KWC Magnitude 2

Vince Warren vs. Everyman

The Assassin comes out swinging early on but before the match can really get under way the music of Claude Breakfast hits and Claude comes out, flanked by his entire entourage! A downed Everyman rolls from the ring, leaving Vince staring at the massive ensemble on stage! They charge the ring and Vince flees into the crowd! Everyman gets back in, hesitantly, and Vince is counted out!

Chairman Kaiba makes his way out to the ring next, and, after the first match, the ring has had an official KWC table placed in it, with a contract laid atop it.

Ladies and Gentlemen our next event is Dragonsí Valley! The lineup for that show is as follows, Everyman vs. 8-Bit in a Money Match! Whatís a money match? The winner gets money of course, $100,000 from your truly! Then thereís going to be Claude Breakfast vs. Vince Warren The winner of that will, on Magnitude 3, face the loser of the final match, Adam Holt vs John Eden in a Falls Count Anywhere Street Fight! Letís get the contract for that match signed! First, itís the challenger, Adam Holt!

Holt makes his way out to cheers from the crowd, tired of Edenís preaching. He goes to the side of the table where he can watch Eden enter.

Next, the KWC White Dragon Champion, John Eden!

The lights dim and the crowd is already booing before Eden even appears. He finally does and the boos get louder as the champion makes his way down.

Gentlemen this contract basically says you absolve me of anything that happens at Dragonsí Valley. If you have words for each other I suggest you say them now as thereís no time for talk at Dragonsí Valley. Holt, you can go first.


John, John, John.

We all know how this is going to unfold.

I'll say something about how deserving I am of the title, how I respect you as a competitor and then mention my victory over you...again...and then I'll go on to declare that I'll be the next Champion. I'll take a seat and then you'll go on some bizarre rant about how this garden is yours and even God fears you and you fear no man. Then we'll stare at each other for a bit, then we'll tussle, then security will pull us apart and all the while the crowd will be chanting 'let them fight, let them fight'

Or at least, that's what everyone will be expecting to happen.

I'm not in the mood to follow with convention today.

So let me keep this short and sweet.

I am not going to say how deserving I am, no-one deserves the title. It has to be earned, neither am I going to say I respect you, respect has to be earned as well. All I will say is this, you are the current incumbent, the current occupant of that shiny belt. But, as with all things, at some point, the occupant changes, either through choice or through force. So, John, consider this your two weeks notice. At Dragon's Valley, you will be evicted from the White Dragon belt, you will be evicted from your 'garden' and the The KWC will return to the hands of a wrestler and this ring will once again be a ring.

Now, make your sermon a short one and let's get down to the obligatory scrap.

Eden picks up his microphone.

This sermon will be directed to the self proclaimed leader of humankind. You stand there all high and mighty for the man, woman and child of this earth, but do you really want to be their hero, do you realize now how much is at stake here?

I knew you'd try to be the all brave and dignified soldier of earth, and I wanted you to look me directly in the eyes and see deep into my soul, but you are too scared to look me in the eye, and that is your biggest downfall, you simply do not believe.

You should realize by now that thy do not care about championships, they're apart of the narrowminded society that we see surrounding this garden. I care about my garden, and I care about letting it live like it once had done before, and it shalt grow bigger and better than ever before.

The Genesis is here, and everything in my path must die, Adam Holt there can be no prisoners, there can be no sympathy or compassion in me, it is the way you treated our lord savior, was it not?

The way our lord Jesus Christ left this world I can never forgive, and I shall never forget it...

The lights go out and we hear monks chanting.

Monks surround the ring, and John Eden has dispersed, then we quickly zoom in on the contract which has been signed in blood.

"So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but what is unseen as what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal"

Holt looks unfazed and scrawls his name on the contract.

It doesnít matter where Eden went, because at Dragonsí Valley Falls Count Anywhere! Now, on to our main event!

Claude Breakfast vs. 8-bit

Both men look to prove something, and Claude is aggressive early on, furious at his treatment so far in the KWC. His emotions cause him to get caught in a small package though and from there itís all 8-bit! He eventually calls for the Shinku Hadoken! It connects! 8-bit makes the cover but Breakfast gets his foot on the rope! 8-bit goes to the top rope, but Breakfast grabs the ref and Glory yanks 8-bitís leg, and crotches him on the top! Claude scrambles up, grabs a headlock, and hits an Avalanche Headlock Driver! Cover! Claude picks up his second ever KWC win!

After the match the lights go out in the arena! They come back on and Vince Warren is throwing a Bullhammer at Claude at again! Intercepted by Glory! She catches the elbow and the rage in her eyes is almost palpable as she pulls Warren in and then gorilla presses him into the air! She chucks Warren from the ring and nearly into the crowd right before Magnitude goes off the air!