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Thread: MWA Roster Thread

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    MWA Roster Thread

    For anyone who wants to join the MWA, please post the wrestlers you want to own here. I will update this thread to keep track of the roster as time goes by.

    -You can own up to four wrestlers. I'd encourage you not to go that high unless you're going to have a stable or tag team.
    -You can create you own wrestler or choose a real wrestler. You can choose any wrestler from any time period in history.

    If you are creating an original wrestler, please fill out this form:


    Briefly Describe Gimmick:
    Finishing Move (Up to 2):
    Signature Moves (Up to 3):
    Other moves (Up to 10):
    Style (Power/Technical/Brawler/High Flyer/Martial Arts/Other):

    Character background:

    Current MWA Roster (4/29):
    Adair-“Outlaw” Bobby Daley and Pretty Larry (The Rebel Outlaws)
    Cragzman-Big Daddy Cragzman
    ImperialStingmon-Andrew Zane, Goldberg
    Kneeneighbor-Demolition (Ax and Smash w/Mr. Fuji)
    Mth-Warbird, Goldust
    Rip-Ball, Al
    Sp@des-Shirt Ninja
    Smell It?-The Miz
    Sparky-Mark Holland, Deuce N Domino
    Sweet_Chin_Music- "Lone Wolf" Travis Williams
    TimeSplitter-The Troupe (Marcellus and Talbot)
    The_Mike-John Michael White, The Rock

    Inactive Members:

    Cewsh-The Great Muta
    Kdestiny-Kris Destiny
    Hero-Tendou Ichigo
    Vee-Bee-Skippy Smith
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    If it's ok, I already had my guys stats written up in a different format. If you want me to revise them into your format, just let me know. I may also claim a real wrestler later on, if that's cool.


    Wrestler’s Name: Warbird

    Nicknames: The Harbinger of Justice, The Hammer of Truth, The Big Bird of Goodness, The Masked Guy That Beats Up Bad Guys, Tweety

    Tag lines/catchphrases: “Eat justice!” “Warbird AWAY!” "CAW CAW KABOOM!"

    Entrance music:
    [ame=""]YouTube - Electric Romeo (Choir) - Immediate Music[/ame]


    Manager/Valet: Dog-o-War, a bulldog (secret identity: Bernard)

    Height: near 7’

    Weight: 360 lbs

    Location: Birthed from the Womb of Justice

    Face or Heel: Face

    Brief description of character’s gimmick: Imagine The Tick if he were a luchador. That’s basically him. Also, has a secret identity/alter ego, Warren Birdstrom, which is basically him wearing a shirt, tie, and fake mustache over his usual attire (mask included).

    “Ultimate Power Explosion” – Turbo Drop (spiral gutwrench powerbomb type thing that ends with him just tossing the opponent, couldn’t find a video)

    “The Eagle has Landed” – big splash off the top rope

    Signature/Named Moves:
    “Warhammer” – discus Polish hammer
    “Battlebreaker” – Emerald Frosian
    “The Slammer” – Amaze Impact (inverted chokeslam)

    Regular Moves:
    -German suplex
    -flying shoulderblock
    -delayed vertical suplex
    -belly to belly suplex
    -big boot
    -gorilla press slam
    -Texas cloverleaf
    -coconut crush

    In-ring demeanor: Agile bigman, uses a lot of power moves, but also has a bit of a wanna-be luchador spring in his step. Bit of a showman, too, eager to pose and play up to the crowd.

    Expanded history: Professional wrestling has always been full of wrong-doers, cheats, liars, and thieves. Many try to fight the good fight but few can ever truly vanquish the ever present evil that plagues the ring. Enter Warbird, soaring in from the heavens, ready to dish up a hot heaping helping of justice. This masked hero is ready to lay a clobbering on ne’r-do-wells and to restore sanity and order to an industry gripped by corruption. With his trusty Dog-o-War by his side, Warbird is ready to face evil head on and slam it down for the three count.
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    It's interesting that your guy's gimmick is sort of the face version of my guy's.

    Interaction seems inevitable.

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    Ha, I love the look of Warbird. Reminds me a bit of Stephen Colbert in superhero form. Since we have two somewhat mysterious guys I think throwing in early Mankind, who I initially was going to use as my real-world wrestler, might make the roster a bit oddity heavy though, so I will hang back on that and rethink what real wrestler I might use. For my own guy, though...

    Name: John Michael White
    Nickname: JMW
    Height: 5' 8"
    Weight: 197lbs
    Hometown: Edinburgh, Scotland
    Face/Heel/Tweener: Heel

    Briefly Describe Gimmick: The entirely hairless JMW is a practicing lawyer who is as slippery in court as he is in the ring. He prides himself in using his intellect and leverage to get out of tricky spots, and he is a backstabbing, scheming, manipulating, Republican-voting vindictive bastard who sometimes screws people over just because he can. Dressing in fine clothes, including his trademark purple sports coat, the cultured, aloof athlete also hates any wrestler who uses a baseball bat.

    Finishing Move (Up to 2):
    The Angel-Wing Submission Hold (Crippler Crossface)
    Symbol of Greatness (Corkscrew Body Splash)

    Signature Moves (Up to 3):
    Spear of Destiny (Spear)
    Ain't That A Kick In The Head? (Shining Wizard)
    The Gavel (Double Arm DDT)

    Other moves (Up to 10):
    DDT, leg lariat, low-blow, European uppercut, knee to the face, ARMBAR!

    Style (Power/Technical/Brawler/High Flyer/Martial Arts/Other):
    Mostly technical with a dash of brawler - not afraid to take a short cut.

    Character background: JMW began his career in Ring Wars as part of a trio, but soon gave up on tag teaming and mutli-man matches to amass a plethora of singles titles. Man to man, almost no one could outfox the lawyer, who seemed to have an answer to everything. Soon wrestlers the world over came to dread the words "I have a cunning plan...". The lawyer even won the inter-promotional Ring Wars Tag Team Finals championship on his own, and went on to hold the Ring Wars World Championship for a record-shattering ten months. He became the man to beat and the man to hate, and reveled in the role. But early in his career JMW suffered a serious knee injury, and though he has worked well to protect it, time is one thing you can't outsmart. John Michael White now works out of his law practice in Detroit, Michigan, where he resides with his live-in nurse who assists him with pain relief. Despite walking with a cane, he still mixes it up in the ring now and then, and is always on the hunt for a suitable opponent to try to vex.
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    Name: (Daniel) Ball
    Nickname: Cannon Ball, The Worlds Strongest Freak, The Freak That Will Not Die
    Height: 6'4
    Weight: 614lb
    Hometown: Durham, England
    Face/Heel/Tweener: Heel

    Description: Butterbean, wrestles in a dirty torn and badly repaired strongman costume and mismatched black and white boots and gloves.

    Briefly Describe Gimmick: Insane ex-circus strongman/freak

    Entrance: [ame=""][/ame]

    Finishing Move (Up to 2): Squashie - Frog Splash, Smashie - Delayed Jackhammer
    Signature Moves (Up to 3): Stretchie - Torture Rack, Bashie - Spear, Crushie - Running Slam to Corner
    Other moves (Up to 10):
    Military Press
    Gorilla Slam
    Power Slam
    Combination Punches
    Bear Hug
    Giant Swing

    Style (Power/Technical/Brawler/High Flyer/Martial Arts/Other): Nasty Brawler/Power

    Character background:

    Ball grew up in childrens homes, his massive size coupled with a rare genetic disorder that renders him almost immune to pain and freakishly strong (think permenant overdose of PCP) making him almost impossible to control, as he grew older he became further detatched from the norm till he left to join a travelling circus.

    In the circus he found a measure of success playing on his genetic problems, snapping hancuffs, lifting massive weights and allowing members of the audience to smash baseball bats on him, when the circus folded Ball drifted until this opportunity arose.

    Ball plays on his looks but is both faster and smarter than he looks.
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    Name: Andrew Zane
    Nickname: The Antithesis
    Height: 6'2"
    Weight: 240
    Hometown: Atlanta, GA
    Face/Heel/Tweener: Heel
    Entrance Music: [ame=""]YouTube - Slipknot - This Cold Black[/ame]

    Briefly Describe Gimmick: Andrew is a 4th generation wrestler. Andrew is a complete dick. He is nice to no one and always chases away chances at friendship/love/happiness. He has no problem holding back in the ring and has a tendency to get DQ'd.
    Finishing Move (Up to 2): Reaper's Sickle(Rikishi Driver)/Hatred Drop(A Razor's Edge bomb but instead of tossing them on their back he hoists the foe up and flips them over so they land on their face.)
    Signature Moves (Up to 3): Sonic Death(People's DDT)/Vengeance Strike(Burning Hammer)/Satan's Pitchfork(Superkick)
    Other moves (Up to 10): Lariat, Suplex, Thesz Press w/punches, Mudhole Stomp, Eye Poke, Groin Kick, Slap, Electric Chair
    Style (Power/Technical/Brawler/High Flyer/Martial Arts/Other): Brawler

    Character background: Andrew Zane is the son of legendary wrestler Scorpius Scharff and the grandson of legendary wrestler Jacob "The Thunderbolt" Scharff who himself is the son of legendary wrestler Dark Star. Andrew was a normal kid until the age of 15. Noe one knows why but he suddenly started getting in trouble with the law and comitting terrible deeds. He also holds a secret that he will tell no one. This is his first break into wrestling and he's looking to quickly place himself in the legendary category alongside those who came before him.
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    Name: Skippy Smith

    Nickname: "The Thunder from Down Under"

    Height: 185cms (6ft 1)

    Weight: 105kgs (230lbs)

    Hometown: Broken Hill, Australia\


    Face/Heel/Tweener: Face

    Theme Song: "Land Down Under" By Men At Work

    Briefly Describe Gimmick:
    Skippy Smith is an underdog, who's life ambition was to always become the Australian version of Hulk Hogan, after seeing him on the short-lived, yet popular 1990's TV show "Thunder In Paradise".

    Used to practice wrestling moves on Crocodiles, Kangaroo's and his half-sister, before moving to the US to become a professional wrestler. In his spare time works at Subway to earn some money until he makes it big in the wrestling world and achieves his dream of superstardom.

    Finishing Move (Up to 2):
    "Atomic Leg Drop" - Skippy Smith "hulks" up and then does a running Atomic Leg Drop, ala. Hulk Hogan on his fallen opponent in the middle of the ring.

    "Crocodile Crossface" (Arm Trap Cross face)- When the opponent on the back on the ground, Skippy jumps on them like a Crocodile and hooks on an Arm Trap Cross face. One locked in, Skippy doesn't like letting go.

    Signature Moves (Up to 3):
    -"Diving Headbutt"

    Other moves (Up to 10):
    -Big Boot
    -Body Slam
    -Multiple Punches
    -Drop Kick
    -Diving Crossbody
    -Rear Naked Choke
    -Running Bulldog

    Style (Power/Technical/Brawler/High Flyer/Martial Arts/Other):
    Basic Brawler, who has picked up a bit of a technical element from watching heaps of wrestling in the past few years (self taught)

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    Name: Al
    Nickname: Big Al
    Height: 4'2
    Weight: 150lb
    Hometown: Newcastle, England
    Face/Heel/Tweener: Face

    Description: Al is a midget, not a dwarf, he is in proportion for his size looking not unlike a scaled down version of Steve Austin, outside the ring he is always dressed to impress in designer suits and bright silk shirts with not always matching ties, he drinks like a fish and smokes like a chimney. In the ring he wrestles in a 3/4 length pair of black shorts with 'Big' one one leg and 'Al' on the other, he also wears black strikers mitts.

    Entrance : [ame=""][/ame]

    Briefly Describe Gimmick: High Flying, Suicidal, Death Defying, Lunatic Midget

    Finishing Move (Up to 2):
    Canonball Splash - 360 Splash Landing Feet First on Opponent
    Rolling Fury - Al kicks his opponent where it hurts, bounces the ropes and slides/rolls between the legs, bounces off the opposite ropes and vaults his opponent on the way back past before bouncing off the ropes and landing a two footed missile dropkick on his opponents head.

    Signature Moves (Up to 3):
    Catapult - Al runs the ropes using the momentum to launch a flying headbutt to his opponents face
    Equaliser - Running shoulder block to the groin
    Sparky - Tazer, given half a chance Al will use one

    Other moves (Up to 10):
    Pele Kick
    Shining Wizard
    Top Rope Headbutt
    Suicide Dive
    Joint Strikes
    Nerve Strikes
    Lou Therez Press
    Various Aikido Throws

    Style (Power/Technical/Brawler/High Flyer/Martial Arts/Other): Extreme High Flyer with Martial Arts Skills

    Character background: Al was one of five midget wrestlers hired by Big O to attack Gable (long story) after the inevitable carnage Al somehow ended up working for the giant, the two forming an unlikely but strong friendship. After the giant was hospitalised by Bloodied Fox Al became physically involved, attacking the R-Fed Legend on several occasions before returning to the ring in a one off match that was a set up for the return of his large friend.

    Despite his stature Al is a genuine wrestler and holds three black belts (Aikido, Judo and Wing Chun), he is willing to put his body on the line to cause damage to his opponent and is pretty much fearless once he walks the aisle.
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    Name: Goldberg
    Height: 6'4"
    Weight: 285 lbs.
    Hometown: Atlanta, Ga.
    Face/Heel/Tweener: Face

    Briefly Describe Gimmick: Almost unbeatable.
    Finishing Move (Up to 2): Spear, Jackhammer
    Signature Moves (Up to 3): Military Press Variations, Pump Handle Slam, Two-Handed Choke Lift
    Other moves (Up to 10): Hook Kick, Snap Swinging Neckbreaker, Big Boot, Scoop Powerslam, Underhook Suplex, Sidewalk Slam, Belly-to-Belly Suplex, Knee Strikes, Knee Bar, Dragon Screw
    Style (Power/Technical/Brawler/High Flyer/Martial Arts/Other): Power
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