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Thread: Extreme Rules 2017 (June 4th in Baltimore, Maryland)

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    Quote Originally Posted by soxfanatic View Post
    The main event is listed as an Extreme Rules match. Technically, wouldn't a five way match be no DQ anyways?
    You would think but I was watching NXT from 2 weeks ago with the women's battle royal and it ended in a DQ when Asuka ran out and beat up the last 3 women, which I believe was the first time I'd ever witnessed a battle royal end in a DQ.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nash Diesel View Post
    He sucks as a face.

    It could also be, for me, that I'm a little over the Rollins train almost as much as I'm over the Roman train. At least I could get down with Seth as a heel, he was great. Babyface Seth....They could have booked him better upon his return is all I'm saying.
    Quote Originally Posted by Rancid_Planet View Post
    I want heel Seth more than I want anything outside of heel Roman.
    We've discussed this before, but Seth's face run has been so mishandled. Fans were ready to cheer him as a face when he came back, but no, WWE wanted him as a Heel. Then, just as fans were accepting Seth as a Heel, WWE decided we can have Face Rollins after all. But because HHH couldn't be on TV during Football Season, Seth floundered for month after month with no real direction and ended up stuck with Roman which did him no favors. It's inevitable that Rollins will turn heel again. It's the only way to salvage him.

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