View Full Version : What are infractions?

Version 6
October 26th, 2017, 10:46 PM
Hello everyone,

As part of trying to be more transparent about things I would like to start off by talking about infractions.

Going forward infractions are going to be the main way that people get banned. Infractions occur when someone makes a post that violates one of the following rules.

Malicious Behavior
Continuing after being told to stop

Now obviously some of these are more serious than others and because of that each one has its own points value.

Porn/Nudity - 10
Racism/Bigotry - 4
Malicious Behavior - 4
Abuse/Bullying - 2
Continuing after being told to stop - 2
Trolling - 2
Advertising - 1
Spoilers - 1

When you get an infraction that point value will last for 3 months. If you get 5 points, you're automatically banned for 3 days. If you get 10 points you're automatically banned for 10 days.
If you are regularly being banned then the ban length will be made even longer and yes that does eventually mean a permanent ban.

I know some will say the ban periods are too short. But as a team, we see our role as facilitating and encouraging discussion. So, the idea isn't to stop people from posting but rather to correct behaviour that is not conducive to active discussion.

A lot of these aren't black and white rules and we will try our best to be fair. If you think action hasn't been taken right away, it's because we may be discussing it to try to make things as fair and consistent as possible.
We encourage reports as that helps us greatly.