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  1. Two TJP matches, that are, in fact, two different matches

    TJP vs Buddy M. from MLW
    - how often do you see two cruiserweights do a tweener vs tweener match? I skip'd the interviews, but at this point, TJP was ask'n for attention and getting boo'd for it, while Matthews was over with the crowd, but still his ornery self and not exactly a babyface no matter how hard he tried. I don't know how to do play-by-play with TJP, he does moves I don't know the names of. Matthews on the other hand, I'm use'd to seeing do the same thing every match. This match ...
  2. 2022 MOTY

    So Tom Lawlor fought Jon Moxley in April 2022 and it didn't get release'd for free until recently.

    I just said Lawlor's indie-rific tendencies brought down his match with cruiserweight sensation TJP (they did), but check it out, in this match, they cover for Moxley's major-league shortcomings. This was MOTY quality, I don't care who yuh are, this was hard to watch. It's a 20-minute indie match between two guys who look like eachother, and have similar but different tough-guy reputations, ...

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  3. Horatio K. Dick, A Theologian

    Darby Allin vs CIMA from AEW Dark (Episode 1 - The Phantom Menace) (available thanks to AEW on youtube)

    Basically, this match is for people interested in the truth behind spiritual things. Not spirituality in general, but spiritual things like, the Bible and the truth, and are they the same thing, and does one take the backseat to the other, and so forth.

    - The reason I say this is because it's like watching Atreyu vs Peter Pan, or more specifically: Jesus vs Little ...
  4. AEW Wednesday Night Dynamite

    Quote Originally Posted by Sasori View Post
    I'm not sure I get your criticism either, Nash. AEW has done a good job utilizing the roster they have. Jericho mixing it up with less established guys and making them look credible is going to help build the company for the long term.
    I agree. I think Jericho has done well building the younger and lesser experienced talent thus far. Although it seems the Inner Circle has lost most of it's steam. It feels like they lose more matches than they win at the moment. Waiting for Pride and Powerful ...
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  5. What's in a name? Mafia

    Quote Originally Posted by Jordo View Post
    It's swahili for fucks sake lol

    Grim you're a mad man
    jordo ni mama aliye na kumbukumbu nzuri.
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