, measures a standing Mr H….. but mth falls towards the top rope, throwing off Kris’ balance, who falls and crashes, straddling the top rope and immediately stopping all momentum, as well as possibly having children in the near future, but it’s too early to tell on that subject.

    Able to take a moment to recover for the first time in a while, Mr H looks towards the very much in pain Kris Destiny, and a smile crosses his face. H makes his way to Kris, depositing him from the top rope onto the apron, which, we know because Vince wanted us to know incessantly, is the hardest part of the ring. H stands on the opposite side of the ropes picking Kris up, and dragging his forehead against the steel cage. And he keeps doing it, until the metal begins to tear into the forehead, drawing forth the lifeblood of Kris Destiny. H checks his progress, pleased with the results he wipes some of the blood with his hand, slaps the upper back of Kris and follows it with a stiff elbow, before dragging Kris back thru the ropes into the ring, throwing him into the ropes and once again employing a back body drop, sending Kris into the steel cage and dropping straight onto the apron.

    Mr H, seemingly fully rejuvenated and with a Cheshire grin, readies himself in the middle of the ring, watching a now bloody Kris try to crawl back into the ring and away from the steel cage. Kris begins to climb thru the ropes, when he is suddenly rushed by Mr H…. Eat Me is the result, the force once again sending Destiny backwards and into the cage.

    JC: Kris is starting to be in a bad way here. He is bleeding just enough to possible effect him, as it gets into your eyes and starts to blind you.
    JN: Kris Destiny is going to need to pull himself together, as Mr H has his eyes set on him yet again.

    H drags Kris from the apron into the middle of the ring, looking to end the cage match.



    Destiny rolls his shoulders, and weakly kicks out

    H is left sitting next to Destiny, an amused look on his face as Kris continues to bleed while rolling over. Mr H to his feet, bringing Kris with him and slapping him in the head the whole way, continuing to keep a hold of his head and delivering a headbutt, putting Kris to a knee. Kick to the gut wears him down more before H hooks Destiny behind the arms. Kris is trapped as H hits him multiple times with stiff hard knees, until he can barely stay o his own feet. Mr H takes the opportunity to roll back and thru…


    ows nothing. H is looking for the Rolling Butterfly lock, but Kris keeps rolling until they are both once again on their feet. Kris charges forward with as much power as he has left, and forces them both thru the ropes and onto the apron.

    JN: Both men are between the ring ropes and the steel cage, and we have our visual evidence that the cage has already been a factor with the face of Destiny starting to cover in red.
    JC: Yeah, but the question is, can Kris use this to start to turn things around, or is it a last gasp effort here?

    H, more than a little annoyed that Kris foiled his plan, kicks at Kris and sends him back first into the corner post. Instant recoil and Kris falls to his knees, leaving H with yet another opportunity for a big move. He raises his left arm, pulling an imaginary chainsaw with his right, before scurrying forward…. Into a V-Trigger Knee! Destiny hops to his feet before delivering the Bicycle Knee Strike, stunning H. Quickly, a kick to the gut and Kris hooks H with a double underhook. He lifts H for SHO-TIME!…..

    But he can’t do it. Too much damage to the back and mth lands back on his feet, sending Kris over the ropes into the ring. Kris crashes, once again his back taking the brunt of the damage. After what seems like an eternity of agonizing moments, Kris makes his way to his feet, before turning to face his enemy…. who flies thru the air and perfectly executes XO!!!!

    Kris crashes face first into the mat, H still holding on, the joy returning to his slightly crazed face. Sitting up, Mr H rolls Kris over, his nearly dead weight giving zero resistance. Turned over, H motions at the referee and then confidently leans over Kris, an easy back body press.



    Without warning, Kris hooks H by both arms and rolls over with a crucifix pin!!!




    JN: OH MY GOD?!? What a turn of events!!! Kris Destiny has somehow turned around eating a massive slingshot flatliner and was able to get a crucifix pin on MR H, And I think it is fair to say he has stolen the first all to take a 1-0 lead on the Labours!!!
    JC: It was a beautiful maneuver by H, but a sloppy, cocky cover and Kris used that against him. That is something that mth SHOULDVE known better. My guess, he uses that as motivation in our next fall.

    Mr H is shocked as the outside referee has opened the door and is inside along with the attending referee, trying to usher both men to opposite sides go the ring, the work being done to remove the cage immediately starting.

    JN: The expression on Mr H’s face tells the whole story, meanwhile, Kris Destiny clearly took the worst of that cage match, but still managed to pick up the fall. He is trying to recover as referees and officials step in to give the men some separation, and they each can take some time to recover as we work to take the cage down. Ladies and Gentleman, when we return, it’ll be Falls Count Anywhere… WE’LL BE RIGHT BACK!!!!!

    As we fade to an Internet commercial, Mr H never takes his eyes off of Destiny, currently trying to pick himself up as referees attend to both men.

    Judge Vote #1

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    JN: Welcome back everybody, the cage has been dismantled, it is still being take away from the ring, and we are nearly ready for the introduction of the second fall in our Labours match.
    JC: Nearly indeed, but if I was Kris Destiny, I would hope they take their sweet time getting to the next bell. You and I have seen Joey, Mr H has not taken his eyes off of Kris for one second, and his face is one of obvious rage. He knows he was sloppy, he knows he let one get past him. And he isn’t going to let Kris Destiny off this next fall easy, fa sho.
    JN: ……….. You sure that’s the way you wanna do that?
    JC: Of course I do, its brilliant.
    JN *Dear Lord* Let’s just toss it up to Gorilla MonMazer…

    Ladies and Gentleman, you have seen them battle in a cage. Now, we let them out, and we see what hell they can unleash on each other. The only restrictions, their imaginations.

    This next fall will be contested with no disqualifications, no count outs….


    Falls Count Anywhere

    *Bell Rings*

    With the sound, the referees scatter, only one needed for this stipulation. Mr H is still standing in his corner, his gaze and his face emblazoned with a mix of anger and embarrassment. Meanwhile, Kris is leaning in the ropes, using as much time for a reprieve as possible, the blood seemingly done flowing, for now.

    H sprints without warning, and Kris simply covers. A fury of rights pound at Destiny, eventually forcing him to a knee before mth grabs him around the neck and throws him from the corner thru the ropes. Destiny hits the floor, landing on his feet, H hot on his tail. More strikes levied before he drops his shoulders and rams Destiny’s back into the ring apron. Twice more puts Destiny to a knee, allowing H to walk away for a few steps, gathering himself. He returns his focus, and barely ducks under an attempted Kendo stick swing.

    JN: A bit of a hot start here for Mr H, who is clearly frustrated the cage match ended the way he did.
    JC: Ok yes, but where did that Kendo stick come from? Did you see him pick it up?
    JN: Must’ve missed it.

    Kick to the gut, followed by an Irish whip and H sends Destiny crashing into the steel stairs, dislodging them. Mth has the kendo stick in hand now, raising it high and driving it down… into the stairs, Kris just getting out of the way. H turns to locate Kris trying to escape, and smashes him in the back with a strike that does not miss. A barely contained shout from Destiny, and H swings again. Another miss. 1-3 isn’t bad in baseball, but baseball this isn’t, as Destiny scampers around the ring. H in hot pursuit, however his weapon is rendered useless as Destiny comes back around the corner, a double leg takedown. Destiny tries to mount, but H throws him off. Both men to their feet, forearm to Destiny lets H grab him by the head, preparing to smash it into the steel fan barricade.

    But it’s blocked. H tries again, and again he fails, some of the strength returning to his adversary. Elbow to the gut, and suddenly it is mth’s head that is delivered into the metal. Stunned is Mr H, but he’s been hit worse, when suddenly Kris does it again. Then twice more. H is dazed and confused, and never sees the clothesline that upends him over the barrier and into the front row.

    Kris begins to work on the mat covering the concrete floor as H is trying to get his bearings back. The mat is upended, the concrete floor exposed, and from the opposite side of the barrier, Kris manages to grab and put H in a front chancery. Vertical suplex attempt, but H blocks, raking the eyes of Destiny and puts distance between the two, heading thru the crowd.

    After a quick recovery, Destiny is hot on his tail, finally catching up. A right from Kris finds the mark as they both continue in the same direction. Two more from Destiny before H finally turns around, allowing each to grab the other with their left, and they exchange rights in the middle of the crowd, security doing what they can to keep the audience at bay. Destiny gets the better of the battle, booting H, placing him in position and getting the double undertook in….

    But H quickly escapes and strikes with a hard elbow to the sternum. Both men upright, H rears back with his right hand, but is grabbed around the waist and HOISTED up and over Destiny in a suplex that sees H landing HARD on the concrete floor.

    JN: What a suplex for Destiny!
    JC: Was a great suplex and mth obviously hit very hard, but make no mistake Joey. That is one of the few actually wrestling moves we will probably see here. This is going to be a FIGHT.

    A stomp from Destiny, followed up by a straight kick to the gut and H is in a bad way. Destiny pulls him to his feet, dragging him back up thru the crowd, taking shots every once in a while until they both reach a curtain. Destiny throws H into the curtain, which immediately covers him and H, having taken a good pounding, flails about trying to free himself until he is tripped up, taking the curtain down with him and exposing the arena walkway to the audience and the cameras.

    H is picked up, still entrapped by the curtain and thrown into a wall, his body sliding to the floor. The curtain is finally pushed away as Destiny goes for the cover.



    Kick Out!

    A small crowd has begun to gather around both competitors, rabid fans looking for an up close and personal experience.

    Destiny, still on his knees, lays in some heavy hands to the forehead of H. Relenting, Kris makes his way to his feet and measures mth, who narrowly escapes as Destiny kicks the concrete wall. Taking immediate effect, Kris hobbles away, trying to force his mind to ignore the pain. What he can’t ignore, is the replica championship belt that Mr H grabbed from a fan, smacked across his forehead, once again opening his skin. H giggles, kissing the newly bloodied replica, absently tossing it at the feet of the fan he took it from. H drags Destiny to his feet, bringing him further into the concourse until he finds his target, a beer vendor. With almost a gleeful smile, H sends Destiny flying over the counter, breaking taps and spilling cups of beer all over the floor and Kris as well. Security continues to hold the growing crowd back as Kris struggles to make it to his feet, finally doing so but turning around directly into a chop, spraying sweat and beer everywhere.

    Kris tries to protect himself but another chop finds the mark, followed by a straight right hand. Destiny staggers away, suddenly finding himself the one trying to put space between his enemy. But H doesn’t let him go far, playfully punching and slapping at Destiny, who has walked a bit down the concourse, and finds himself outside the main merchandise area, as well as several tables in front. Kick from Destiny slows H down, but only momentarily as a clothesline from H takes Destiny to the floor. The troubles aren’t over, as mth spots a nearby display stand, and tips it over and down, crashing into Destiny on the floor.

    JN: Adding insult to injury here as Mr H is just burying Destiny in T-shirts and hoodies.
    JC: If you ask me, this is rather kind of mth. Look at all the rags that Kris can wipe the blood from his face now.
    JN: Cant help but notice none of that mercy out there is yours Jonathan.
    JC: Yeah, Jules has really gotta step her game up. Its what happens when your personal manager slash agent is also your ex girlfriend.

    In full control and moving decisively, Mr H tosses the upended merchandise stand aside, ready to even these Labours.



    Destiny kicks out.

    A short two, but one that got Destiny’s attention nonetheless, as Mr H looks around and zeroes in on the merchandise table. H picks Destiny up, a front chancery and mth eyes the table, making sure his landing target is in prime position as fans not only surrounding them shout for the table, but those inside the merchandise room, looking thru a couple of windows, shout their approval. H goes to lift, but Kris responds with a right to the gut, then again, and again until the hold is released and Kris lays in some rapid fire shots. Destiny turns both men around, and now he hooks H in a chancery, immediately lifting H high in the air…. But he can’t take him over, as H lands right back in front of Kris…. BLUE GOO ACHOO!!! Kris immediately stumbles away, his hands instinctively trying to clear his eyes as mth stands there, his tongue still out, stained in blue as Kris falls to his knees.

    It is then that Mr H gets a violently brilliant idea, as he gets in position, almost stalking a still flailing, still blinded Kris Destiny, waiting several moments before grabbing Kris, planting a kiss on his forehead…. And then sends him THRU the nearby window into the merchandise area.

    Glass shatters everywhere, further opening the wound to Destiny, allowing the blood to flow more freely as Destiny is caught up in what used to be a window WITH glass. Bent over and thru frame, Kris is barely with it when the pain from a newly wielded steel chair explodes all over his back, and Destiny collapses, falling from the window frame to the floor. All the opening mth needs to cover him…



    Destiny rolls the shoulder!!!

    JN: How, just how in the hell did Kris Destiny get out go that?
    JC: No idea Joey. Most normal men that re-enact Marty Janetty trying to escape from Shawn Michaels don’t kick out of that, because they can’t. Although, I have to wonder if maybe this is actually bad strategy for Kris. He is gonna need some time to recover.

    Mr H with a look of almost amusement as he drags Kris to his feet before delivering a hard open handed slap that puts Kris back on his ass. A straight kick to the chest and Destiny falls over, clutching at it until H picks him up and begins to lead him thru the concourse again, the blood of Destiny literally leaving a trail for those to follow behind security. H playfully tosses Destiny ahead of him, who staggers and collapses before he can even run into anything. Another kick from H before he picks Kris up again and leads him to another large door opening.

    They have entered the men’s room.

    JC: You know Joey, I remember seeing Kevin Sullivan fight a few matches in the mens room. Cant remember who he faced though…
    JN: Can’t or won’t?
    JC: Also yes.
    JN: That doesn’t even….. what?

    The crowd follows Destiny and H into the bathroom, while those already inside scramble to zip up. Destiny is led over to the stalls, is head grabbed and slammed into the thin metal, both Destiny and the stall reverberating. mth bounces Kris off of it again, and the door slams wide open, hitting the inside and recoiling back, which is caught by H, who places Destiny in the door opening and slams the door, full force on the shoulder and arm area. H stands as Destiny struggles to stay on his feet, admiring his handiwork. H reaches for his adversary, and is surprised with a shot to the gut. Two more shots halts all of mth’s momentum… almost. H responds with a kick to the chest that throws Destiny into that small space between the toilet and the stall walls. Mr H once again reaches for Destiny…. who kicks him in the leg, and directs a falling mth’s head directly into the toilet full of, thankfully, clean water.

    A huge cheer from the crowd as Mr H recoils quickly out of the stall, his face drenched as Kris has crawled and used a sink to pull himself up, taking a couple handfuls of water to try to wash out both some of the blood from his eyes as well as the blue mist, also trying to keep himself awake and alert. H is up and angry, throwing what he thought would be a haymaker to the face, instead smashing it into the mirror above the sink as Destiny ducks under, and then whips H into the concrete wall across from the mirror. Mr H smacks into it full force, immediately looking for and stumbling towards the exit of the bathroom, Kris taking an extra moment to try and recover before following.

    Mr H is looking for a path back into the arena proper, and he finally finds it, trying to make his way down the stairs when he is leaped on from behind, Kris essentially just crashing into mth as opposed to executing any real move. H is thrown forward, losing his balance and begins falling down the stairs. Thank goodness this isn’t Madison Square Garden, and while painful, it is a much shorter ride than it could’ve been, as H comes to a rest against the steel fan barricade. Kris Destiny, still hurting from all of the damage, slowly follows down, his eyes never averted from his quarry. H on the other hand, pulls himself up, and doesn’t see Destiny coming as once again, a clothesline takes him completely over the barrier. Kris tries to reach over to pick mth up, and is hung up when mth grabs him around the back of the neck and drops all his weight down. The throat takes the majority of the damage as Kris is dragged over the barrier and deposited on the mat ringside.

    As Kris tries to recover, mth is staggering away, looking for the earlier disposed kendo stick. As H finds the object, he bends to pick it up, then raising it high in the air, as if to present it to the audience that he once again has the upper hand…. Until he turns to look for Kris Destiny, and finds only a steel chair, swung and connects upside the head of Mr H. For a moment, mth simply stands there, and then he falls to the ground, like a 2x4 that was stood up on end and let go of.

    JN: An absolutely VICIOUS chair shot from Kris Destiny!!!
    JC: Clearly, we aren’t worried about the potentials of CTE in this tournament, and Kris simply UNLOADED on mth.
    JN: You can see Kris trying to pull Mr H to his feet, and I have to wonder what’s next and how much more either man can…
    JC: oh GEEZ Joey MOVE!!!!

    Joey and Jon scatter as H is thrown onto and nearly slides right off the table. Destiny over quickly and hammers mth until he is confident that he will not be moving. Sliding back into the ring, Kris prepares himself, holding onto the top ropes and taking a deep breathe, before beginning to climb to the top rope. He stands there, staring down at his opponent as the crowd rises to their feet, ready to see him take the leap…. Which he does with a picture perfect frog splash, driving Mr H thru the table, sending pieces of wood as well as the electronics used to monitor the match flying.

    JN: Jonathan is trying to get back on headset, but what a move from Kris Destiny!!! That may have been one of the prettiest high risk maneuvers I HAVE EVER SEEN!

    Both men lie motionless, flat on their backs, as the crowd is on their feet, roaring their approval after the near miss with the merchandise table. As the din continues from the audience, neither man have yet to show any signs of life. If this was a regular match, or LMS, the referee would surely be counting. Finally, after what seems an eternity, Kris Destiny begins to stir. With a great amount of effort, Kris raises an arm high into the air, trying to turn his body towards his opponent. Finally, he manages to turn over to is side, and drop his outstretched arm on the prone body of Mr H.





    mth just barely rolls his shoulder over.

    JN: Jon, are you ok?
    JC: Im good Joey, i’m back on headset….. but I have NO IDEA how either men are moving. No idea how mth is still going. This is the damndest thing I have seen in a long time.
    JN: You have to wonder Jonathan, if the first person to their feet ultimately as the advantage.

    Both men are beginning to stir a bit more, the cobwebs needing to be shaken. Kris is using the nearby steel steps to pull himself up, H the barrier. Both men on their feet, the majority of their weight greatly helped by their respective aids, as H tries to stagger towards Destiny. His intended strike never lands, Kris beating him to the punch and sending H backwards, trying to keep his balance and his vertical base. Destiny advances again, striking first with a right, then a chop, his momentum and his confidence growing as his strikes sending mth back up the entrance way. H tries to return the attack, which is blocked and stands to only solidify Kris’ fortitude, as he comes harder with the strikes until both men are right in front of the curtain. A rake of the eyes is the only thing that halts Destiny’s momentum, giving Mr H a moment of reprieve finall……. V-Trigger Knee!!! Mr H looks like he is out on his feet, and Destiny knows the time is now. Boot to the gut bends H over. The head positioned between the legs. The arms are undercooked…


    Mr H manages to block it, doing everything he can to stay on his feet. Destiny releases the arms and lays into the back of H with heavy forearms, bringing mth to a knee as he can’t protect himself. Arms are locked again and Destiny lifts, hoping to end this here and now…


    Somehow, H lands back on his feet, wrenches an arm free and once again drops to a knee….. this time to deliver a low blow.

    JC: RIGHT TO THE PLUMS…… cheque forever in the mail


    The hands are clasped, Mr H has the leverage, and the Butterfly Lock is all the way in. Kris tries to turn his body, but H’s hold on him is secure. Destiny tries to squeeze his arms together to break the hold, but the clasp is not to be broken. Kris is thinking of everything he can to try and shake the hold, break it, and the only response from Mr H is to lean back with his leverage advantage, putting more strain on the body.

    The audience in the arena is on their feet, some cheering vociferously for Destiny to break the hold, others want to see a sudden death and for Kris to tap out.

    Slowly, but steadily and most assuredly, the arms are growing weak. Blood and sweat, mixed together dripping and rolling off the face of Kris Destiny as he does everything he can to keep the fall from ending

    JN: Kris is doing his best to hold on, but Mr H has his finisher locked in perfectly!
    JC: I know Kris wants to fight, his instinct is to fight, but I gotta wonder if he should just tap out quickly, or else he may put himself in grave danger in the third fall. You may not want to keep fighting here…

    But Kris continues to fight with a sudden burst of adrenaline, still trying to break himself free from the hold, as mth continues to wrench back, his hold only strengthening. The fists are clenched, all of the arm muscles are activated, Kris refusing to give up….. until in the span of about 6 seconds, his arms go from completely taunt to fully limp. Our referee is right there, calling into Kris’ face, asking him if he wants to give up. When he gets no response, the referee has no choice but to raise the arm….

    Which falls for the first count, the referee dramatically calling

    The arm is raised again.

    It drops for a

    The referee turns and shows the whole audience two fingers (on the same hand) as Mr H uses the last bit of his current strength to lean further back with the move.

    Kris Destiny’s arm is raised high one more time….

    And it drops lifelessly to the side.



    Joey is correct, as it is now taking several referees, prying at Mr H, telling him that the fall is over, before mth finally relents and releases Destiny, who slumps over to his side and falls from his seated position onto the floor. Referees try to get between the two, but not before a more insulting than damaging kick is seen from Mr H towards Destiny, who doesn’t even realize he is being kicked. Mr H is back to his feet, his arms up in defiance as referees get between the two of them, backing away before waling back down the aisle, leaving his opponent in a heap.

    JC: Refs are finally between the tow, but the damage is done. And I have to wonder even Kris even makes it to the final fall.
    JN: There is so much on the line here, I have to imagine Destiny does everything in his power to make it to the final fall and put up a fight.
    JC: Even if he does Joey, Kris has gone for his Sho-Time! finishing maneuver three times now tonight. He hasn’t hit it once. If he can’t s big move at some point, this match will go exactly the way I called it, with mth being the winner.
    JN: Ladies and Gentleman, we will take a short break, but we will be right back with the conclusion of The Labours!

    Judge Vote #2

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    We return from the internet ads, probably about a vodka seltzer drinks or a gambling website, to see Mr H currently standing in the ring, waiting as Kris “FaSho” Destiny is still being attended to and having trouble making it to his feet.

    The show rolls on however, as Mazer begins his introduction of the final fall.

    Mazer: Ladies and Gentleman…. The third, and FINAL fall of the Labours will be contested, one fall to a finish.

    And there MUST be a Winner!!!


    Mr H is pacing in the ring, his eyes never coming off the entranceway, where Kris Destiny is struggling to recover still. H even points towards him, motioning at the referee, telling him to ring the bell and count him out.

    Kris is at the entrance still, trying to pull himself up…. But he falls back over, his passing out from the Butterfly Lock clearly still effecting him.

    Back in the ring, Mr H continues to gesture towards his opponent and voice his displeasure to the official, who is also watching the scene and has appeared to make a decision. Our referee speaks to an attendant near the ring, who immediately walks up the ramp to relay the message to the man with a microphone.

    Mazer: Ladies and Gentleman, I have just been informed from the referee, that once the bell rings, Kris “FaSho” Destiny has until the count of ten to make it to the ring, or he will FORFEIT the third fall!!!!

    *Bell Rings*




    Kris finally pulls himself to his feet, using Mazer as a leverage point, before slowly starting to stagger towards the ring.




    At the count of 7, Kris’ body rests against the ring apron, trying to will himself to roll inside.



    With barely a moment to spare, Kris pulls himself under the bottom rope, rolling into the ring and officially making it into the ring and the match.

    Our referee is down to a knee, trying to check on Destiny and make sure he can actually continue. From behind, he is pushed aside as Mr H delivers a knee directly to the side of the head. Again. And again. Several more shots to the head as Kris is desperately trying to make his way to a knee. A change in tactics, H smashes into Kris with a thigh, then delivers several overhand shots to the back of the neck, the referee trying to get a break as Destiny’s foot is in the ropes. The referee is forced to physically get in between the two, pulling H away as Kris tries to recover…. But gets a straight foot to the side of the head that fells him. Mr H quickly for the pin attempt…



    Kick Out by FaSho

    Mth with a more violent Blue Steel directed towards the referee, however, he does not allow it to deter him for long. With focus and determination, H is to his feet, and brings Destiny with him. Front chancery leads to an overhead suplex, with H opting to throw Destiny as opposed to falling with him. Waiting, measuring, H keeps his gaze directly on Destiny, who is slowly pulling himself up with the help of the ropes. Kris senses the attack coming, but cannot avoid the clothesline that sends him over the top rope and to the mat below.

    JN: FaSho is clearly still feeling the effects from that Butterfly Lock that put him out. I don’t know how he recovers in time to make this work.
    JC: He has no choice Joey. It’s now or the end.

    The referee tries to keep Mr H in the ring, to no avail as mth walks right by him and climbs thru the ropes, hopping down. Kris’ head is grabbed and dragged over to the ring steps, where the bloody head of Destiny meets the steel. H doesn’t even let him fall, holding on, dragging and directing him towards a separate ring post before sending Kris crashing into it. Taking note of the referee’s current count, H slides under the ropes and into the ring, where the ref spends a moment chastising him, before beginning a ten count.

    Even with H’s prodding, the referee continues his count in a measured, deliberate manner, and it will not be fast enough to eliminate Destiny, who has made it to his feet at around the 6 count. H wastes no time exiting the ring again, intent on doing more damage and succeeding, as he grabs ahold of Kris and drives his lower back into the ring apron.

    JN: Mr H just continues the onslaught, this time driving FaSho into the hardest part of the ring.
    JC: And we know it is, because Vince made sure Cole said that anytime anyone sneezed on the friggin thing.

    Kris’ whole body reacts, first spreading his upper body against the apron before his knees give out and he crumples. In the meantime, H is taking full advantage, reaching down and grabbing the protective mat, lifting it and folding it back towards itself, exposing the concrete. Satisfied with his work, he recollects Destiny and once again puts him in a chancery. This time, Kris responds immediately to free himself. Shots to the side and the gut from Kris until H lets up just enough for Kris to lift mth up, dropping him and hanging him up on the fans barricade. H staggers away a bit, stunned for a moment until he seems to recover enough to charge back at Kris Destiny, who reaches down and takes H over with a back body drop, as mth just narrowly avoids crashing into the concrete and actually falls onto the doubled up area.

    Now it is Mr H, stunned and brought to his feet by his opponent. Kris grabs him by the back of the head and drives it into the ring apron. Another shot from Kris to H before throwing him back into the ring underneath the bottom rope. Taking a moment to rest, Kris grabs onto the middle rope, pulling himself back to the apron and ducks his head thru…. But he has taken too much time. Mr H is back to his feet and delivers a kick that completely halts Destiny, hanging him up in the middle, allowing mth to grab ahold of Kris and spike him with a draping DDT.

    Deep breathe in for H before he turns Destiny over, hooking the leg while pulling it away from the ropes.



    FaSho rolls the shoulder over.

    Mr H wastes zero time, delivering two shots to a downed Destiny before making his way to the nearby corner, perching himself on the second rope and flying towards Kris, his knee making perfect contact to the sternum. H rolls thru his landing, perfectly using his momentum to roll thru, hit the ropes, and deliver an elbow drop on the way back. Mth hooks the leg and grinds his forearm into the head of Destiny, turning it as the ref begins the count again



    Kick Out by Destiny

    JC: I know its not giving him the result he wants, but I like what mth is doing. Frequent attempts, not giving an inch. That is what you need to win this match.
    JN: It certainly isn’t helping Kris Destiny as he has been unable to really take a breathe here.

    Frustration growing, Mr H brings Kris up again, booting him and doubling him over. He follows it up with elbows to the back of the neck, before grabbing Kris with a gut wrench, duplexing him overhead. Another quick pin attempt…



    Kick Out

    A loud slap echoes thru ought the arena as H strikes the mat in frustration. H, currently seated to the side of his opponent, looks behind him to see Kris stirring and rolling away towards the nearby ropes. H is back to his feet as Destiny is rolling underneath the rope. H reaches over to try and lift Kris, who grabs the arm and drops down, hanging H’s arm up. H backs away, holding his arm, as Destiny makes his way back to his feet, springboard to the top rope and connects with a flying knee. Boot from Destiny followed by a snap suplex sets Kris up to run the ropes, but his Shining Wizard misses. Both men up, H trying to whip Destiny, who puts on the breaks, both mentoring each other down with their bases braced. Kris reverses and H crashes backfirst into the turnbuckle.

    Destiny follows up with a clothesline, crashing into H before turning his body to mth and delivering several stiff back elbows, all of them hitting the mark. He only relents when the referee begins to initialize a 5 count. Kris puts his arms up to show compliance, putting space between himself and mth…. Who takes the opportunity to deliver a kick to the knee, and then several shots to the lower back before reversing spots with Destiny, slamming him into the turnbuckles. Multiple body shots from H, and the three furious shots from the right side to the head. The referee tries to intervene again, getting between the two. Once again, Mr H ignores the referee, pushing past him and climbing to the second rope for leverage as he resumes laying in the rights, blood and sweating bouncing off of Kris’ head. The referee once again begins a 5 count, interrupted when Mr H turns to tell the referee off….. but Kris regains some composure, reaching underneath H and grabs on, walking away from the corner and plants his foe with a makeshift power bomb in the center of the ring. Kris falls into the cover…



    Mr H kicks out!!!

    JN: FaSho has some life here, even with that kick out by Mr H
    JC: Kris has life, but he needs to take control here and now. He has been thru so much in this match as it is, if he doesn’t take control, he may end up right back on his back.

    Kris is up to his feet, weary and beat down, but not out of it yet and with a chance to take over. He takes control of Mr H’s leg, holding on to it as he delivers several kicks to the hamstring. H can do nothing as Kris locks in both arms around the leg, turning mth over with a single leg crab. The crowd begins to stand as they know a tap out ends the Labours. But H is not so willing to let the prize slip from his grasp so easily. He scratches and claws towards the rope, making slow but definite progress as Kris tries to lean back, but his back that has been attacked so much tonight not allowing him the leverage he needs. Which gives Mr H just enough leeway to get within reach of the ropes…

    Until Kris releases the hold before H can reach the ropes, dragging mth back to the center of the ring and switching up the submission into an STF. His hands locked underneath the nose of H, whose eyes are wide open, knowing he is in a worse spot than he was a moment ago. He frantically uses one of his free arms to try to break the hold, but Kris does not relent, his locked fingers strong. Down on the mat, the referee is right there, asking Mr H if he wants to give it up as H is reaching for the ropes yet again. Out of reach, H tries to once again drag himself, slowly but surely making progress until he is only a couple inches away. Mth reaches out with everything he has, but Kris is able to rear back, adding leverage and H begins to fade

    JN: Could this be it?!? Mr H looks in a bad way here.
    JC: mth looks OUT! The referee needs to check on him.

    Our official is indeed checking, up to a knee, ready to signal the bellkeeper. He taps the arm of Mr H once before raising it as high as it can go…. But it doesn’t drop all the way. Almost as if jolted awake, H has a renewed energy, knowing he has to get out now. Using both hands, he reaches for the locked hands of Kris and tries to lower the point of contact, until he gets Kris’ hands where he wants them, and bites down hard….

    Destiny instinctively relinquishes the hold, rolling away and holding his hands close to the chest, trying to will the pain away. Meanwhile, Mr H has rolled away himself, under the ropes and onto the apron, where he can catch his breath. Both men back to their feet, Kris tries to grab at H, who ducks between the ropes and rams his shoulder into the gut. Kris backs off, but advances again as H springboards over the ropes and takes Kris over with a Sunset Flip. Destiny rolls thru and tries to strike, but a kick to the face puts Destiny on a knee, while H is up and quickly hits the ropes for momentum, before stomping directly on the resting and previously bitten hand of Kris Destiny, who immediately recoils.

    Assertively, H wastes no time in taking advantage, setting Destiny up for a powerbomb. He lifts up high, but Destiny rolls off the shoulders and lands on his feet. He turns around into a crescent kick from Kris. Then a boot to the gut. Kick to the quad, dropping Mr H to a knee. Kris hits the ropes, once again going for a Shining Wizard….. but H catches him, lifting him high as if it was a pop up and hits the powerbomb he was looking for. For the first time in a while, we have a pin attempt…



    Kick Out by FaSho

    JN: My GOODNESS that one was close. Destiny barely survived that one.
    JC: The fight he is putting up is tremendous Joey.
    JN: Lesser men would’ve been put away a long time ago by a man of Mr H’s skillset.
    JC: I would’ve beat him by now, to be fair.
    JN: Not if it was Madden

    Mr H is on his knees, hands rested on his thighs, his eyes locked in a state of disbelief. Disbelief makes way to anger as H watches Kris Destiny stir, starting to roll away so as to pull himself up. Rising to a vertical base, H grabs Destiny by the left arm, pulling him to a knee before delivering a straight forearm to the side of the head. Kris would fall, if not for the fact H is holding on. Another forearm almost floors Destiny, but it also appears to awaken something in Destiny.

    A third forearm, and Kris rises to a standing position. He eats another forearm, they suddenly seeming to have no effect on him. Another, and now Kris turns to his foe, eyes dead ahead and into H’s own. There is a pause as Mr H realizes what is happening, but he does not back down. Nose to nose, eye to eye, you can see the two combatants speaking to eachother, and I highly doubt they are asking each other for Secret Santa wishes.

    JC: Sure seemed like it would be Christmas before Jonny got this out to be fair….

    Putting something extra behind this one, mth strikes HARD with another forearm, aiming for and executing on the side of the jaw. For a moment, it looks like this may be the shot that breaks the stalemate….. until suddenly, Kris responds with an open handed slap across the face of Mr H, the crack echoing thru ought the arena and is potentially rivaled only by the crack of Indiana Jones bullwhip. Mr H releases Kris’ arm and walks away a moment, shocked. He turns back towards his enemy, his anger raising to the level of burn his face feels, until he starts to advance with violent intentions.

    Kris beats him to the punch however, a double leg takedown leading to Kris mounting and raining actual punches down. Eventually reversed by H, both men roll around and try to take advantage, each reversing the other and getting their shots in. They finally separate and each get to their feet, H actually beating Kris to the punch this time, several shots backing Kris up to the ropes. H attempts an Irish Whip, but Kris holds on to the ropes he is backed against, before pulling H towards him and back body dropping him over the ropes, past the apron…. And to the concrete floor below.

    H crashes hard, his body immediately recoiling. Destiny takes a moment to recover before ignoring the referee’s instructions, climbing thru the ropes and waiting on the apron, readying himself. H pulls himself up using the barricade, then turns in time to see Destiny leaping towards him, a flying knee is attack. Both men hit the ground, one clearly the lesser impacted. H is thrown back into the ring, Kris quick to slide in after. Mr H is up, and knocked down again with a clothesline. H up again, Kris knocks him down again. Belly to belly suplex from Kris, Mr H is quickly losing the domination he had thoroughly enjoyed earlier in the matchup. Kris brings H back to his feet, a front chancery, readying himself.

    JN: FaSho has him hooked up, looking for a vertical suplex!
    JC: So many ways he can go here Joey. Snap, stalling, brain buster, Falcon Arrow. Kris needs to hit one of them and effectively NOW.

    Whatever Kris was going for, does not come to pass, as H lands on his feet and runs, hitting the ropes. But Kris ducks under the clothesline attempt and begins to hit the ropes himself. Both men are now charging towards each other and both have the same idea. The Double Clothesline brings a halt to the match as their bodies crumple to the mat. Our referee, checking on both men, has no choice but to begin the dreaded ten count.






    JN: Could this really end in a double countout? What an absolute travesty this would be.
    JC: Nah, no chance.
    JN: How are you so sure?
    JC: Because Jonny wrote the match first, then the intro where Mazer said there must be a winner before coming back to fill in the commentary, he just didn’t have the foresight to think about writing in a ten count spot.


    Both men are moving, Mr H rolling to his side and FaSho pushing himself to his knees.



    Mr H is to his feet

    Kris staggers to a vertical base

    Finally, and expectantly, both men are to their feet, neither looking a man on the verge of winning this tournament. It is Destiny who tries to make the first move, but he is caught with a kick to the thigh, which immediately puts him to a knee and leaves him vulnerable….


    The Rolling Butterfly lock is in, and Kris is once again in big trouble.

    JC: This is bad Joey. This move is what got mth his first fall, it was something Kris couldn’t get out of. He needs to do something extraordinary to keep this match going here.

    Kris’ feet kick out both in pain and in desperation. Mr H however, has the hold locked in, his hands clasped. It is obvious he will not be relinquishing the hold, and Destiny is in plenty of trouble. The hold is perfectly executed in the middle of the ring, nowhere to go, ropes not close enough to be a factor. And Kris is fading.

    Our referee is right there, asking Kris if he wants to end it, to give it up. Destiny is able to answer no, able to keep fighting. Yet, the more he fights, the more mth is able to cinch the move and add leverage. Gradually, as before, Kris’ legs kick less and less, until they finally stop. H is seated at this point, using all his leverage to solidify the move.

    Kris has his arm tapped by the referee, and there is barely a response. He is asked one more time if he wants to give up…. But he does not answer. Making one final check, the referee taps the arm again, preparing to call the match…. Until a brief burst of adrenaline surges thru Kris, who kicks up hard and takes his own body over, putting all of his weight on Mr. H’s upper body…. Which suddenly has his shoulders to the mat.



    Mr H releases the hold, rolling his shoulder and breaking the pin attempt.

    Mr H is first to his feet, advancing on Kris when he is taken surprise by a small package…



    Mr H KICKS OUT!!!!

    JN: What a sequence we just saw, where Mr H went from surely winning the match to nearly getting pinned…… TWICE!

    Both men up quickly this time, Kris catching a chancery before H can guard against it, lifting him up and planting him with a Falcon Arrow. Wasting no time, Kris makes his way to the turnbuckle, readying himself before taking flight thru the air, a Frog Splash the result that crashes into the ribs and forces the air out of the lungs of mth. But he cannot follow up, the blow jolting his own back which has taken so much abuse. After several moments. Kris makes his way towards, H. As if by instinct however, H has rolled towards the ropes, stopping on the apron. Both foes pull themselves to their feet, each trading shots on the other once they are both up.

    This time, it is Mr H who gains the upper hand, delivering a kick thru the ropes that halts Destiny’s offense, following up with a headset that backs Kris up enough to allow H to grab the roes, set himself and spring into action with XO………

    But Kris reverses!!!

    The slingshot flatliner is countered by Kris, who manages to grab H by the legs, Mr H’s back squarely hitting the mat. Quickly, Kris drags H towards a corner, gets a better hold of the legs, and leans back, catapulting H towards the corner, his head crashing into the steel post. For the first time, it is mth’s face that shows the lifeblood of battle as he staggers out of the corner, into the waiting grasp of Kris Destiny, who boots him, hooks the arms, and goes for…


    He can’t lift him. Between the injury to his back and H dropping to his knees, Kris doesn’t have the strength to pull off his finisher. And H has enough awareness to take advantage, spinning his body to get out of the double underhook, doubling Kris over…… and dropping him on his head with a spike pile driver, before collapsing next to Destiny, exhausted from the input.

    JN: A PILEDRIVER!!! Who thought we would see that?
    JC: Well, this isn’t WWE, nobody is really in danger here. Except maybe from Carpal Tunnel…

    With great effort, H raises his head enough to locate his quarry, who is flat on his back. Crawling towards him, H can only muster putting a single arm across Kris Destiny, and the referee is once again down to make a count.



    With only the smallest of movements, Kris rolls his shoulder over. Just enough.

    The audience is louder than perhaps any time they had been in this entire tournament as they watch both men, bloodied, lying on the mat, our referee emphatically holding up the show for a kick out at two. Meanwhile, both men, exhausted and weary, are slowly trying to bring themselves to their feet. For a moment, H on all fours and Kris having rolled to his stomach, their eyes lock. The eyes of two men engaged in a long and costly battle. Kris is the one who breaks the gaze as he uses all of his strength to pull himself to his knees, sitting back on his feet. H is propped up on a knee when their gazes meet again. For the first time, H almost nods in understanding to Kris, recognizing the fight.

    Mr H pulls himself to his feet and advances on Kris, who has not moved off of his knees yet. He also cannot seem to defend himself, as H stands over him, delivering unobstructed shots to the head. Shot after shot, basically treating Kris like a Bop Bag. Numerous blows land, until Mr H holds back on one. His arm cocked and ready, he stares down at a man who seemingly cannot defend himself, finally bringing up his hands in what would generously be described as a defensive position. Their eyes meeting, Mr H knows the battle is over. He can see it in Kris’ eyes. He lowers his arm, opting instead to kiss the top of Kris’ head, before lightly pie facing him, then backing up and readying himself.

    Kris Destiny never moves out of the way.


    JN: That’s it. That shot sent FaSho clear across the ring.
    JC: What a shot. And there goes mth, covering him for the win.



    Mr H looks up, unaware why the count of 3 has not come, when he spots the referee, pointing behind him. H turns around and a sick sense comes over him.

    The free leg of Kris Destiny lays across the bottom rope.

    JN: Oh. My God.
    JC: Mth may actually kill Kris now.

    Rage has taken a hold of Mr H, and is boiling over. To his feet, he drags Kris up and ties his arms in between the top and middle rope, before unleashing a brutal attack of kicks to the body, shots to the head. H is relentless, and the brief moment of respect and understanding mere minutes ago is out the window.

    The referee tries counting, but it is apparent that H will simply not listen. He is blind, ignoring all outside stimuli until the referee has to physically pull him away so as to free Destiny. He succeeds, but is immediately pushed aside as Mr H refuses to relent on his attack, continuing to beat on Kris, who is now supported only by the middle rope, essentially sitting on it in order to keep somewhat standing.

    Again, the referee intervenes, getting between the two and physically backing Mr H up. But it still doesn’t hold him, and mth sees his opportunity, sidestepping the refereee and rushing forward once again, this time with EAT ME

    To the ROPES!!!

    Kris has moved aside, and H crashes into the ropes, missing his target and potentially, his chance. As quickly as he can, he makes his way to his feet… but he never sees the shot coming…..

    KISS OF DESTINY to the back of the head, and while it doesn’t fell him, everything begins to go black for him now, as Kris turns him around, sets him up…


    Kris plants him in the middle of the ring, and collapses on top.




    With that decisive thud, the audience erupts as the bell quickly follows, signifying not only the end of the fall, but of the Labours. And with that, the conclusion to the Rise of the Phoenix tournament.






    Kris has rolled off of Mr H and has been helped to his knees by the referee. He remains there momentarily as his left arm is raised, the ref pointing at our champion.

    JN: What a tournament!!! What an ending! Jonathan, this was a GREAT match to bring to a close a tournament that I feel was years in the making.
    JC: felt like a year mostly because it was my fault… Kris Destiny fought thru a helluva road, and if there is anyone that you wanted to defeat to put a cap on the journey, mth, Mr H, no matter the name, is one of the best wrestlers of the RFed era. A man still on the top of his game, And Kris survived thru all of it, and when it mattered, when he HAD to have it, he was finally able to reach down, gut it out, and put one of the best in the business away. Joey, take us away, I have one final bit of work to do.
    JN: With many thanks to my broadcast partner thru ought the entire tournament, it has been an honor. Jon is getting ready to help present the trophy to Kris Destiny, which we can see is being brought down by several of the behind the scenes guys. Once again, the battle these two men put forth during this entire tournament is commendable to the highest level. Mr H has rolled out and helped out of the ring. He was nearly perfect thru ought this entire ordeal, showing what a wrestler, what a promoer he truly is. Losing in this way takes nothing away from his performance, which was outstanding.

    As the referee on the inside continues to help Destiny get to his feet, Mr H shakes off additional help in walking back up the alley. A man that is often on a side of his own, he has no intention of showing weaknesses even in defeat, walking out under his own power, his head held high. At the top of the ramp, he turns to survey the scene. Jonathan Caito is in the ring, the backstage personally successfully lifting the Phoenix Cup over the top rope and placing it in the middle of the ring.

    Destiny takes a step away from the referee assisting him and approaches his prize. You can see Jonathan take his hand with a gentleman’s handshake, congratulating him before motioning towards the Phoenix Cup, as if to tell him it is all his. Destiny is aware, but barely recognizes what is happening, his entire focus on his spoils. Kris falls to his knees in front of it, reaching out. His hand rests on its side, and he bows his head, as if in thanks that he was indeed able to do what others told him he simply could not.

    JC: Ladies and Gentleman…….


    FA SHO


    With the roar of the crowd, Kris turns on his knees, raising an arm in victory, the trophy perfectly placed in the background as streamers come in from all sides from the fans ringside. Both the trophy and FaSho is covered by the multi-colored streamers (Caito a bit as well) as the graphic that ends most shows is begun to be shown for those streaming, as Mr H finally turns away and walks back thru the curtain.

    JN: Folks, for everyone involved from the beginning of this to right now, we appreciate you, we thank you, and we hope this isn’t the last time we come to you. Goodnight, and we will see you down the road.

    Judge Vote #3

    As the celebration continues, the music pumping and the audience cheering…. From behind, a man enters the ring, his sights set on the neutral party in the ring……

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