Two TJP matches, that are, in fact, two different matches

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TJP vs Buddy M. from MLW
- how often do you see two cruiserweights do a tweener vs tweener match? I skip'd the interviews, but at this point, TJP was ask'n for attention and getting boo'd for it, while Matthews was over with the crowd, but still his ornery self and not exactly a babyface no matter how hard he tried. I don't know how to do play-by-play with TJP, he does moves I don't know the names of. Matthews on the other hand, I'm use'd to seeing do the same thing every match. This match he didn't even get a chance to do a lot of signature stuff, he sold the leg most of the match. I question a lot of these guys and promotions as far as weight-class goes. I'm 5'7" and I was about 210lbs for several years and none of it was muscle. So how Buddy Matthews was ever a cruiserweight, only Disco Inferno knows. SO, if you like cruiserweight action, like these guys, want to see exactly how heel vs heel/face vs face/tweener vs tweener match gets work'd TO PERFECTION. Check out their MLW match. It's the bomb diggety. **** that's 4 stars off the top of my head. MOTY? Nah, not that sort of thing. Something different entirely. Don't be afraid to search for this on google.

TJP vs Alexander Hammerstone from some indie, watch'd on youtube...
This was basically my intro to Hammerstone and I like'd what I saw although I'm still confuse'd about his size. I thought he was much taller, but when he gets TJP on his knees, he does appear to be kind of a giant. He points to his head and claims to be more brain than braun, but the ever self-aware TJP does a masterful job of showing Hammerstone ain't exactly hip to great defensive wrestling. That is to say: Hammerstone doesn't study videotape. His personality is great heeling around for TJP, who can be kind of ... flippant?

TJP is such a real dude when it comes to who he is in the ring. He's been around a long time and was underrated for a long time even while winning legit gold. He acts like it doesn't matter what people think, but he also doesn't have a lot of misbehaving to do with such talent. In this match with Hammerstone, his lack of size gets the best of him, but he shows for the duration that he is on his way to the main event for the long haul (and if I'm wrong on a prophetic scale, it's no worry, because he's got several titles to his name for the record books).
** because these two were clearly worth the price of admission alone on this little indie date couple years back.
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