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Thread: Gimmicks you hate that others probably loved

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    He doesn't have a lot of character traits and most of them are annoying. That hat and jacket he wears, the Ska dance during his entrance, and his acting like a geek in backstage segments. Pretty much all they've given him to work with in a year and a half on the main roster. It's pretty lazy on their part but they also don't seem to have interest in giving him a big push so I can understand not putting too much effort into him.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nash Diesel View Post
    Do you think your wife likes you speaking for her? I have a feeling your relationship is very much one where you took her last name and wore a gown, very modern of you mth!
    Well, considering she posted this...
    Quote Originally Posted by Melly View Post
    Yep, Zayn is super boring, so much that I forgot to list him.
    ...after my post, I reckon it's fine. Also, what the fuck, dude?

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