View Full Version : UFC 236 Holloway v. Poirier 2 LIVE! April 13th, 2019

Nash Diesel
April 11th, 2019, 9:39 AM

This will be the first UFC ppv to be distributed through ESPN+

I'll be honest, I have virtually no idea who 90% of the card is beyond the main events.

Fanny Batter
April 12th, 2019, 1:14 PM
It's pretty much an all action undercard which I like. OSP and Krylov are both pretty much kill or be killed, Alan Jouban doesn't have boring fights, and Anders and Rountree are two unrefined heavy hitters so somebody's likely going to sleep there. It's low on relevance but should be high on entertainment.

The 2 main events are great fucking fights. Interim titles are stupid but if you look at them as basically #1 contender titles that entitle the bouts to be 5 rounds, it's forgivable. Holloway and Poirier is going to be insane, both offensive minded juggernauts with major durability. It can't not be a war, unless Poirier catches him in a d'arce choke early in a scramble or something. Chances are, it goes into the 3rd and possibly the 4th, with Holloway gradually breaking Poirier to the body then going to work. Best fighter in the game. Him and Khabib is going to be insane.

I like Gastelum to beat Adesanya. They're kind of each others kryptonite really though, which is saying something considering Adesanya hasn't been beaten. The forward charging, pressure, wrestling and chin of Gastelum will cause him problems like Vettori and Wilkinson did last year, and he's a huge step up from those 2 guys. On the flip side, Gastelum struggles with a fighter who uses their length well, like in the Magny fight. I just like Gastelum's power to get it done here. Adesanya has been knocked out in kickboxing, and Kelvin is one of the bigger punchers in MMA. The hands down style gets him clipped and taken out in my eyes.

Nash Diesel
April 12th, 2019, 2:13 PM
I think DP v. Holloway has the potential to be one of the best MMA fights we've seen in the modern era. Holloway very well could be the best MMA fighter on the planet p4p.

April 14th, 2019, 8:11 AM
That was a stunning card.

Fanny Batter
April 14th, 2019, 9:42 AM
2 awesome 5 rounders. Nip and tuck, close fights with the judges getting it right in both. Neither Kelvin or Holloway lost much in defeat, they're elite fighters but Adesanya and Poirier were just that bit better. Really happy for Dustin actually, he's always been a great watch and it's good to see him put it all together.

Nash Diesel
April 14th, 2019, 9:17 PM
Been a huge fan of Poirier after seeing a documentary on Showtime with him in it.

He is well deserving and a great warrior.

Those 2 fights were incredible.

April 15th, 2019, 3:25 AM
I found it difficult to score Holloway vs Poirier. I thought going by the old system Max would’ve taken it 3-2. Although more damage was definitely done in the 2 rounds Poirier clearly won.

I don’t think that Max can do anything major in that division without putting on some significant size.

I felt Adesanya 3-2 as well.

Nash Diesel
April 16th, 2019, 3:00 PM
Dana White on the "idiots" who aren't fans of the, what seems to be massive, amount of interim title fights:

“I’m going to tell you because I’m going to take another swing at the idiots that don’t like interim belts, there’s probably some of you in this room, too,” White said at the UFC 236 postfight press conference. “But here’s the reality -- when more is on the line -- could you imagine if Israel Adesanya versus Kelvin Gastelum was a three round co-main event? Even the Poirier fight, the main event if it wasn’t a five round fight. These titles mean something to them.

“So when you go in there and there’s a belt on the line and you know what’s next. ‘Cause now Israel, and I’m sure many of you saw it tonight, Israel’s flashy, Israel’s a good looking kid, Israel speaks really well -- Israel became a star tonight. Israel Adesanya became a star tonight. People are going to be talking about that fight for a month.”

White stressed that because all four men who competed in the fights had something tangible to aim for the spectacle was better for it.

“It’s about what’s on the line,” White said. “You know how bad Israel wanted to win that fight? You know how bad Gastelum wanted to win that fight? Watch it. Watch the fight. That’s how bad they both wanted it. There’s real stakes. There’s something on the line. Now if you’re Israel Adesanya, you’re lined up -- we had to wait for Gastelum before and we had to wait for Whittaker to come back -- now Israel Adesanya comes out and he’s got a belt, he already beat Gastelum, he doesn’t have to wait for Gastelum and he gets pay-per-view [points]. How does this not make sense to anybody?

“Israel Adesanya was on vacation,” White added. “He left vacation to come take this fight because he understands what’s at stake here and what he can get. The same thing for Max, you heard Max all week, he wanted to be a double champ, he wants legacy, he wants people to know his name when he’s long gone and he wants two belts and there’s more money involved in that, too.”