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Thread: Who's Next?

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    Rumor has it Mousasi's been offered Rockhold. Would be terrific right under Romero/Whittaker to set forth a mini-tourney to ultimately take on Bisping whenever he's ready. Actually would prefer Moose/Romero for the interim and Rockhold/Whittaker for next up, but it's all good as long as the division gets properly jumpstarted asap.

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    Yeah, any combinations of the four is ok, just get the proper 185 show going. Then GSP and Bisping can go about their nonsense at any time they want.

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    Looks like Cris Cyborg will be on the UFC 214 card in July, but no opponent announced. GDR is scared, Cat won't be cleared for some reason, and Megan Anderson just announced she's defending her title at the July Invicta show. So basically nobody worth a damn type fighter v. Cyborg at 145.

    Maybe Angela Mangina or Bec Rawlins are putting on the pounds and will step up to the plate and get smacked the fuck back.

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