View Full Version : What Happened To....? (MMA Edition)

Nash Diesel
April 3rd, 2018, 11:29 AM
Legends, cult favorites, and every in between. I'll kick it off with a random fellow who had the gumpish good looks of a Forrest Griffin and the fighting spirit to match. I bring to you someone from the class of could have but didn't wind up being, Mr. Amir Sadollah.



Amir came to us via the Ultimate Fighter, winning the Team Forrest v. Team Rampage show (TUF 7) back in 2008. He had no pro or amateur fights to his credit prior to getting on the show but he managed to beat the likes of Matt Brown, Gerald Harris, and CB Dolloway (twice) on his way to getting the 6 figure contract.

While I still remember that 20 second KO loss to Jonny Hendricks I still think he was a tough hombre. His other losses were against tough fighters like Duane Ludwig, Dan Hardy, Akiyama, and Stun Gun, all going the distance.

Apparently he holds the UFC record for most leg kicks in a 3 round fight (46-ouch)

So what happened to Amir? Where is he now?