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Thread: The UFC Fight Pass Events General Thread

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    Yeah, this card wasn't good. That main event was a travesty, and like everyone else I wonder why they thought matching BJ vs someone with no name (yet, but is a bad mf'er approaching his physical prime) on a nothing fight night card in Arizona was a good idea. It was barely win/win for Yair, and there was zero upside for BJ. If he won, so what? We'd all write Yair off as he isn't overly proven and criticize Penn for fighting some regional level scrub. Like Professor Batter suggested why couldn't he have fought Faber last month? I doubt anyone would have a problem with that booking or any potential result. Faber probably would have won but at least it would have been a profile fight, unlike this last one which surely this time was the last of Penn's career.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Seanny One Ball View Post
    Yeah I'm not a particularly big BJ fan but I'm not going to bother watching that after what I've heard.
    Last win over six years ago, four losses and one draw in his last five fights... Jesus man.
    This is not the guy that destroyed Caol Uno in 11 seconds, that's for sure.

    It's the same guy, different era.

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    While I agree with the sentiment that the level of fighter improves generationally, prime Rod Laver would still be able to work his serve and volley on prime Djokovic until Novak figured it out, stretched the court and beat him. This was old Rod Laver serving 60mh sitters to Novak who gets him off the court inside an hour.

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    Fanny Batter you take your damn dirty tennis analogies and banish them from this thread, you hear?

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    It was a pretty good analogy though

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