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Thread: Phoenix Cup Round 1 - The Jitterman vs. Gehrig Gardner

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    Phoenix Cup Round 1 - The Jitterman vs. Gehrig Gardner

    ou[R] Fed presents...

    **The Phoenix Cup Tournament**



    aka @King Diamond vs. @Kneeneighbor

    3 alternating promos from each competitor. Remember the criteria you will be judged on:
    -Selling characters/story
    -Selling the match
    -Entertainment Value

    Coin flip reveals The Jitterman goes first.
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    Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder

    You have waited in anticipation of his arrival, the unexplained phenomenon known as The Jitterman!

    So here I sit on my armchair on this cold winter's night, I kneel down and I give Mr. Whiskers, a nice and yummy nutritious treat.

    The room lights up as we see a lady sat there stroking a fluffy ginger cat on her lap.

    Oh did we take too long?

    Are we out of time?

    How unfortunateÂ…

    How very unfortunate….

    Such a shame...

    This is a cruel game.

    A very large thud seems to come from the room above.

    Oh how dare we waste your precious time!

    The Jitterman is most displeased by his actions, The Jitterman is most disappointed, he's let you all very dare he. Do you deserve him? Do you even know what The Jitterman is? If he could utter a word I'm sure he would…

    And those words would probably be…


    A large smashing sound comes from the room above this time following with what seems to be a little girl giggling.

    Let's go see shall we?

    Do you want to meet him?

    What about you Mr. Gardner, are you ready to face something in which shall be your greatest fear, something that will make you fail again…

    Something you will end up quitting, yet again!

    Yes The Jitterman has met your kind before, the overachier, who believes his strength and toughness comes from physical prowess...the big defender!

    Are you ready to defend the world?

    Are you upto the challenge?

    This isn't going to be your kind of game, this isn't a pitch, this isn't going to be a trophy you simply gain by being the "best defender" this isn't going to be your saving grace.

    The Jitterman is coming, very soon you will feel that presence!

    An Armageddon is upon you now children of this world!

    The unexplained fear, that something that makes your hairs on the back of your neck stand up.

    That cold shiver you feel as it passes through you.

    That creaky noise you hear when you know you are all alone in that house of yours.



    The Jitterman!

    A little girl with black hair with pigtails in, she wears a flowery dress as she bursts into the room giggling clutching a dismantled teddy bear in her hands.

    Oh Poppy, my dear, has he awoken yet?

    Mr. Gardner

    Oh how we could've had so much fun!

    Do you want to play with the big bad wolf Mr. Gardner?

    Do you all want to see what was hiding upstairs?

    The camera pans to the staircase situated in the middle of the room, as footsteps are heard making their way down, each getting louder and louder as the presence of The Jitterman reveals himself.

    Hesitant isn't he?

    Worried the boys and girls won't like him?

    Maybe they won't want to play with him?

    Mr. Gardner will you be a good boy and meet with him, he's been dying to meet you!

    This playtime within his garden is all he's been looking forward to, all he's ever wanted!

    He wants to just be nice.

    He won't bite.

    He won't hurt you…

    He will only destroy everything that he hates!

    Everything you pathetic, puny, existence hold in this world!

    The Jitterman will play in his garden!

    The Jitterman will bring destruction...



    The world is his and there isn't a damn thing to stop him.

    He's here!

    The Jitterman suddenly appears behind the old lady in the armchair.

    He tilts his head from side to side, as he looks dead into the camera.

    Welcome all to the arrival of The Jitterman!

    He seeks you, now he shall come and find you.

    The game begins.

    Are you ready Mr. Gardner?

    Oh, what fun this shall be!

    Poppy stands next to The Jitterman as her eyes go completely white.


    Do you like Jitters?

    Wow what a sight to behold isn't he?

    We met in my house.

    He hid in my attic.

    He hid in my cupboard under the stairs.

    I found him under my bed.

    He came to life.

    Oh how I love you Jitterman!

    Does he make you Jitter Mr. Gardner?

    Does he frighten you all? with him.

    All he asks is for you to come and play!

    She begins to giggle as she skips in circles around the old lady and The Jitterman.


    He has come


    He is here at last!

    And now you shall


    And soon you shall all be his

    Come now!

    All he wants to do is play.

    Unfortunately for you Gardner, your turns first to see my Jitteryman.

    [COLOR="#800080"]The Jitterman walks slowly towards the camera, getting so close that now, you can hear the deep breaths from what hides under the mask.

    He tilts his head back and forth once more.

    You are now all his children…

    And he is your Jitterman![

    The old lady hears something. She turns to see where it could be coming from. Suddenly she turns and is now nose to nose with The Jitterman.

    The old lady begins to tremble as her kitty scurries off.

    She looks into the black, into the neverending darkness of where The Jittermans eyes should be.








    Sweet dreams, my little puddings and remember The Jitterman has arrived.

    The room fades to darkness now.


    Or he will find you!

    Beckon him and he shall come.

    The End...for now.

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    Judges/Bookers @Mazer @TimeSplitter @Psycho666Soldier

    Please read through the promos, judge them based on the established criteria, and determine who you think should win the match. PM @Caito with your judgement/winner and any ideas you have for how the match should play out based on the promos and story being presented. Caito, whenever you've got everything you need, you can post the match itself and the judges remarks.

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