Horatio K. Dick, A Theologian

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Darby Allin vs CIMA from AEW Dark (Episode 1 - The Phantom Menace) (available thanks to AEW on youtube)

Basically, this match is for people interested in the truth behind spiritual things. Not spirituality in general, but spiritual things like, the Bible and the truth, and are they the same thing, and does one take the backseat to the other, and so forth.

- The reason I say this is because it's like watching Atreyu vs Peter Pan, or more specifically: Jesus vs Little King David.

- The Bible is basically a story of 2nd place. Jesus is second to God, but they switch places. Archangel Michael is match'd by head-elf Gabriel. Employee of the Month Simon-Peter learns humility by watching Apostle Paul survive poisonings. Even in the Old Testament, it's a long line of men coming in second place to God - Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, Joshua, Samson, Daniel, and the biggest #2 in the whole book: Davey Boy (son of Uncle Jesse). The Bible teaches there is no Won without the Zero, so you're always getting bronze at best with mom and dad coming in tying for first before you were even born. Even the father of Jesus, Joseph, wasn't his real father, and in the Old Testament, Joseph the Prince of Egypt was actually just a really important guest in a foreign palace - not an actual prince. So, The Bible wants us to accept that we're always coming in second place as nothing is really permanent in the World of Pro-Wrestling. The greatest cruiserweight in the world - CIMA, is never going to be able to prove he is better than Darby Allin unless he can do it here on AEW Dark in utter insignificance after both guys died in The Promise'd Land thousands of years ago... You have Wikipedia. Look it up...

CIMA basically learn'd to stop being a rookie by whoop'n all of Ultimo Dragon's students one or more at a time in dark Toryumon/Dragon Gate dungeons, did he not? Meanwhile, Darby goes straight from defeating Goliath to challenging God, or the son of God anyways, who is CIMA. How do I know that? Because, who leaves Japan to do public-relations wrestling in China of all places? Only a saint. A saint like CIMA, who is basically the greatest wrestlers I've ever seen, until this match, where he takes second place to the fastest wrestler I've ever seen, Darby Allin.

Darby headbutts his quadricep while he's the Tree of Woe. He runs, spins, and back-elbows said quadricep. He DDTs his ankle to further stretch the Lord's quadricep. CIMA still entertains. Nothing can stop CIMA from entertaining. Nothing at all. Never has. Except maybe whatever is keeping CIMA away. Thoughts and prayers, CIMA. What more could we have ever ask'd of you? I'll venture to say: set-up a Coffin-Drop with a Code-Red. Freak'n awesome match. Best match of all-time if all-time could be contain'd in about 8 minutes. I want to see more CIMA even after seeing the greatest CIMA match of all time, BUT, I have to also say Darby is even better in cruiserweight matches than he is playing the underdog against anyone on earth. What do we learn from the story of CIMA vs Darby Allin? That can be found in the only book-of-philosophy in the Bible wherein it states: Time and Chance is the Fate of Every Man. In the Passion of the CIMA, we find out that King Darby is ruthless warlord, and a ruthless after all.
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