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Thread: NCAA Football

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    Here is the problem with the UCLA job in my mind. You are in town with USC who has a ton of advantages over you at the moment.

    1. More Tradition
    2. More Recent Sucsess
    3. Lower Admission Standards
    4. Better Facilities (Both stadiums are meh, UCLA is improving their other things and may catch up)
    5. USC Keeps Beating You (UCLA won the 1st 3 under Mora while USC was on probation, since then its 3 straight for USC)

    In theory USC is going to have a huge recruiting advantage and keep getting better stars.

    My prediction right now is Chip Kelly goes to Florida. (Which has its own issues for another post) Kevin Sumlin will become the next coach at UCLA and bring Noel Mazzone back to run the offense.

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    I wouldn't be that into the Florida job. Sure, tons of talent down there. But the expectations are so high. Averaging 10 wins per year probably isn't enough, you're going to be expected to win the SEC. McElwain didn't light the world on fire, but two SEC Championship Games in three years isn't the sort of resume where you expect the coach to get canned halfway through his third season.

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