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Tainted Eclipse
January 31st, 2015, 7:51 PM
With so much territory-era TV on youtube these days I wanted to start checking more of it out. Not just the big matches but the fuller episodes, to get a feel for how things were presented/promoted back then. I watched this early today, the 6/4/83 episode of Memphis wrestling which was dedicated to the build to the 6/6/83 LLT match between Dundee and Lawler, which is an all time classic match btw and easily available on youtube.


Really effective episode. Three squash matches, one a tag squash and the other two from Dundee and Lawler showing off against nobodies in preparation for their match. Lawler and Dundee are out with the announcers the whole episode and it's very entertaining, a couple of the near-fights are really effective and feel exciting. This definitely makes the upcoming match feel like just about the biggest thing ever. Very simple show with no good matches or much 'variety,' but they focus on one thing, the build to the big match, and do it incredibly effectively and it's a really fun watch.

So talk about old school territory-era wrestling here. Favorite episodes, favorite segments, promos, angles, etc.