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Thread: KWC 2017 Magnitude 2

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    KWC 2017 Magnitude 2

    After the craziness that was Magnitude 1 Magnitude 2 may get even more nuts as Adam Holt and John Eden sign the contract for their Dragons' Valley match! Plus Vince Warren faces off against Everyman while Claude Breakfast battles 8-bit!

    Vince Warren vs. Everyman

    Claude Breakfast vs. 8-Bit

    John Eden vs. Adam Holt Contract Signing

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    Ladies and Gentlemen

    That is how you do it

    There were people out there, there were people within this burgeoning organisation, who didn't believe I could back up my words.
    There are people who think that my victory over John Eden was nothing more than a fluke, nothing more than that.
    There are people out there who think that the Adam Holt who lost to 8-bit and Claude breakfast is the real Adam Holt.


    Guess what?

    I destroyed Everyman, again, and now the powers that be have realised that I'm not just all talk, I'm not a just bluster and bravado, I'm not just some flash in the pan, but I am in fact, the real deal.
    And now, they have seen sense and they have given the only man to beat John Eden, a title shot
    In a match that will, in all honesty, be a bloodbath

    The delightful, if somewhat deranged, Mr Eden will preach and pontificate
    He will run me down
    He will insist that I don't belong in his garden
    He will tell you all how he is the creator of this new world
    He will tell you how I got lucky in our first match and I caught him unawares



    Motherfucking blah

    I'm going to do you a favour
    I'm going to give you a warning

    This will not be like last time
    Last time was straight up wrestling, one man against another and whether you care to admit it or not, I beat you, fair and square, 1...2...3
    This time, oh John, this time, will be so, so different
    This time, I have nothing to lose and everything to gain, whereas you, you have everything to lose
    The pressure is firmly on your...demented shoulders

    And then of course, there is the huge game changer

    Falls count anywhere, street fight

    John, that means nothing is off limits
    We can do what we want to each and utilise anything in, or out, of the building


    Wooden crosses maybe

    Blood will be spilled
    Careers will be shortened
    Once again, a man called Adam will disappoint one who calls himself 'creator'
    And at the end of the day all that will be heard will be the crowd chanting

    Thank you Adam
    Thank you Adam
    Thank you Adam

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    the scene opens to a doorway into a room.
    Polished wooden floorboards adorn the ground as on the walls we see various posters of famous 80's retro games. Like Ninja Gaiden. Pacman. and Super Mario.

    Suddenly Matthew "8-Bit" Marks slides across shot wearing an 8-Bit tee shirt and no trousers.
    Instead just decked out in heart boxer shorts and a pair of white socks.
    The sunglasses on his face add a comedic approach as he has one hand raised in the air during his entrance slide.

    He does a small dance, involving socks slipping on the floor, before jumping into his promo. Headfirst with gusto

    Yo my gaming brethren!

    I see you all out there .. rocking the Mario.
    8-bit sees and approves. Keep on hammering the leader boards peeps.
    Attain those high scores and aim for the top!

    Matt Marks sees you all and levels up on your awesomeness!

    But lets change tact for just a second shall we.
    Shift to the main reason why im in my best under crackers on live TV.
    Lets talk about what happened on Magnitude One? You know .. just for a moment.

    Like 8-Bit promised.
    Two players competed.
    Street Fighter style.
    And only one walked out.

    I came.
    I saw.
    I Kicked Ass's ass.
    Shinku Hadouken!
    For. The. Win.

    Boo. Yeah.

    and that my fellow competitors .. Is how we get it done.

    But Assassin. Don't be a sore loser bud.
    L2P. Learn to play...
    8-Bit is always here if you wanna pick up the joy pad one more time and bring it on for round two.
    Don't rage quit on my behalf.

    Come and have a go.
    8-Bit accepts ALL challenges.

    That way if i see you again .. I can prove my win wasn't just button mashing. K? k.

    So kapow. Game set and match.
    What next for our stalwart adventuring hero? Fresh off a win.
    Spring in my step.
    song in my heart.
    All that jazz sort of thing?


    oh the card for Magnitude two.
    cool. cool.


    Check it out, This week its all change and Player one has to swap from playing Street Fighter two turbo...

    To Donkey Kong?

    Some dude calling himself Breakfast. Claude Breakfast.

    Walks with a swagger. Looks like a gibbon. Just needs a tie and you know what he'd be?

    A hairy. Barrel throwing monkey mother fucker.
    'scuse my french.

    Well DK.

    You're not the boss you think you are. You're an easy win for 8-bit.
    Because you only THINK your the big bad. But dude.. you have no minions. You've got no flying death machine. Hell you haven't even got a princess to hide behind.
    You just jump up and down towards the top of the level and shake girders.

    You're stuck in place in a platforming game.
    How stupid can you get?

    Don't just stand still and wait for Mario.. He's going to send you down to the streets faster then a Megaman 2 speed run with an action replay.
    You daft, cheap king Kong knock off.

    No wait. Let me channel some pop culture.

    "You damn dirty ape!"
    ah ... satisfying.

    Well. Watch your back DK.
    'Cause 8-Bit is coming for you.
    Hammer in hand.
    B button primed.

    And I am going to climb up your building and jump on your damn square head.


    Game. Full stop. Over.

    Because Baby?

    A true gamer doesn't have time for Breakfast.
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    [the following video was posted on the KWC's official youtube channel almost immediately after Magnitude 1]

    The camera turns on but this camera is held in the hand of a blood-drenched Claude Breakfast surrounded by his entourage.

    "This is NOT Breakfast in Bed, this is BREAKFAST BACKSTAGE AND PISSED OFF!
    Mr. Kaiba, oooohhh....Mr. Kaiba, you better believe you'll be getting a pretty harshly worded letter from my lawyer!
    What was THAT?! HMM?!
    That was supposed to be Breakfast in Bed, that was supposed to be MY TIME, MY SHOW, that was supposed to be ME in the spotlight, me doing what I do best, that was supposed to be Clauderick Marigold Breakfast interviewing your...your...god, I can't even say it, I want to spew...your "Champion"...
    ...and greenlit that, Mr. Kaiba? Huh? Those...those theatrics, those effects, huh?
    And honestly, honestly, what's worse is I was EMBARRASSED out there, HUMILIATED....on my own damn show!
    You can't put a price on pride but I imagine my lawyer ought to be able to nail down a pretty decent figure.
    So this is what you do, Kaiba, you hire Claude Breakfast, you lead me to believe you're a smart man, an honest man, a respectable man, an honorable man, but NOOOOOO! NO!
    You didn't hire me because you admire my ability.
    You didn't hire me because you think I'm the man you can build a company around.
    You didn't hire me because you know I'm the best.
    You hired me as a joke.
    Didn't you?
    You hired me because you think ALL OF THIS IS FUNNY.
    I mean, let's be honest... bring me in, you bring me in and you concoct this elaborate convoluted tournament in an effort to SCREW ME OVER...
    ...then you don't give me a match, you give me an INTERVIEW SEGMENT...
    ...and you let this...this...WHACKJOB PASTOR...make a fool out of me!
    And then not only that but then, and I'm sure you were right there by the curtain giving him the go ahead, giving him a THUMBS UP WITH A CHUCKLE... let this....this Vince Warren, this ASSASSIN...
    ...elbow me right in the face!
    And now I don't even know which of this blood was dumped on me by Eden and which is my own!
    AND YET!
    AND YET!
    AND YET!
    I just found out, just found out that next Magnitude, I don't get Warren, I don't get Eden, oh no, no no no...
    ...I get 8-BIT!
    I get some GAMER NERD!
    Are you kidding me right now, Kaiba?
    ... know what, maybe...maybe you just didn't know, maybe that's it, maybe you're just ignorant, maybe you're just...I mean, I tried to be generous, give you the benefit, assumed you were someone who knew what he was doing...
    ...maybe you made a mistake, Mr. Kaiba, is that it?
    maybe you didn't know who you were hiring?
    Maybe you didn't know what you were doing?
    Maybe you don't know how to handle Claude Breakfast.
    Time to smarten you up, Kaiba!
    Time to smarten up all these idiot fans who laughed as the blood dripped down!
    Time to smarten up this basement dwelling video game NERD!
    Time to smarten up every joke of a wrestler on the KWC roster!
    Time to smarten up this sneaky coward Vince Warren!
    Time to smarten up this sham of a Champion!

    My name is Clauderick Marigold Breakfast.
    This company is mine to educate.
    Mine to take.
    I am the Cornerstone.
    I am the Pillar.
    I am The Betterment.
    I AM The Educator.
    You will thank me.

    Claude tosses the camera away.

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    What's that John?

    Sorry, you'll need to speak up, I didn't quite catch that last sermon.

    Oh wait, there wasn't one.

    John, it would seem you're like all the other bullies I've encountered through my life
    You can talk
    You can shout
    You can spin lovely little tales of daring do, of how you're going to change the world, how you are the best thing since sliced bread

    And yet

    When it comes to the crunch
    When you have to face the people you've been spouting off about
    When the talking stops and the fighting starts
    When you actually have to back up all your bravado

    You fall silent

    I know why John

    For all your words, your sermons, your pontifications
    Deep down, deep deep're scared.

    Whether you want to admit it or not, I beat you, clean, in the middle of the ring
    I know you think that was a fluke and that lightning won't strike twice
    But that that result, that defeat, that one little blemish on your perfect record in KWC must be niggling away
    Could he beat me again?
    What do I need to do to make sure it doesn't happen?
    How did he beat me the first time?
    All those thoughts racing round your brain, do you stick to your original plan? Change tactics? Try and counter me or try to beat me?

    That's not to say I'm guaranteed a win
    I know that a scared man is a dangerous man and when you throw in the unpredictability of a mad man into that equation, well, who knows what will happen
    Through all that into a street fight and quite frankly, who knows what will happen

    All I do know is this
    You've gone quite
    The most vocal man on the roster has gone quiet...
    And all before a simple contract signing

    If you're this scared about signing a piece of paper I fear for your career when you face me in a street fight

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    The darkness consumes the best of us at times, the darkness however is afraid of the light...

    We see an old abandoned hospital, it is a dark and cold, snowy night.

    We enter the reception area where we are joined by a hooded man, he points to another hooded man down the corridor who points directly at the camera.

    Join me down here, join me as we take a walk into the darkness side by side.

    We follow the hooded man through the building, it has been left for many years, there is just some old beds and some old hospital equipment left. The hooded man stops outside a ward and points to a hospital bed, then mumurs the words "You must wait here".

    There is a dim light on in this ward, we follow through a door where we now see lot's of blood, it's all across the floor and on the patients bed.

    Thankyou for waiting, your patience has been most kind, I welcome you all to the darkness and despair...

    Blood has been seen, anguish and fear has also been felt within the foundations of this building, people have suffered and people have died. Do not think I pity them, do not think for one moment that I feel the grievance of their loved ones.

    A hooded man appears from out of the darkness and points down to the KWC Championship wrapped in chains and blood spilled onto it.

    I could've had this sermon in the church, I could've had it in Claude Breakfast's lounge, I could've even had it drinking tea with Adam Holt as he explains to me why he's that damn better than me, and why he has the right to claim that heee...

    Adam Holt, can wait because I'm not quite done telling this story, this story of the darkness frightens you don't it?

    You see human's have always feared the darkness, they never get over that constant thought of what happens when the lights go out, does something watch over them as they sleep?

    We cannot alter the past but we can change the future, Mankind will fall into darkness...and I will watch over as it dies.

    Adam Holt, now I speak to you about power, you believe a silly little victory gives you power over me? Adam Holt if that is the case, if that is the case then how am I still living and breathing with this championship you want to make yours so much, because it means everything to you, how am I still alive Adam Holt if you have this power over me?

    You see when the Nazis bombed London in World War II It was a victory, but they didn't win the war. War of which is something mankind has relied on, sickening isn't it that man has to kill man in order to survive, to show power.

    When Jesus Christ was crucified, they also believed that it was over but it only made his message stronger.

    He made sure his word got out, that he never wanted you to stop worshiping him, so your victory may have given you some confidence, you may now think you're in the light, dancing away with some ladies sipping Champagne because you got one over on me, congratulations I hope you feel very proud of yourself.

    From where I stand on this dark cold night, as I watch the snowflakes fall to the cold surface, what I see is a man who is afraid, afraid of the dark and afraid of being left out in the cold.

    You wanted to hear my message, you wanted me to bring you here tonight, then heed my warning Adam Holt as it is a war you're going to get.

    Welcome to my garden, welcome all to the Genesis that is John Eden.

    The lights fade to darkness.

    End of service.

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    The birds are tweeting in the tree's, butterflies are seen dancing with eachother in the near distance. We see the green grass as the sun shines bright.

    Suddenly though the atmosphere changes, the sky becomes grey, the grass suddenly dies and the land becomes dry.

    The birds are no longer tweeting and they're skeleton lays on the ground where the tree's are now cut down and a power station, polluting what was once fresh. A hooded man stands with his arms held out wide as he looks down at the remnants of the birds. The heavens begin to open as rain pours down, the hooded man soon removes his hood and reveals his face.

    John Eden, I am the Genesis! I am the one to end this, I am here to finish this now. I've watched for too long, waited in the darkness too long to let this carry on. My minutes silence is up, I've already given mankind too much time, too much time to think about the consequences of their actions, I have let this go on far too long.
    The lord almighty above created this earth, he created it to show life, he wanted life and humankind have taken that away, humankind have killed what he created.

    You worshipped him, you wanted to bask his glory, yet you betray his name and destroy the meaning of life itself. So now you have to learn to pay the price, you have to learn that this is no longer your garden, this is my garden now and I will not be so accepting as the lord himself.

    Pray all you want, it will not save you.

    Run and hide? There's no need to prolong your fate.

    Dying, is the only option. We need to end this corruption, we must end it now.

    KWC is my garden, I hold a prize in my possession on this very day to show the world that I am here to take everything from man, I do not have no purpose for this prize, I had no plans to take it, but here it is my hostage, waiting to be saved. Whom is going to claim it? Whom has the power to come and claim it and strike me down?

    The sunlight emerges from the clouds once again, and the light beams down onto John Eden.

    The heavens have opened up, the light shines down and I have therefore been chosen, I have been chosen to destroy the soldiers of KWC, I must end this corruption and this hold they have on this world, my garden will live again. The grass will grow greener than ever before, the birds will sing again and yes the children of earth we shalt have peace and harmony once more.

    Adam Holt, I've broken my silence, I've heard you speak and you've heard mine! This is what you wanted? You wanted to get my attention, and guess what you finally have my undivided attention, but be warned now and please listen to what I say, I will bring this war to you and I will make sure you are damned for all eternity.

    You wanted a war of words Adam Holt and maybe I played into your hands, but not now or ever will I play your silly mind games. Now I will let you have some silence before the end, I will let you have some peace before you sign that contract and realise you're indeed signing your life away.

    John Eden pulls his hood back over his head and walks off into the distance.

    End of service.


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    (The following was posted to the official KWC youtube channel)

    CB, Ent. presents...


    (pretend that's in a fancy swirly script)

    Except we're not in bed or even a bedroom. Nope, this episode takes place in the sprawling back lawn of Casa Du Breakfast. It's an endless rolling plane of perfectly maintained grass broken up only with marble fountains, flowering hedges, and stone paths. There are free range peacocks! In the center we find a koi pond and beside it we find Claude Breakfast looking to be in much better shape than last we saw him. Clad in white yoga pants and seated in a position befitting of wearing them, with a Band-Aid on his forehead, The Betterment's eyes are closed. He seems at peace. There is an audible *ahem!* from behind the camera. The Educator's eyes remain closed. His voice is calm.

    "...thank you, Godfrey.
    And thank you, KWC, for once again choosing to enjoy Breakfast In Bed.
    I'd like to begin with a sincere, heartfelt, and genuine apology...
    I'm sorry.
    Let me just repeat that as I am sure some of you may not have heard it over your own gasps.
    I, Clauderick Marigold Breakfast, am truly sorry.
    But yes, even I am able to humble myself, step down from my pedestal, and ask for forgiveness.
    So I ask you, dear people, to please, please, find it in your hearts to accept this apology.
    I am sorry.
    ...but yes, yes, unfortunately, is temporarily closed for maintenance.
    Truly, very, deeply sorry.
    Some damn kid hacked into our thing and...well, there were dicks everywhere.
    But I've got the best team on it, everything will be fine, and we'll be back in business in no time.
    And upon our return, we'll be offering a special discount to anyone who saw those dicks everywhere."

    He shifts from that position into another one. I don't know much about yoga so let's say that was lotus and this one's downward dog. Those are the only two I really know...

    "Now then, onto KWC matters...
    ...firstly, Mr. Kaiba, I am assured you've received the strongly worded letter from my lawyer and trust you will respond accordingly.
    There's no need for friction between us.
    As you can see, I have calmed my spirit, realigned my chakras, detoxed, refreshed, and rejuvenated myself since those...ehm, horrid events at Magnitude.
    I am not mad at you, Mr. Kaiba, only perplexed.
    But as I said previously and will now repeat, though in a much gentler tone: I intend to educate you, along with everyone else involved in KWC.
    I don't care why you signed me, Mr Kaiba, and I don't care that you've absolutely squandered your most worthwhile signing thus far.
    It doesn't matter.
    Because I am going to take it upon myself to make you fully aware and fully awake to just who and what exactly you have on your hands as it pertains to myself.
    You will be enlightened, Mr. Kaiba.
    And you will be grateful.

    ...and it will begin with...what's he called, 8-Bit?"

    Oh, i thought of another! Warrior pose! So he moves to that one...unless there's an actual order you're supposed to do them? If so, he's doing them in order. He knows all about yoga, unlike the guy writing this.

    "Now, from what I understand, a 'bit' is a thing in video games. Old video games only had a few of them, new video games have lots of them.
    And for some reason, my opponent has happily crowned himself with just about the lowest number of them that video games have had.
    Well, sir, I can only hope, for your sake, that you have more wrestling ability than you have 'bits' or you'll quickly find yourself reminded that you're like all the other basement dwelling nerds: a loser.
    Now, I have said I am here to educate and to better KWC, and I can and will do that with you, Mr. Bit.
    I realize that is currently undergoing important maintenance but as soon as it's up and running, I want you to take your hand out of the Cheetos bag, take your other hand off your joystick...
    ...and log on.
    I want you to see what kind of wonderful products we have to offer, the wonderful ways we can improve your health and wellness.
    In fact, I'm even willing to send you a free sample of any product you'd like to try, and in your case I'd like to recommended the jockleberry extract and ionized amethyst enema.
    I promise you, and you can read the testimonials, your joints will be more supple, your vision clearer, your attention sharper, your erections firmer and longer, and your energy levels higher.
    While I'm sure you'll just waste these amazing benefits away on the latest bleep-bloop-blorp-kaboom! that Nintendo's cranked out, I really hope that maybe you'll instead use them to prepare yourself for our match.
    On the one hand, it'll help me get some good direct feedback on our products...
    ...and on the other hand, it'll be a lot more fun than just giving you the straight-up waffling I'm expecting to give you.
    I will have Godfrey bring it by your locker room later this afternoon."

    He shifts into another pose. I don't know any more, though, so you can imagine whatever pose you like.
    ...happy baby! Whaddaya know, I do know another one, so let's go with happy baby. A camera full of taint.

    "8-Bit, Mr. Kaiba, and all of KWC...
    ...I want you to be better.
    I want you to be wiser.
    I want what's best for you.
    And I will do everything I can to make that so.
    My name is Clauderick Marigold Breakfast.
    I am The Cornerstone.
    I am The Pillar.
    You can count on me.
    You can lean on me.
    You can rely on me.
    I am The Betterment.
    I am The Educator.
    I will teach you.
    Improve you.
    Enrich you.
    ...just, just hang on one second....a couple of things here, just a couple of things..."

    He unfurls from happy baby and stands up, eyes open.

    "Vince Warren has elbowed me in the face on two separate occasions.
    Maybe more, I honestly had to be told about one of those already...
    ...and at Battle City, at KWC's first event, I beat Adam Holt, I beat the man who is currently challenging John Eden for the KWC White Dragon Championship!
    AND YET!
    AND YET!
    AND YET!
    ...and yet, here I am.
    No match on the last Magnitude.
    Wasting my time on some gamer nerd on the next Magnitude.
    No match with Vince Warren.
    No match for the KWC White Dragon Championship.
    Trying my DAMNEDEST to meditate and reiki my frustrations away...
    ...because hey, what do I know, right?
    I mean, I'm only absurdly wealthy and successful in every endeavor I've ever attempted!

    He shakes it out and closes his eyes.

    "*deep cleansing breath*
    No....hear the ocean, Claude.
    Feel the breeze.
    Things will get better.
    You will make them better.
    They will learn.
    You will teach them.
    You are a vessel.
    You are a light.
    You are a star.
    You are a gift."

    His posture seems more relaxed now and he begins to do some arm movements.

    "Remember, the website should be up and running at any moment, so keep checking back.
    Godfrey, turn off the thing..."

    And Godfrey does.

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    *We go inside an office building with the letter KC on the outside and see Seto Kaiba sitting at his desk, looking over some papers, while occasionally glancing at a computer screen. Mokuba Kaiba, his little brother, comes in.*

    Seto, everything's ready for Dragons' Valley. Everything we can plan for anyway.

    Good. Did you get that letter from Breakfast's lawyer yet?


    And you promptly shredded it right?


    Good. Claude really doesn't have a leg to stand on but how the hell Eden snuck that crap into my building and my show is beyond me. I have to say I didn't expect him to walk out as champion from Battle City but clearly luck is on his side. We'll see if that's enough to keep him champion at Dragons' Valley. Now, have the blueprints been drawn up for the Dragons' Nest?

    Yeah, they say they're ready to start construction. Seto...this thing...the guys could really get hurt.

    In this business you have to take risks, Mokuba. These guys all signed up with that in mind. Truth is you can get hurt just doing your entrance. It's a risk of the business. I'm just rich enough to be able to provide an environment for them to do their business. Tell the men to start construction.

    Yes, Seto.

    *Mokuba leaves and Kaiba goes back to what he was doing.*

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    The banging of fists, the monks are chanting as we pan around the church. The white hooded man stands in the middle ready to begin the sermon.

    *Thud and chants*

    *Thud and chants*

    We cannot imagine our world without a religion, we cannot imagine our world without hate and love...we cannot imagine a world with peace and without war. Mankind has become to accept it's fate, mankind has become to appreciate that the fact war is inevitable.

    War can be stopped, war is never something that should be the very last resort, but mankind have adopted war as something that is their main concern, their first priority in the future of this earth, and that cannot be tolerated no more.

    Too long have I seen man put their stamp on this earth, too long have I seen the wilderness destroyed my man's arrogance and greed, today we say it ends, KWC I will make sure this garden...the garden of Eden grows bigger and better than ever before.

    The hooded man reveals his face as John Eden and begins to hold the Championship out before dropping it into a font of holy water.

    I bless this championship on this day with a gift, and I bless it's sins away and I make sure the good lord almighty will watch over it from this day forward.

    I am not of the holy spirit, I am not a member of his flock, nor am i a messenger sent from the heavens above. I am not a descendant from hell nor am I of this realm. I am "The Genesis" I am the first to see justify the wrong in this world, and be the cure of the poison injected into it.

    God above failed me.

    The Devil deceived me.

    And Earth has been corrupted with evil and contempt.

    Adam Holt...

    The day of reckoning is upon us, son of earth, the self proclaimed leader among men, we shall meet for the signing of our battle, and the time for talking will have had it's day.

    There is something on my mind, something which I must spoil for all the children watching at home, and that is loyal fans of Adam Holt, you shall see him standing tall above the rest, he stood up and wanted to be counted, he stood there with purpose and he wants to be recognised. When our war is done Adam Holt nobody will be able to recognise you, you won't be able to stand above the rest because the wounds from our war will be catastrophic and yes this is my premonition Adam.

    The people of this realm shall bare witness a truly magnificent sight when long and behold I walk out victorious, the battles may have happened but the war has only just begun as far as I'm concerned, and people on earth are pleading for you to win this, they're begging you to destroy me and the garden.

    Adam Holt you're about to realise your fate, but realise it doesn't have to be like this, it isn't too late to rip that contract up and live to fight another day.

    John Eden lifts the title belt out of the font and symbolises a cross with his hand.

    This title has now become blessed with eternal greatness, this is my KWC Holy Championship!

    End of service.

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