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Thread: Nintendo Switch

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    Prime will be converted over, I'm sure. The first two were not Wii-mote based and a limited run Prime Trilogy release between now and Prime 4 is exactly the type of thing Nintendo would do.

    Just limited enough that the game prices go crazy on resale, so they can bring it back again after 4 and have more people buy it.

    Skyward's the only big one that I can't see being able to be transferred over. At least not without redoing all the gameplay and reworking puzzles to not require precise motion strikes. Prime 3 had a few motion things (switches, grapple beam, etc), but nothing that couldn't be easily changed to a single button prompt.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Atty View Post
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    Mario Kart would be more essential than BotW at 10, but both are "musts." Zelda's so massive that I could see it almost being too much for some. Odyssey is basically a video game orgasm and should be great for any age.

    Mario Kart is so much fun for everyone and is a game that you can pick up and play with him at anytime.
    Excellent. Thank you everyone for the advice. We currently have Mario Kart for the Wii and our whole family plays it together. He also loves Minecraft for the XBox 1.

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