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Thread: Phoenix Cup Round 1 - Kris “Fa Sho” Destiny vs. Cypher

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    Phoenix Cup Round 1 - Kris “Fa Sho” Destiny vs. Cypher

    ou[R] Fed presents...

    **The Phoenix Cup Tournament**



    aka @kdestiny vs. @Jarrod1983

    3 alternating promos from each competitor. Remember the criteria you will be judged on:
    -Selling characters/story
    -Selling the match
    -Entertainment Value

    Coin flip reveals Kris Destiny goes first.
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    I am here to tell you a little story about a boyhood dream coming true... losing everything...

    This is a coming of age tale for someone who was on top of the World. I had it all, but then I lost everything and realized that what I was... Who I was wasn't really all me at all.

    What are you going on about? You didn't lose a single thing, I have always been here.

    Hush, we are supposed to save that for the end.

    We fade into a shot on the man known as Kris "Fa Sho" Destiny. He is a handsome man with a stubble beard and black hair long enough to slick back. He has a gray suit on with a black tie and is just sitting in a steel chair in a room that is poorly lit. He has multiple cameras around him: one he is looking into, and we see one directly behind him and we see the legs of tripods from either side showing that there are two others.

    He is seated in a way to where he seems to be uncomfortable. He keeps shifting how he sits multiple times. He tries to keep his composure, but he is anxious.

    My life has been a roller coaster ride of love, hate, heaven, hell, and everything in between.

    You see, I started my life like many of those in the wrestling business: as a fan. At least, that's what I remember.

    I have vivid memories of myself throwing a superkick to stuffed animals or hanging out with friends and having our wrestling matches that at the time felt like classics. I don't remember the people in them though. I can only remember wrestling memories and the way these memories made and continue to make me feel.

    I know exactly the feeling...

    Suddenly there is a shift in posture. He slouches over and he loosens his tie and looks over to his left and we switch over to that camera view.

    I am, and will always be known as one of the best wrestlers on the planet. I remember every battle I ever had in the ring and out.

    To make it in this business you need to remember every little thing and be willing to learn from it. Win or lose, you must always get better.

    I was a champion all over. I was the greatest to step foot in the ring wherever I went. I inflicted pain and suffering wherever I went. My name was on the map.

    Everywhere I went, gold came to me. Like Midas, I was the golden child of wrestling.

    This was the happiest I ever was.

    Then one night as I was getting ready to celebrate a night out with some of the boys and then...


    I was blindsided by a car that sailed through a stoplight.

    He stands and then turns his back to the same camera and quickly undoes his tie and pulls it off. He takes off his shirt and jacket to show the scarring on his back from multiple surgeries. The number of them are shocking. Some from glass, some from neck/spine damage, and some from internal injuries.

    I don't remember a thing after that moment, but what I have all of these...

    This is what I have to remember that time. It also serves as a reminder that no matter how great you are, just like that... it can disappear.

    He returns to the chair. His demeanor shifts a bit once again. He kind of snaps out of it and throws his shirt back on. He sits back down.

    All I know is that I came to and I went through years of rehab to even be able to walk again. People kept asking me what my plans were and if I was going to retire. I just thought... "How silly! I haven't even begun my work yet!"

    The looks on their faces as if they thought I was going to get back into the ring... crazy.

    No, my new passion was being an entertainer. Namely, on Broadway.

    I took multiple classes, I went back to school and got my degree, and I made my way.

    I took that leap. I found some success. I was enjoying myself again. It was the first time that I could remember feeling good, you know?

    I lived just a few blocks from Time Square.

    This was the dream.

    I had it all: leading role on Broadway, a group of fans, and a nice apartment.

    Then I saw a little advertisement for wrestling at Madison Square Garden and then...

    It hit me...

    This past life I had lived and had completely forgotten came flooding back to me. It was really overwhelming at first.

    I had no memory of any of my previous career and anything that had anything to do with it, but now...

    I have these new skills that I had just uncovered.

    What the hell do I do now?

    I combine everything.

    Bit by bit, I begin to put everything together. I take my entertainer and I become what I was.

    Then another bit of me unlocks itself, who you have heard earlier.

    My previous self. Fa Sho.

    He is the part of me that is the danger, the pain, the suffering.

    Kris Destiny... I am the one who gives the people what they want to see. I am the one who brings the sizzle to the steak that is my wrestling ability.

    That brings me to this moment.

    He stands up.

    I had an itch that needed scratching.

    My life's work in the ring is not yet over. I have spent too much time being on top of the World to not want to be back there. I have thrived on the stage, but now I need to thrive in the ring again to make myself whole.

    We switch to the camera directly behind the chair and he turns around to it. He kicks the steel chair aside and he sits on the floor.

    Cypher is someone who is going to bring out the best parts of me, and I like that. I like when someone can challenge me in that way. One thing that Cypher and everyone else needs to know is that I was sculpted by the wrestling business. I knew exactly what I wanted to be the moment I first saw a wrestling match. You took your sweet time to get here and you are also using your other talents to try and get yourself a leg up.

    The difference between you and I is simple... You decided to give wrestling a try.

    I am wrestling.

    Every fiber of my being, even when I was tucked away in the back of this noggin here has always been wrestling. We just needed the key to unlock this beautiful storm. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

    Beneath this pretty boy exterior that we put on is this beast of a human being who is willing to die in order to show the World once again that there is no one that can touch me in the ring.

    Cypher, you may enjoy this business and you may love this business. There is one thing I want you to think about while you stand across the most dangerous human being you have ever seen. When you are in the ring with someone who is willing to put everything on the line to make sure that you do not walk out of the ring at all.... the thing I want you to think about very carefully just before the bell rings is....

    Is this worth it?

    Maybe you should head back to your little hockey team and go back to throwing those cheap shots.

    What I have been through... What I have done in my days leading up to this Phoenix Cup are things you could never imagine...

    He stands up

    My family is gone... Everyone I loved is either dead or completely cut off from me. I have no gigs on or off-Broadway coming.

    I have nothing to lose now. Everything has come to this Phoenix Cup. The memories I have now because of what I had to do to get back... well...

    That will be a story for another day.

    Until then... Cypher, you get some rest. I look forward to hearing what you have to say to me. I am sure it will be something along the lines of "blahblahblah... You're wrong.... I will cheat if I have to.... blahblahblahblahblahblahbalshsdsjsasdssfhdjfsdjfsd "

    He drops to the ground and then crawls to the camera.

    The story has only just begun, my friends!

    It's Sho-Time!


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    Cypher sits alone in the corner of smoke filled tavern. Cypher's crazy Bruiser Brody hair has been pulled back. Cypher strokes his long wizard like beard. Attired in a "You have died of dysentery" Oregon Trail T-Shirt, baggy jeans and a black pair of Pumas, Cypher sips on his Captain and Coke. A look of angry determination is etched on Cypher's face.

    Understand this. The Phoenix Cup will be a accomishment that only the very greatest professional wrestlers will be able to say they've earned. If that's the trophy everybody is willing to die for, then that's the trophy I'm willing to kill for. I want everyone around the globe to be paying attention, especially to this opening round fight. I say fight and not match for a specific reason but more on that in a bit.

    Understand this. When you walk around the world of professional wrestling, and you tell everybody that you’re the best-number one with a bullet-then the only way that you get to stay on top, number one,
    *raises one finger* is to be number one.

    Cypher leans forward and stares into the camera, still keeping the same look on his face.

    Understand this. You left Kris. Whether you were forced out or not is irrelevant. To be honest Kris, it seemed like your accident was a convenient way to hide from the best dam young stud in the business, Cypher. I was raising through the ranks, running roughshod over every territory I went to. You, Kris, were becoming tired and fans were weary of paint by number matches that you tried to pass off as instant classics.

    Understand this and I know you did and, in the back of your mind where I live rent free, still do. Eventually you'd be the victim I was standing across from and it scared you. You could only avoid me for so long Kris. Fear went through your body, tears went down your cheek and piss rolled down your leg. Then the accident. I don't know what driver doesn't pay attention to all of his surroundings when driving but you weren't looking that night. The luckiest dam day of your life, pal. It cemented the fact that Cypher wouldn't ever be able to legally spread your nose across your face. Kris, your face would be my playground and I planned on hitting everything it had to offer.

    Cypher leans back, grabs his drink and quickly gulps the remainder. Cypher stands and heads toward the door, the cameraman backing away but keeping Cypher in the main shot.


    Cypher clears throat and carries a wonderful tune.

    When the Cypher bites
    When the Cypher stings
    When I’m feeling sad...
    I simply remember my favorite things
    And then I don’t feel...
    *BIG FINISH* soo baaad!

    Cypher stops and bows. Cypher then bows again but pauses on the lean up and stares into the camera lens.

    My absolute favorite thing? The intense pain I inflict on my victims. The symphony of agony I will conduct on your soul, Kris. Intense pain is a wonderful gift to be given. Your life flashes before your eyes, a brief glimpse of childhood summer camp. A date with your high school sweetheart. Your greatest professional accomplishment. The things that are the most important to you become crystal clear. You start to begin to learn the meaning of life.

    Cypher straightens up from his bow and is now staring downward into the camera with a hardened stare.

    Understand this. The meaning of my life has been to be a fighter. Whether on the ice or in the ring, I will fight anyone. You say the difference between you and I was I decided to give wrestling a try? I don't think so. I've been fighting my entire life. I didn't just decide to start fighting. The real difference between us is we both had love for professional wrestling growing up. I say had because you lost your love once you were faced with difficulties in your career. You heal up and not return immediately to the thing you "love"? I would have busted my ass with one goal in mind if I were you. Instead you decided to leave and take up show tunes.

    Understand this, Kris. The meaning of your life, the reason for your being, will not be found in the squared circle. You might have grown up a fan but you became frightened, like a lost and wounded puppy. Kris you figured out that there are real horrific men out there, that will cause you intense pain. Kris you figured out you're more suited to fighting stuffed animals that you could dream were actual vicious opponents. Now, after years away, you think you're going to waltz into the St. Rajah High School Gymnasium and go one on one with Cypher? I don't think so. Keep dreaming. Go back to singing songs and dancing jigs far, FAR away from whatever ring I'm currently residing in.

    Cypher is now visibly shaking, fists clenched. A single tear falls from his intense red eyes.

    Understand this. On your way out to party that night you had picked up some of the "boys". I knew one of those "boys" in that car you drove that night. One of those "boys" was my friend. My brother. My comrade. He was no "boy" of yours. You spent years in rehab. He found a home in a cold box six feet under. That loss is the intense pain I have lived with. That loss has turned this match into a fight. This pain I've carried around has only grown since I heard you were returning to pro wrestling. The loss of my brother will translate into the worst night of your fucking life Kris. That accident that put you in rehab for years will pale in comparison to the mangled mess I will leave you in after this fight. The most important fight of my, not career, but my life.

    Understand that.

    Cypher pushes the camera man out of the way and stomps off into the cool dark night.
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    Oh my sweet boy. How you have been sorely mistaken... or you simply misunderstand.

    You make it sound like my path in life was a choice. That I went through rehab to make it to Broadway and not being in the ring was a choice. That couldn't be further from the truth.

    A spotlight appears in the middle of a very large stage and we see Kris "Fa Sho" Destiny standing beneath it in his wrestling gear and jacket. He has his hands in his jacket pockets at the moment as he steps downstage to move closer to the camera.

    My finding my way back to the promised land in the ring was always meant to happen. It was destined to happen, you might say. I will not allow you to take away any accomplishments I had prior to that night and I will not allow you to take away any accomplishments that I have had since that night.

    For over a decade I bled the wrestling business. Imagine what it would be like if you suddenly forgot that you ever wrestled and suddenly forgot about everything wrestling in one night. What would you do Cypher?

    Would you return to the ice for your "fights"? It took me a while to become fully reacquainted with myself, but I got there.

    Do you truly know yourself?

    I have my doubts, but I am not afraid to say that I faced a great hardship that led me on another path. Can you blame me? I found a talent that was deep within me and I used it. I became very successful at it against all odds.

    Then, once again against all odds, I was able to see everything clearly again. My entire life flooded back over me.

    I have taken a path to this moment that would make you weep with joy. The success I have had in my ventures is something you would see in a fairy tale.

    I think the fact of the matter is that you wish you could be like me. I not only was the best in the ring, but I became the entertainer you seem to want to become. Meaning...

    I have lived two full lives before you were able to live one.

    Destiny takes a seat at the end of the stage. We are in a pretty big space. We can vaguely see behind him where there is a fly system meaning we must be in a place where Destiny is familiar. He crosses his legs and beckons the camera to him. As soon as it gets into arms reach, Destiny grabs it and his demeanor changes.

    You think you know a bit about me and what I have done?

    I have done terrible, terrible things.

    You and your tough guy act is funny when you are talking about a legitimate crazy person.

    He lets go of the camera. Breathes.

    The difference between me and everyone else, you included... Is that the business has and will always be in my heart and soul. No matter what happens to this body and mind I will always find a way back to it.

    It is home.

    Your "pain" is nothing to me. I don't care about your feelings. Why should I?

    You decide to make me relive that night when I was T-BONED BY AN ASSHOLE!

    No... You don't know what pain really is. We all have lost friends, we all have lost brothers and sisters, parents.

    I disappeared... for four years I didn't exist within this body.

    The fact that you have dismissed me so easily is entertaining and also concerning.

    Fighting is my life. Whether I myself have fought to do what I do best, or the other guy fought his way to the spotlight... the fight is strong within us regardless of what the endgame may be.

    He coughs a bit and then stands and backs up a few steps... He has reverted back to his normal posture and then he turns around and looks at the stage.

    Eight performances, six nights a week on this stage. I have been in worlds with Kings and I have been in poverty. Through my work I have seen everything. Through my memories I have gotten to relive those feelings of joy and suffering.

    I have no sympathy for trash like you, Cypher. I was willing to give you the benefit of the doubt, but now...

    Why did you have to do that? Why did you have to ruffle up our feather the way that you did? It would've been better for you...

    He turns back to the camera with a stern and disappointed look on his face.

    I wanted this to be about who was the better man in the ring. This was going to be another triumphant return for me and you would be discarded like the little piece of trash that you are.


    You've lit a flame that you won't be able to fan. You see... this fire is getting out of control, and that is when it becomes the most dangerous.

    The fact that you mock my journey isn't enough, but you bring up the single most painful moment of my life and then put the blame on me?

    I know the meaning of my life. Do you know yours?

    I look at you and I can't help but feel sad, you know?

    I thought about something... If I had lived the life that you have lived to this point... I would want to relive that night over that.

    You hold onto this feeling that I have to go back to what I do. I am, I am doing exactly that.

    You are just upset that I have the best parts of myself together and that scares you to death. The fact that I could come back even stronger than before scares you to the point that you try to make me relive that moment again and again.

    It's fine, I am stronger than you.

    Something like that would tear a man like you to shreds.

    I am here.

    This is what I crave, a moment in the spotlight. A chance to inflict the utmost punishment while giving a show that will not soon be forgotten is magical.

    I am going to make you famous, Cypher. That will be the most meaning that your life will ever have. I just want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to show you that light and to let you see that true greatness and true talent is all about.

    Before I go, I just want to say that this Cup is why I am here. The opportunity to show again that I am the greatest ever is something I never shy away from, so I will tell you this Cypher.

    You say this is the most important match of your life?

    This is just another in a long line for me. I am not afraid of being in the spotlight. You will be defeated, you will feel pain and loss, and you will be tossed aside just like every other person I have ever been in the ring with. You aren't special, you are no different.

    Maybe you don't walk away from this, who knows? I guess it'll depend on the mood I am in!

    Perhaps you can say hello to your dear "comrade"?

    Time to show the World that I am exactly who I say I am. Time to show the World that nothing has changed and that this is just another showcase for the man, the myth, the legend that I am.

    It's Sho-Time!

    He has a terrifying grin on his face as we fade quickly to black.


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    Cypher stands, wearing a black suit (traditional funeral garb) on the corner of a busy street. Cypher looks annoyed and uneasy, like his goals and determination might be driving him a bit mad.

    I love the ice but wrestling was always my first love. There are no pro wrestling groups for kids, Kris. You can't go to a prestigious college and get a top notch education like I did by fighting in the squared circle. On the ice though, my toughness was nourished and encouraged. I found my way in life by using my skills. It takes grit and balls to kick a man's ass real good but to do that on skates? Ha, well not every man can do that so I leaned into that for my youth but I always knew wrestling was the final stop for me.

    My journey has led me to the inaugural Phoenix Cup. The wrestling world has been abuzz of this new prestigious accolade. When that phone call was received, it was another opportunity to show that Cypher one of the greatest to lace up the boots.

    When I was told of my first round opponent...well that was just life bringing things full circle. I am your bad karma Kris. As great as you say you are, we never got to lock horns. You seemed to avoid this young hound, Kris, surely telling promoters I wasn't in your league. Probably referring to me as trash, as you are doing now on our current path to the Phoenix Cup. To St. Rajah High School Gymnasium.

    So now you're big return and it's against a piece of trash at a high school gymnasium. While you've been away singing 'Don't Rain On My Parade" and "What I Did For Love" under the big lights of NYC this piece of trash has rubbed his garbage stench all over pro wrestling. In every gym, fair and local arena I've built myself up by tearing the place down. I'm one of them.

    You are a banished disgrace who likes first class accommodation and only deserves stand by tickets. I'm a piece of "trash" and I'm still loved and respected everywhere. Why? Well, because I've never been responsible for the death of one of our own. I didn't tuck tail and escape to another world to perform eight times in six days far from the wars we waged every dam night. I fight every day. Twice on Saturday. Twice on Sunday. I didn't claim "wrestling amnesia" and disappear on the fans.

    The camera shot widens to show the known busy area of this city. Cypher raises his arms to show the area. A busy intersection is in the background. To most its just a intersection, a way to get where they're going. To others this intersection represents other things.

    Do you recognize this spot Kris Destiny? Of course you do. This is the exact intersection where lives were changed forever and your life intersected with mine, whether you knew it or not. This is the spot you stole one of the best young talents from the business. This is the spot you robbed one of the greatest men I've ever known of raising his children. This is the spot you robbed a wife from growing old with her loved husband. This is the spot you made a mortal enemy out of me. Until the day I die, you will forever have to answer for your sins.

    Cypher chuckles to himself.

    I want to be like you, huh? A manslaughtering coward who runs from adversity? No, no, no...that's nothing I've ever been interested in. I like to keep my opponents alive, so they know how lucky they are that I let them survive. So they can tell their friends and family how lucky they are to be here to see them again. I give the gift of life with every fight I have. My benevolence is well known in this business. I give back to it.

    You took and took and then ran away instead of facing every booker and wrestler you owed a apology to. Every show that had to be rebooked. Every wrestler, myself included, that you owe a explanation to on what you were doing that night. Now your back to take more? I can't and won't let you. You need to look everyone backstage in the eye...You need to look that man's wife and children in their eyes and tell them what a cowardly piece of shit you are for avoiding them for all these years.

    You'll get your chance. I've arranged for his wife and kids to be front row ringside. It was the one condition I demanded for my participation for this first round fight. I don't want to get paid for this. This one I do for free for everyone who you've ignored and stepped on. It was met with one hundred percent positivity.

    Simply put, you need to take responsibility for the life you are responsible for ending. You will look them in the eye and finally face the consequences of that night you've ignored for so long.

    Cypher starts to walk down the street. Stopping at his black Volkswagen Atlas.

    "Wrestling amnesia" or no "wrestling amnesia" this spot will be forever etched in your brain. No matter the accomplishment, this intersection represents your legacy. It was your destiny to piss all your talent, hardworking and dedication away right here. Sure you had the green light but have you ever heard of still checking and being cautious? Apparently not....

    Cypher enters the Atlas, looks at the camera (the camera man has entered the passenger seat) with a smug look and then proceeds to buckle his seat belt. Cypher starts the automobile and proceeds to drive up and down the street, crossing the intersection and then turning around and repeatedly crossing the intersection.

    Don't worry camera man. Even though you sit in the same spot that he sat in at the time of his death, you are in no danger. I will be sure to check my surroundings, even at green lights, and will make sure your wife kisses you goodnight. I'll make sure your children will see their daddy in the morning.

    I do blame you Kris. I know you don't care about me and everyone else you've hurt along the way. That is the issue I have. What goes up...must come down. It's inevitable. The higher you are, the further you fall. The more it hurts when you hit the ground and anybody, no matter how big the empire they have built or how great the legacy they've carved out for themselves, can come crashing down fast and all it takes is one moment. When the history books are written they will say Kris Destiny only had to make one mistake to put an unremovable, bloody wound on his mythical career. One car crash. Game over.

    Now you face one crazy man, standing in the way of a "triumphant" return. One tough SOB saying 'you owe these people a explanation'.

    A once great warrior reduced to running away. A even greater warrior left dead because of your failure to, as the driver, keep your passengers safe. That guy ran a red light and barreled into you, sure. How does a driver not see that impending danger? We're here now, there is nothing blocking my vision of oncoming traffic.

    Were you texting, Kris?

    Were you messing with your Playlist, Kris?

    Were you yacking on your phone, Kris?

    Whatever it was, your eyes were not on the road Kristopher.

    Cypher checks his mirrors and quickly pulls the Atlas over to the side of the road, out of traffic. The camera man gets out and makes his way around to the driver's side window. The window rolls down. Cypher looks into the camera.

    Fanning a flame? The best parts of yourself? Denial can be a scary thing. There will be no denial when I catch you with Brainstew and I crumple your stack of dimes neck into oblivion. You've been gone for years. Your body will be reintroduced to a world of pain, not even "wrestling amnesia" will let you forget.

    When the night comes to a close on the Phoenix Cup: Round One, you're going to have to ask yourself: 'Am I still the best wrestler in the world?' I'm not gonna tell you you're not. Im gonna let you ask yourself that question at the end of the night and only me and you are gonna know the answer.

    You can have lights of Broadway...take them. I want something more. I want something thats just between you and I. I'm going to take that piece of you soon enough and leave you wondering why you ever dared come back to face a piece of trash like Cypher.

    The camera man backs away as Cypher cautiously drives on, back through that intersection one last time.

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    Judges/Bookers @Mazer @TimeSplitter @Psycho666Soldier

    Please read through the promos, judge them based on the established criteria, and determine who you think should win the match. PM @Caito with your judgement/winner and any ideas you have for how the match should play out based on the promos and story being presented. Caito, whenever you've got everything you need, you can post the match itself and the judges remarks.

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