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Thread: The Star Wars thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bill Casey View Post
    It would have been a huge shame if Captain Phasma hadn't come back, as she's basically the perfectly constructed antagonist for Finn...
    It would have been Han Solo and Boba Fett all over again...

    Kylo Ren has too much baggage with Luke and Leia to waste by killing him, and Snoke is just a hologram...

    They could have killed Hux...
    Hux is pretty disposable...
    Hux being alive is weird other than he went to save Kylo. I mean legit anyone there could have done that. The fact they are making figures for him and on the poster, I guess means more of him which is fine I guess. I just want at least one of them gone in this movie, if they all survive to nine while some of the heroes die makes no sense to me.

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    If Hux had died in The Force Awakens, wouldn't you complain that he is the Tarkin of the movie? Evil Army guy with a super weapon who goes down with the ship after talking down to the someone who uses the dark side of the force. I feel like there is a lot of complaining for complaining's sake.

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