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Thread: Ring of Rajah Episode #6

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    Ring of Rajah Episode #6

    Ring of Rajah Episode 6 Card

    Main Event

    Bloodied Fox & TraXX
    Dick Whelan & T

    Talk about two tag teams with history. Dick Whelan and T ran roughshod over AoL in their time together there as the Gemini tag teams. They were nearly unbeatable, and caused a lot of problems for everyone on the AoL roster. And the history that TraXX and Bloodied Fox have created for themselves is well known, being possibly the most deadly duo still around the R-Feds. Fox and TraXX have made it clear what they are after, and Logan Forsythe does love his tag team wrestling. And these men are also intertwined all thru ought the roster right now, with all the different stories going on. This is going to be a match to see.

    Jonathan Caito & Buddy Knight
    Catch 22

    This is the other big tag team match of the night. The history of the Catch 22 is just as long as anyone in the feds right now, and Jonathan Caito has been allies/friends/rivals with Buddy Knight for all five of his years he has been involved in the R-Feds. When together, these two men are known as Requim, but there is so much more emotion in this match. Catch 22 is dealing with what effectively looks like the rejection and defection of Dazz, as well as Dick Whelan making it publicly known that his current aim is the end of C22. Buddy his making his return, but it is his partner that has all the mystery surrounding him. Even after his time and change in attitude, rumours are flying after Rip was taken out. Caito has been known to do things such as this, and what is not being helped is the fact that besides complete denial, he is refusing to even answer questions about it. And after Shirt Ninja's attitude towards him before Point of No Return, this is sure to be brought up.

    Tyson Bell

    Tyson is returning from a week off, and Dazz is in his first one on one match in the R-Feds in quite some time. Dazz has made quite a statement so far in RoR, revealing the Glowing men to the world as Catch 22, and then participating in an attack, started by the man who helped him fake his death, Dick Whelan. How will his newfound attitude carry him in the ring? And Tyson Bell had been very quiet for a bit, but after being given a planned week off, he looks to make an impact himself. The big man of the Dynasty, he is accustomed to doing things his way. Will Dazz allow that to happen, or will Dazz start to write a new chapter in his career?

    Masato Shima
    "The" Xypher Llyles

    Masato makes his debut in RoR with this match, while Llyles is hoping to make it to the ring before being attacked. Masato has been quiet, but that is of course by design as Marcus will be by his side, his translator. He appears to have a no frills attitude, simply looking to face the best. Llyles always wants to look his best, but after a stellar first match, he was dropped in the Aurora title match, and was never even a factor in the main event, being attacked by TraXX before the match began. So who gets the win, the man making his debut, or the man who feels he has something to prove?

    Travis McCoy

    Devlin has been on the losing end of his first two matches here, and McCoy was defeated in his debut. So both men need a win here. Devlin has lost a supporter in his friend Rip, as he was majorly injured, but Devlin has always say he can take care of himself. And he can, losing his first match only by miscommunication, and T barely got the win over him last week. McCoy on the other hand, might be more interested in causing Scharff trouble, which he has done so. But he also needs to win, because let's face it. It has been drilled into him since birth.

    Dominic "The Diamond" Dust
    Jacob Scharff
    Mr Madness

    Who needs this win more? Mr. Madness is the companies Aurora Champion, but his first match as champion, while a tag match, did not go as he planned, with TraXX and Fox attacking everyone, and TraXX singling him out. Jacob Scharff might need his wife more then a win, but he does need to focus, because blind rage does not seem to be getting him anywhere. And Dust is certainly starting to make an impact, having gone up against Caito very well before having to submit to the Anaconda Vise. This match is scheduled to open the show, and it could be a match that steals the night.

    mth with the night off

    mth has been attacked at the end of every single non PPV RoR show. There is a good chance here that this won't occur, as Logan Forsythe has decided to protect his champion for a week, giving him a rest. But the camp behind mth tells us that he will be in attendance, and with mth not having to focus on a match, it frees up a lot of time for mth, who sure does love making an impact. Will our champion have something up his sleeve?

    All of this action emanates from Hampden Park in Glasgow, Scotland.

    Show will be posted on May 20th

    Major props to mth on the drawing.

    Jeff Jarrett - "Sting is going to the next pay per view? Alex don't you think that was a valuable peice of information to give me?"

    Alex Shelly - "It crossed my mind."

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    The car park outside Hampden Parke stands empty, almost.

    Tucked in a corner, out of the way is a battered Bedford Rascal vanette.

    In beige.


    In beige and rust.

    Smoke rises from behind the 'vehicle' as the camera gets closer off key singing drifts towards the ear.

    Behind the camper a youngish looking man sits on an upturned crate a fire burning infront of him contained by an old tire that is throwing black thick smoke into the air, a bottle of clear liquid is held in the mans hand, the other is holding a stick over the fire.

    At the approach of the camera the stranger smiles and nods in the direction of a second crate.

    Joright? Oym sirrin' ere an' I be waitin' on Mester Fersyth turnin' up fer he tellin' me dat oy gorra come fer soynin' my contract so's oy can be kickin' some arse.

    Der's a one a dem sercurity toyps sittin' back der wiff no teef who says I canna stick moy van 'ere but oy tells 'im dat oy gorra woyt fer Fersyth.

    So 'ere oy sits Fersyth.

    Oy'll be woytin'

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    In the car-park the tyre is smoking happily, black tendrils rising skyward.

    On his crate the figure sits happily toasting marsh-mallows on his branch.

    So t'is loike dis, so t'is

    Oy come frm a little family in Oirelan da you won't have heard of, me fadder was a bir o' a barsta'd an' me mudder wer an eejit, so when oy wer a yung 'un oy gor inna foits all da toym fer dem udder kids were alwa's sayin' me Da' wer' a crook an' me mudder wer' an eejit hore. So pretty feckin' sharp oy learns dat da only fing oy wer any good at wer foitin', an oy wer pertty good a' dat. Oy learned dat oy could make a fair bit o' cash fer foitin' an' no gerrin' beat.

    Den me fadder left us an it wer jus' me ma an' me, Oy 'came da man o' da house an foitin' 'came all da more 'portan, it put food on da toible fer us cause me mudder couldn, she neva knew 'ow. Den when she doid, Rest 'er sowl, dere was nottin left fer to keep me in Oirelan so oy sets mesel' off to foind me Gran'fadder, he wer famous in the family 'cause he wen' to 'merica an' 'came a polis, made a real job a real loif, sad loike bu' when I gets to 'merica oy finds he's gone an' doid 'fer I gots dere , so oy was on me lone in a strange country wiff no way of gerrin 'ome.

    So dat's when I turns back 'gain to foitin.

    So oy starts t' win some 'nuckle boxin foits, makin' a lille monies nor much but some, den oy moves on ter bigga poises, bigga foits. Den I gets a call fer Fersyth, someone has pointed out one o moy foits ter 'im on dat dere internet an he decides oy could be jus wha he needs fer Roar, so he pays fer me floits back over an 'ere oy am, ready to foit.

    Dere yus go Roar, lille 'istory o' Colm fer ya, now les' look forwar' t'gedder shall we's?

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    The official Dazz webcast
    episode three

    So, there we have it. Everyone wanted to know what was going on with me and now you all know.

    I can't say I'm suprised that no-one seems to be overly happy with me reasons and actions. Well, Dick Whelan might be, but other than him everyone seems a little bit pissed off. I can understand Cragzman and Shirt Ninja being annoyed, after all, I faked my own death, exposed their brightly coloured secret to the world and then I booted Shirty in the testicles while Dick kicked them both in the face. So yeah, I can understand those two being annoyed but what I don't get is why the RoR 'fans' are so angry with me. I'm not going to repeat everything I said on the show because that would be a waste of time, but what you all need to remember is not a single one of you gave the tiniest of shits about me when I was in Catch 22. It was either the group of the mysterious SN that everyone wanted. This is why I'm now going it alone.

    That brings me nicely onto my first singles match in years. I come back to RoR to prove myself and what do I get?

    Tyson Bell.

    Hardly the marquee return I was hoping for, but ho hum, beggars can't be choosers and all that. I've come back to wrestling after a long absence and some very sporadic appearances before that so I can't just expect to walk into the title scene. Hell, I couldn't even do that as an established star in the feds so there's no way I''m going to do it now. No, I have to prov myself all over again. I need to go out there and start winning, not winning matches, dominating matches. I need to go out and embarrass my opponents, I need to make them feel how I used to, that no matter how hard they try, no matter how much effort they put in, it just doesn't matter.

    So, Tyson Bell.

    He's taller than me.
    He's heavier than me.
    He's arguably stronger than me.
    He's definitely more American than me.

    But guess what I'm smarter, I'm faster and I'm not a big fat American. Crucially though, I have no regard for my own safety. Never have done in the past and now I care even less. So if I have no regard for my own safety its pretty certain I won't give a shit about Tyson's. I won't be taking him lightly of course. I know Tyson's been around for a long time, almost as long as I have and I know he's a more than competent professional in ring, but quite frankly, he's not in my league. Come to think of it, when I get back up to speed no-one will be in my league, not Tyson, not Dick Whelan, definitely not SN or Cragz, not even mth will be able to keep pace with me, although I'm sure he could run me close.

    It won't be long until I'm back in the title frame and once I am, believe me it won't take long until there is a belt around my waist and once that happens the owners of RoR may as well bring in a new title as the belt around my waist won't be coming back off.

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    Travis McCoy?

    Didn't you used to be the nice one in the family?

    The good kid, the white knight in these parts?

    What happened you arsehole, Daddy issues finally all bubble to the surface, ah hell I'm sure T-Bag would have a field day with all the crap that must be sloshing around in that pretty little head of yours, what with a 'hands-on' father and a brother who likes to play dress-up I'm sure your childhood was real interesting when the lights went out.

    But that's not my thing Travis.

    My problem with you and the two semi-shaved apes you currently share a perch with is the fact you seem to think it's ok to go round kidnapping women.

    Didn't you learn anything between beatings?

    That's not a good thing McCoy.

    Or to borrow and re-phrase from the 22.


    See poor Jacob might have problems when it comes to keeping of the curtains a little but he's a deccent enough sort, little odd sure but he seems deccent enough so this week I'm going to do him a favour and punch your pearly whites out of your mouth.

    Then if Jake want's a hand I might just offer him one, see if between us we can't wipe the bitter taste of the second best McCoy out of the feds once and for all.

    What you think Jacob, you up for it?

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    We fade from blackness to the RoR logo emblazoned on a curtain. In front are two chairs. In one of them sits RoR interviewer, Katie Hopkins. In the other sits RoR Champion, mth. He is clad in a brown button-down shirt with turquoise stitching and jeans. His face is paint-free, a pair of blue-lensed sunglasses all that covers his otherwise naked visage (well, except for his beard, if that also counts). The RoR Championship gleams on his shoulder. She is wearing...oh I don't know, a nice black dress? Sure, that sounds good. And she's got notecards. Blue ones.

    Hello ladies and gentlemen, thanks for joining us for this very special treat. As you can see, I’m joined by your Ring of Rajah Champion, the Painted Prince himself, mth. First of all, thanks for joining us, mth.

    Thanks for letting me join you. Let’s dive in. Probe me, Katie.

    Erm, well, ok…So, how does it feel to be RoR Champion?

    I could throw a lot of words at you to express a lot of emotions, a lot of thoughts, a lot of things that come with this belt. I’m sure you could probably list a good chunk of them yourself. This is it. This is the apex. And I am here. But…but with all the thoughts of glory it’s hard…hard not to take every step without remembering the past. Because the last time I was a World Champion…the last time I was at the mountain top…the mountain was ripped out from under my feet. But you know what? Why should that bother me? Why should I worry? I was U*R*P World Champ. And you know what? I still am. And I will be forever. And now…now I am RoR Champion and even if this mountain crumbled from under me…it wouldn’t change that. The only thing that will change that is if someone reaches this peak, grabs me by the throat, and throws me off. Either way…should this mountain fall…or should I be bested…this accomplishment will forever be mine.

    You defeated Shirt Ninja and Jon Caito to win the RoR Championship and your first defense will be against Bloodied Fox. Your thoughts on these three? And who do you think might be the man that could take it from you?

    Anyone could take it from me. It’s a matter of who will. See…see this ties into The Day of the Jackalope. This is it. Anyone can try. Everyone can try. The spotlight burns brightest on the mountain top and I’m thrilled to the gills to let any and everyone step up, step in, and give it a go. To test myself. To test them. Because this is it. This is proving yourself. To yourself and to everyone. If you can perform at this level, if you are ready for the peak, if you’ve got it in you to be the best, to beat the best. Can you take me down? Can you take this from me? Can you survive the spotlight? Or will you burn? Will you fall…will you fail? I am happy to help every man on the Ring of Rajah roster answer those questions. And I think…I believe…heh, no no no, I KNOW…I know that I belong here. I deserve this. And I will fight to make sure my Day blazes on for a long, long time.

    So you’re not worried about Bloodied Fox?

    Heh. ‘Worried’ isn’t the word. The Fox has it in him. I know that. To be Champion, I mean. So there’s no harm in considering him a threat. But I don’t worry, I prepare. And as always, I improve. Foxo could probably slaughter one of the many mths we’ve seen in the past. But the mth that’s sitting in front of you? This mth is a whole different animal. You might have noticed, for example, that I now have a Mohawk.

    Ha, yes, of course. Well then, let’s talk about this mth. And the mths of the past. And if we may, matt. You have always been known for evolving and changing and the mth that’s with us today is a far cry from the mth that first appeared in RVW. Let’s talk about your evolution. And if it’s alright, let’s talk about matt because it seemed very clear he was dead. But now, it’s not so clear.

    Aaaah, yes, well, let’s start from the end and go backwards, hmm? Let’s start with matt.

    He raises his hand, his thumb flicking upward. A ‘ping’ rings out as a flash of silver gleams in the light. He opens his hand.

    This quarter…heads…tails…two sides, one coin. Simple. And the value of this quarter…what’s it’s worth…doesn’t change whether you’re looking at heads or tails, does it? And just because you’re looking at heads doesn’t mean tails ceases to be and vice versa. But ah, ah yes, the coffin. Dick Whelan. Sweet cold death! Well…what you see…what you think you see…and really, even what you’re told you’re seeing…may not be what it is at all. Ever since I put on this paint, they always were so quick to say there was a man behind it. Pile on to that the theatrics and the way I look, the way I talk…but under it all, they always pointed to the man. Just a man. And what did I do? I denied it. I barked and bit to prove them wrong. I even threw that man to the wolves to prove them wrong. And what happened? That man came back. See, they thought that man meant weakness and fear. But let me tell you something: matt willingly walked out onto the killing floor knowing what was waiting. Knowing Dick Whelan and the box were on the other side. Fear? matt doesn’t have a drop of it. But he’s got bravery by the boatload. And weakness doesn’t bring you back from the dead. What emerged from that coffin…it wasn’t matt-free…it was pure mth. And ‘pure mth’ is just as much matt as it’s not. Ever since I stepped into this business I’ve been trying to figure out who I am. I think every day since the day you’re born, that’s what you’re doing. Growing. Changing. Improving. Evolving. Every ‘new’ mth is better than the old mth. Smarter. Stronger. And now…now I know so much more. About matt. About mth. About ME. With every ‘new’ mth that comes along, comes less and less imperfection. Is perfection attainable? Well that brings us around to their point: just a man. Perfection is an illusion. But you can get damn close. I can get damn close. I used to believe….but now, now I know. I’m damn close. This…

    He caresses the belt on his shoulder.

    This says it for me.

    Back to Bloodied Fox for a minute. In your most recent promo, you reiterated that ‘there is no god’, obviously in reference to his God Death identity. But since you’ve resurfaced, you’ve certainly seemed to claim yourself a god. Doesn’t that make your claim a bit self-damaging?

    I know what I am. Now more than ever. I just spent five minutes spelling that out and I could easily spend another hour elaborating. But lay out the evidence. I am worshiped and praised. By thousands, maybe millions. Their life revolves around me. I matter more to them than perhaps anything else. I am their god. Should I deny that? Should I be sickened or saddened by that reality? There is no god. There is no reason to do anything but embrace it. Embrace reality. And then…then it’s what you do with it once you have. It’s The Day of the Jackalope is what it is. It’s the mth that’s sitting in front of you. It’s a man, a wrestler, a Champion…doing, being…what he thinks…maybe what he knows…a god should be. But just because I am doesn’t mean I am. They put me here. They brought me back. I didn’t ask for or demand any of it. But I gave them reason. I gave them evidence. I gave them reality. They may believe but I know. And I want them to know: I am your god but there is no god. And as far as The Fox goes…well, that’s just it. If there is no god where does that leave him? Is what’s left enough to beat me? To become Champion? That was my point to ponder. And I know Foxo will give it a good pondering. And then try to break my neck, bless him. Heh.

    If we can just come back to your evolution for a moment…it seems like you’ve even changed since you came here to RoR. It seems like even between shows you’re changing…your ideas, your message, your purpose and intentions. Some people think that shows weakness, that you don’t even know your own point while others think you might do it on purpose to throw your opponents off and maintain that unpredictability. Care to comment?

    Mmmm yes, sweet unpredictability. Maybe…maybe this is the part of the interview where I leap off this chair and give you a good old fashioned poison mist to the face, hmm? Maybe I snap my fingers and it rains paint all over this little set? Maybe I shake your hand only to pull you into the Jackalope’s Jaws? Maybe…maybe…maybe not. Maybe I maintain my composure and we finish this all nicey-nice. As far as your question…mth is liquid.


    Flow. You reach out to grab hold and SLOOSH. I’m here and then I’m there. It’s beautiful. Heh.

    Oookay. So as I’m sure you know, this coming episode, you’ve got the night off. How do you feel about that? Any plans?

    You read the little paragraph didn’t you?

    …I’m sorry?

    ‘mth has been attacked at the end of every single non PPV RoR show.’

    Oh, that.

    Mmm, yes, that. That indeed. I’d hate to break a trend, you know? I’m sure there’s somebody on deck just itching to lay out ol’ m-to-the-t-to-the-iggity-iggity-h. I’d hate to rob them of their moment…spotlight’s open, remember? Paragraph says ‘the camp’ tells you…mth says mth tells you: I’m there. Let’s all see what shakes out, hm?

    I’m sure all our RoR fans and wrestlers will be very eager to do just that, mth. Thank you very much for taking the time to sit down and talk with us.

    Still waiting for the mist?

    Honestly, yes.

    Heh. And we fade.

    And he’s right, we do. To black.

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    The light casts patterns through the shattered glass. Red, green, blue, yellow; all mix in the ruins as he sits on the battered and rotten bench, eyes slowly running across the light, as though seeking to decipher something

    Now this is a novelty: I have to teach mth to believe.

    It'll be lost on most of my younger colleagues, the irony in this. The man who once had faith in nothing seeks to instil faith into the man whose motto was "believe". Yet here we are Matt, with you standing at the summit and denying our shared divinity. There's no room for belief in the Day of the Jackalope, because apparently you 'know'.


    He stand and begins to walk forward, and as he does so, we see more of this location; charred stone arches standing like ribs, masonry gone to leaving gaping wounds in stone walls, gilt carvings tarnished with age and neglect. It is the ruin of a church.

    No-one ever knows, Matt, least of all the people who claim with certainty that they do. That is because knowledge will always be rewritten in the face of new evidence. How do we find the new evidence? By looking. What drives that search?

    He grins

    The dreaded 'B' word again, I'm afraid.

    He steps up to the altar, long since stripped bare of anything of worth. He runs his hands lovingly along the cracked marble

    You reject your divinity because it was not something you chose, and you reject mine because you believe, sorry, 'know' I chose it for myself, but that's simply not true. What we have become, you and I, comes from all those people out there, watching our actions and stringing them together into this narrative of collective reality. It isn't that they see it because it's real, it's becomes real because that is how they see it. If a thing does not exist that people perceive must, their belief will construct it. It will find a way, irregardless of any obstacles, to come to being. Is knowledge, flawed as it is, involved? Of course. That is part of how the means are found. The people's belief created the archetypes, the avatars, and after seeing what we could do propelled us into becoming them, man and myth merging...

    He looks up into the shattered stained glass window, a fanatical fire dancing in his eyes

    You know that they made us, you admitted as much in your little interview, but you can't bring yourself to embrace it, to let it flow through you and lift you with the rising tide. Instead you deny it, giving yourself all the credit out of some foolish pride. I'm not saying you don't deserve it, far from it! We both sweat and bled for it to come to this. The people would not have chosen us, in their hearts and minds and souls, if we weren't the best of the best. You know you're good, you know I'm good, and I know both these things too, but until you believe as they do, as I do, you will simply be just a man.

    And no man can stand against the wrath of a god.

    End Transmission

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    A singles match against Dazz, one of the founding members of the famed Catch-22, is what the suits here in Ring of Rajah offered me. Needless to say, it was a no-brainer, I jumped at the opportunity. I find it very unfortunate that our paths have never crossed for an extended feud, I think that we could have made some serious money. We both broke into the R-Feds at about the same time; you went to the XRF, I went to RPW.

    I had a great run in Rajah Pro Wrestling, albeit one that ended prematurely. Did it result in multiple Global Title reigns? No, but the practical experience that I received was far more valuable. My time spent in The Dynasty was priceless, I learned the ins and outs of the industry from two first ballot R-Fed hall of famers. Kid_Roll and Tylor Trenton wanted me on their team watching their backs, rather than antagonizing them.

    For the record, Dazz versus Tyson Bell is a marquee match. Have you ever heard the saying “The cream always rises to the top”? Win-loss records are trivial details, emphasized by those trying to inflate their sense of self-worth, of importance. Me, I could be in the midst of a five match losing streak, yet if the suits were to put me in the main event, the ratings for that show/pay-per-view would be off-the chart. Why? Because I have name value, people want to see me wrestle; some want to see me win, others want to see me lose. Regardless of the desired outcome, people will turn in.

    We have an opportunity here. The Ring of Rajah roster is littered with tag team specialists, dudes that can step out and handle a couple singles matches here and there. However, not exactly guys that can carry a company on their shoulders for an extended period of time. There is a void, a lack of icons on this roster. RoR is a team full of blue-collar workers, guys who will do the dirty work on the pitch to retrieve possession, to mark the opposing strikers. But no game changers, no offensive threats that can be counted on to regularly place the ball with a sweet spin into the top corner past the keeper.

    You’re making a mistake by looking past me, already planning your title reign: “…the belt around my waist won’t be coming back off”. I strongly suggest that you slow your role, use the next week and a bit to work out and review the game tape. Figure out your strategy with your team so that you may have a fighting chance against me.

    May 20th, Glasgow, Scotland; Dazz versus Tyson Bell, we step in the ring and take the first step towards putting our mark on this company

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    Ring of Rajah, is all about evolution.

    Not this company itself, not even about the industry as a whole, but the people within it.

    Hampden Park in Glasgow is the site of the next RoR event. For years, we were accustomed to seeing a man sit in the arena, mostly empty if not for those technical crew, who always seem to have something to do. However, the man that currently sits, is not the one we are accustomed to seeing.

    The easiest example is of course mth, who seems to change and evolve from show to show, as pointed out in that interview that just aired. The Catch 22, my opponents for this show. They evolved as well. We have already seen them a tad darker, more mysterious, less hijinks. Whether or not that stays, or how that changes with the originations of their evolution being brought to the front as a lie, is still to be seen.

    Even Dominic Dust, a man that came in as a whiny little brat has become, well, he is still a whiney brat, but at least now we know that the kid can fight. Then there is me.

    Caito sits forward in his seat, his black button down shirt, sleeves rolled up to display his tattoos, not just on his right arm, which is generally taped up, but his newest one, a simple word on his left forearm that mth would be proud of. In his hands, he holds something, not quite easily seen by the camera.

    In IWF’s short history, I stepped out of my comfort zone, coming to aid a man known as Grey when he needed it. It was the first time I had been seen since Age of Legends, and to say my change in attitude surprised some, would be an understatement. And then RoR opened its doors, and an old friend, brought me back into this world. We all know how I started, and we all see where I was going.

    I was this close to finally being world champion.

    Didn’t happen.

    I am not going to lie to you and tell you I wasn’t upset, I wasn’t frustrated. After all, if I had continued to do things the way I had back in U*R*P, in AoL, would I have won the match?

    I don’t know. All I know now is, that there are rumours flying in regards to what happened between me and Rip in the ring last week, and at the scene that that segment ended with. I have made it known simply that I had nothing to do with it, and said nothing else. So it doesn’t surprise me that I might not be that well “believed”, what with my history and all.

    This is about evolution, this is about trying to stay at least one step ahead of the darkness.

    That is why I will not get dragged down, being blamed and accused for this. That is why I have decided to ignore all questions regarding Rip, and the whodunit scenario.

    I will not allow you, any of you, who are not on my level, to drag me down.

    Instead, I will focus on my match, and one bright sign.

    The return of the closest thing to an ally I have left that can lace the boots up.

    Catch 22 against Jonathan Caito and Spider “Buddy” Knight.

    Catch 22 against Requiem.

    My evolution continues here.

    As he finishes, Caito sits back in the seat, and finally, the object in his hand becomes apparent.

    One of Rip’s cigars.

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