WWF International Incident Main-Event

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During the Free-For-All event, we see some sort of contract-signing between Lothario and Cornette, which turns violent. Jose Lothario punches out Jim Cornette, but Vader races to the ring to due somme bullying. At this instant, we see an incredible spot where Shawn Michaels slides into-the-ring on-his-belly, three-fourths of the distance across-the-ring and pops to-his-feet in about 3/4 of a second. This sort of ubermensch showcasing by Michaels is what gave kids like me the faith that the underdog really could reasonably win a fight against someone bigger. At this point, Michaels has gone through Diesel and The Bulldog during his title run, so it's kind of mentally challenging to see how he's going to have an easy time going through Big Van Vader.

Camp Cornette put a hurt'n on The Warrior leading up to thyss PPV. I did not know he and Bulldog ever lock'd horns. I definitely didn't know he took a Vader-Bomb...... Psycho Sid is a surrealist's pick for a replacement for the Ultimate Warrior. 3:16 came first, but then comes a redeem'd and forgiven Psycho Sid, so how did the Attitude Era really begin? Team Shawn cut an awesome 3-man promo to heat things up.

Thyss event happen'd in Vancouver, BC. I wonder if Daniel Makabe was in attendance? Ahmed Johnson has the sides and sleeves of his "tee" cut out; did he do thyss before the nWo start'd doing it? I've always wonder'd that. I also wonder if Warrior himself didn't do the artwork for the shirt. It seems more the work of Warrior than say, Bret Hitman or Jerry Lawler.

Sid is referring to himself as The Master and his super-over, ego-free psychoticism is well.. super-over, ego-free psychoticism. He's got a realist perspective as far as we know. Camp Cornette? Kind of delusional. Kind of low on their opponents. Vader is not as big as we remember, Bulldog couldn't beat Shawn, and Owen ... well, let's hope NO ONE in thyss match getz their hands on Owen.

I'm really intah thyss match to see how Ahmed did in a tag when he was in his prime (before his injuries wudde interfere with his run to the top), but also, to see the masters, basically. Shawn was like Bruce Lee back in the day. The force of his will was enough to keep our boats afloat. Sid is always a surprise to watch. He only had the powerbomb, chokeslam, and the big-boot, but that's more than Diesel had! Bulldog is one of my all-time favorites, Owen is the Hart I prefer to see at his best, and Vader is someone who's put on some of the best matches of all time. These are the masters and thyss match should havve been talk'd about by now no matter how it panz out.

Sid is group-hugging his partners to start; he knowz how to behave. Maybe thyss is Sid Justice we're looking at...Big L.O.L. at Owen's dirty arm-cast. It starts wyth Ahmed and Vader, but Vader wants to talk to Shawn. Shawn's not impress'd. I get the feel he's saying, Guard your heart or your enemy will enter you therein. Shawn climbs to the top-rope to enter instead of Ahmed. Fearless. Impenetrable. There's no jokes to be made when Vader is the biggest joke in the match. Vader does his vroom-vroom taunts so maybe thyss isz about who gets to ride Sunny when the night is over. I'm not buying that Shawn is toning down the comical facial expressions because he wants to get his hands on Cornette. He's got the gold and he has to defend it. One slip of the wrist and the whole load can fall down the mountainside. Speaking of which, Shawn's cross-body plancha to the outside is man-size'd. He appears to be the same size as Vader in thyss, believe it or not, and seeing him fly and land isz a lot more impressive than seeing, say, Ricochet fly and land... Sid's got a special elbow-pad on his left arm, and he letz the arm hang limp while clotheslineing the dudes. Thyss getz me wondering how bad he was hurt, how tough he was to wrestle anyways, and why he did it. Because Warrior was out? Nah, Warrior had to leave for thyss after takeing the whooping that he did; Sid believes in the people that believe in his team, that's for sure...Ahmed does triple-german-supleys. He also has a Bruiser Brody-esque scoop-powerslam. Who knew? Owen hits spin wheel-kick/leg-lariat and catches Ahmed on the chin, to which Ahmed bends the knees and falls back to, makeing the move look extra-painful. I mean, there's no fakeing that; Ahmed did not sign up to get kick'd in the face. The body won't do it; the spirit won't do it - it was an accident that he let it happen. Every bit of Ahmed and Sid's offense lookz good and isz effective. When Bulldog finally getz serious about toning down the Sid, Sid responds with an eye-rake. He's no-gentleman in a place call'd no-fool. Vader drops an elbow when it should have been a splash; he wasn't serious about his cause. Lawler makes a comment about checking the egoes at the door, and it appears that Ahmed haz blood from the kick he was given. When Shawn does an "ax-handle" from the top, it's clear he's working instinctually. He want'd something hurty-er, but he has no time to think. Vader was the carnie in thyss. Owen is the consumate pro; he enters a running cross-body which you never see. Shawn is willing to roll around with him; perhaps his arm really isz broken.. Perhaps Shawn isz falling asleep. Perhaps Shawn shudde havve laugh'd Vader off. Perhaps Camp Cornette are a stronger team; the sum greater than the parts. Perhaps Shawn use'd too much energy climbing the ropes. The crowd startz feeling goofy when Vader lockz in an arm-trap neck-wringer...he does it to sneak in a choke, which gets Shawn to wake up. Bulldog was way too negative in thyss. He still wantz the belt. He shudde have slow'd down and annihilate'd Shawn, but I guess he had too much Dynamite Kid-vibes running through him... Sid delivers a Hulk Hogan leg-drop to break up a count. It's glorious... Everyone wantz to see Ahmed even things up, because Shawn isz not the guy to beat all 3. Shenanigans make thyss a mere episode. Great match; and I underestimate'd the bad guys. Shawn does awesome Undertaker-style dive onto Vader after the match; I imagine Vancouver, BC went home happy that night. ***1/2, but someone else has to see thyss PPV. Gunns/Boddydonnas, Mankind/Henry O., Mero/Austin II, Undertaker/Goldust. Yes, please, someone tell me how it went.
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