Wrestle-1 Tag Notes (Kondo & Doi vs T-Hawk & El Lindaman 2018/9/2)

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I'm still not used to Japanese "indies"; truthfully, nothing is like it was when I first started watching puroresu 20+years ago. Because this match was awesome, I wish I had known what names to search for to find Wrestle-1 and take it seriously.

Really interesting dynamic with one real veteran and his hoss partner against two worthy but incapable babyfaces. The Strong Hearts seem'd to be on the green side of the fence, at least character-wise, with T-Hawk being the weakest link. Not familiar with anyone in this match, I really liked the work of all four guys in this match.

El Lindaman opens the 'bout with good-spirit'd disrespect to the veteran Shuji Kondo. I think he took the worst of the offense in this match because at one point, he starts selling back-pain and it makes his comebacks seem all-the-more valiant. Great wrestling skills, on the mat and flying.

Koji Doi seem'd a rather beastly hoss (that being, a rather large, young up-and-comer) and was the best surprise coming out of this viewing experience. He does the pad-free, singlet thing and he's obviously very young 6 years ago, but wow ... what presence, what confidence, and charisma he puts into putting the ultra-talent'd El Lindaman in his place.

Shuji Kondo plays a huge part in the success of this match, and it's an interestingly minimalistic tag performance: he basically lets Doi do the brunt of the work. Everything-he-does just makes it scarier to think about how it would have been if he was to try showing off how bad he could stretch a guy the size of Lindaman one-on-one.

T-Hawk was good, but the chop-fest between he and Doi was so early in the match, lacking so much build, it was clear that he wouldn't be worrying old Kondo. He's basically Hawk of L.O.D. all over again; very satisfying to watch, but not exactly thrilling in every way. He was obviously very disappointed to not be able to outmatch Kondo and save his partner from defeat at the hands of Koji Doi. Sad-but-true the way the match ends...
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