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I quite enjoyed hating all the albums people suggested for Rosk's music club thread, so I thought it might be fun to hate some other stuff.
Feel free to suggest some music, TV or film you think I might enjoy hating and I'll give it a review. I won't do books though, there isn't enough time in my life to read stuff I like, let alone hate.
I may pop my own things in here that I didn't like when I come across them as well.
If you suggest something I end up enjoying though, you lose the game, and thus your dignity, but that's the gamble.
"Mill Town" by Bob Martin

I was born in the turning of the tide
Just this side of a mill town by the sea
With nothing on the table but our pride
And the winter wind come wailin' in
Through the crack in the downstairs hall
But all in all,
They were good times

Every man had a job in the woolen mill
But the doctor bill kept us all so very lean
Father died in the war of '42
And where the two roads formed the city square
Right down there, they nailed a sign
With a paper wreath
And a star above his name
But just the same,
They were good times

Old time friends, come back again from time to time
In a dream i find, i've had a hundred nights before
Seems i've always been one day before tomorrow
A nickel, dime, and hard to find when it got a little hard to take
It got hard to take,
But for mama's sake,
Tried to find soft words it takes
To say i'm leavin'

Second floor, first door, tenement hall,
But that was all we needed at the time
Third door, Skinny-Girl did it any time
And mouth to mouth we talked at law
Trying hard not to breathe too loud
Underneathe the stairs
Her heart was pounding in my hand
Trying to understand
So many changes

Mama carried coal for the kitchen fire each day
All the way from a trainyard down the road
And never once did she bother to complain
About the pain that broke her down
In the tiny circle of her life
Couldn't take no more
When the pain got really bad
Made us almost glad
She died easy

Oldtime friends come back again from time to time
In a dream i find, ive had a hundred nights before
Seems ive always been just one day before tomorrow
And nickeldime and hard to find
When it got a little hard to take
It could hard to take
But for mamas sake
Tried to find soft words it takes
To say im leavin

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