Daniel Makabe - Wrestling Genius ... and SONICO~! (plus, B-BOY!)

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I'm a big Daniel Makabe fan, don't ask me why. A lot of people are into him now, and he might be retiring so I'm going to review some of his matches. I was face'd with a plethora of awesome matches to choose from. He fights Hammerstone, Warhorse, and Alex Shelley - so there's not so perfect opponents that I like who Daniel gets to work different matches with. And then, there's matches with Kevin Ku and Cabana Man Dan, which I imagine could knock my socks off. I decide'd to check out a series of matches he did a long time ago that involve'd one Sonico because what I saw from Sonico in the past was awesome.

You've got to remember that to make it in indie wrestling, a wrestler has to sell themselves. And there's no way you get to sell yourself as the one and only Sonico if you're looking and smelling like Cannonball (or Abyss, or Bastion Booger for example - nothing against those three - it's just that they fight probably because they have to at their size - whereas Sonico fights because we have to see what he can do at his size). There's also a match here that involves B-Boy, who is not exactly the same wrestler he was at the start of the century, but he is the same B-Boy at the end of the day, so it's going to be interesting to see how he can mesh again with the Wrestling Genius or the high-flying Sonico.

B-Boy vs Makabe vs Sonico - CPW 8.12.17
B-Boy is still introduce'd as the New Age Punisher and I still don't really know what that means; is he a New Ager who punishes people or does he punish New Agers? It's cool with me though, because I assume b-boying to be a new-age sort of meditation-art, kind of like pro-wrestling without actual game-rules; so, I think he's saying he's New Age B-Boy, The Punisher, which is altogether awesome for a pro-wrestler to be - the name kind of works itself into the mind like a natural wrestling hold (ultimately moving away from the image of a gun-heavy, sad-story Frank Castle). On another completely annoying sidenote, these three guys are wrestling in shirts and they're three different kinds of shirts: a cut-off tee, a tank-top, and a jersey; however, all three men seem to be showing utmost professionalism (perhaps, exemplifying why B-Boy never jump'd up so high to be the 5th Rottweiler with crazy Homicide and crew; sometimes people get caught up in the wrong crowd). Lastly, I've never seen CPW before but the ring is full-size'd and it's a triple-threat match, so we're going to see something unusual by default - with this three, though, it's going to be a true display of pro-wrestling veteranship - B-Boy's just been in the game too long to go half-the-way-there with a Makabe and a Sonico (too much to prove with Makabe, too much to due for Sonico's career - I'm not talking about jobbing either - I'm saying if he's not the best wrestler he can be, he's going to make all both-men and the company look bad); he starts things off with a collar-and-elbow tie-up with Makabe because they get too close for comfort in the opening moments.

Next, Makabe has to lock up with Sonico, but B-Boy considers entering the fray, so they go for a three-way knucklelock instead - this is to ensure fairness and no one getting hit on the back of the head to start things out: the meaner it gets, the more pain must be dealt, and the higher the chances of pain being receive'd on anyone's part - that's basic golden-rule, in-ring psychology - you treat people how you prefer to be treat'd or you're lacking philosophy and less likely to make it far in life.
Sonico, being the weakest of the three, is overpower'd in the knucklelock, and some weird exchanges take place, in which we see Makabe standing back the most to maintain eye-level consciousness at what's taking place and it allows him to lock-in a double-STF on both men just seconds after the 3-way knucklelock (the Wrestling Genius uses his size as well as his wits to his advantage). Since Sonico is at the bottom of two STFes, he's extra weaken'd early on, so Makabe then tries to lock B-Boy up to inflict as much damage to his second opponent.

This is 5 minutes in and there's 12 minutes of video to go. I can see there will be extreme difficulty doing play-by-play on this via internet commentary, so I'm just going to review this after seeing the Sonico/Makabe match that took place a week after this one, and their second match that took place on my birthday 2018. So far, I'm seeing Sonico work very much the underdog, Makabe as the smart guy, and B-Boy at his usual apprehensive-but-not-fearful self. All three are working as if it's an R.O.H. main-event though, and being as the best R.O.H. triple-threat main-event actually took place in TNA (that is to say, even with great cruiserweights in great promotions, a great triple-threat match is rare), I'm banking on this match being one for the ages.
There's a B-Boy/Makabe match that I've seen before and depending on how this triple-threat match turns out, I may re-watch it. I remember it being a little too much like the first Danielson/Homicide match in R.O.H., but there are reasons for those sorts of things that are sometimes beyond the wrestlers' control. IIRC, last time I saw said Bryan/'Cide match, it wasn't as good as the first time I saw it - so, they weren't really the masters we thought they were in '04. Makabe and B-Boy might not have been the masters they should have been on the night they clash'd either, so I'm going to see what kind of shape they were in for this triple-threat match.
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