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March 9th, 2013, 7:11 PM
I didn't know what section to put this in so I decided to put this in here.

I've been constantly playing TEW 2010 since it's come out. It has convinced me that I suck as a booker because I can never get my promotion over. It either regresses or stays in the same spot the entire time. Now due to some attempted game fixing (and failure at such) I started a modern day scenario beginning in August of 2012. The catalyst of this thread is due to the fact that ever since someone posted in the WRP thread, it made me think back to my game because WRP is still in business. With their Internet deal, they are the #3 promotion in the world (more on that later). I decided to start this diary if you will in an attempt to show how batshit insane the wrestling world has become in August of 2020. A couple of notes before I get started:

[*=center]I have created myself and several of my friends in the game world, emanating from our own dojo
[*=center]My career arc has taken me to the Urban Wrestling Federation (remember that?) to fixing the game to becoming the booker of SHIMMER (having the owner released by changing his contract) to doing the same to book Ring of Honor and now making my own promotion, North Star Wrestling, coming to you from Canada
[*=center]All those who wanna curse me out for all of this, remember a) it's a game and b) I have no problem admitting I suck at it.

Got it? Great. For this, I'm simply state the top promotions and their champs.

#1 Promotion is....

Impact Wrestling.

Currently, the champion is myself [disclaimer: I have never, ever, taken control of Impact Wrestling or any of the top promotions on this list]. Want someone to blame, his name is Gabe Sapolsky. Gabe became the booker when my game fixing went awry to fix the contracts of Eric Bischoff (TNA Booker) and Michael Hayes (WWE Booker). When Impact Wrestling went global, they attempted to steal every standout independent talent and actually make them look viable along with stealing the world's top stars when available. With respect to WCW, Impact Wrestling now boasts the most star studded group of talent in wrestling history. In August 2012, Austin Aries was champ. The road to JR Slim led to following World Champion reigns:

James Storm
Dos Caras, Jr.
Samoa Joe
Bobby Roode
Jake Hager
John Hennigan
CM Punk
Rey Mysterio

Current Champions:
X-Division: Gunner. Yes, that Gunner. Gunner has become a certifiable star in the world leading to his only title reign while in the company. Former champs include Kenny King (who won it off of Zema Ion) and Rey Mysterio

TV Title: Sheamus O'Shaunessy. Dixie Carter has a bankroll that would make Ted Turner jealous. Former champs include Shelton Benjamin, Garrett Bischoff, Magnus and Bully Ray.

Knockouts: Rosita. Somehow this division is only ehhh, which is the case when Rosita is a 4 time champion. She has won the belt off of Sarita, ODB (record holder at 6), Miss Tessmacher, and Taeler Hendrix. Also of note, Hendrix won the belt off of Beth Phoenix, her Knockouts Tag Title partner. I'll leave the coverage of those belts at that.

Tag Team Titles: "The Sultans of Slam" Shelton Benjamin and Alex Shelley. Probably the most consistent thing they've had over the course of the game. TNA brought the reunion of Jay Lethal & Sonjay Dutt (who held the belts for 3 years) as well as given us the reunion of the Machine Guns (temporarily) and brought together a main event tag team of Mr. Anderson and Zema Ion. Also, for a brief period we had the return of the Hardyz into the tag ranks.

Next up, our #2 promotion in the world...

Cewsh's Nightmare, aka WWE

Stephanie McMahon now runs the company. In a hilarious move, Trips was the booker was booted for Michael Hayes. After some fixing, they decided they need a real booker capable of promoting the #2 company in the world. Who better than the return of Eric Bischoff? Bischoff and Steph retained several legends such as the Rock, Brock Lesnar and Stone Cold but their lack of new stars has caused TNA to jump over them. Also, the brand split is fully in place and has given us a shocking turn of events. Your WWE and World Champions.... Bubba Ray Dudley and Brodus Clay, respectively. Yes, the #1 & 2 guys in the company. Punk and Sheamus were champs at the game's beginning & to Punk's credit he really has been the best in the world retaining the belt until (before) Wrestlemania XXXII (not a typo) to John Cena. After him was the Miz, Zack Ryder (!!!), and Kassius Ohno before the Dudley grabbed the belt. Smackdown's lineage is also a bit wild. Big Show held the belt until Sheamus & John Cena traded the belt for 3 years (twice) until Orton grabbed it, then Big Show won and lost it to Seth fuckin Rollins. Not much else to say here except another indy raid came from the E.

Intercontinental Champion: Joe Hennig. Yea, that's right. They dropped him and scooped him back up under his real name. I can't even begin to say all the names that have won the prestigious belt but the highlights go as far as Bo Dallas, Justin Gabriel, Titus O'Neil, Alex Riley, Sin Cara, Antonio Cesaro, Dawson Alexander (Otunga), Jimmy Uso and Primo.

United States Champion: JOHNNY!!! Jeter.... yep. Former winners include Trent Baretta, Seth Rollins (2x), Jey Uso, Tensai, Eddie Edwards and Christopher Daniels (yes, he's still fighting).

Divas Champion: Raquel Diaz. Eddie & Vickie's girl is a 6 time champion. For you NXT geeks like myself, pay attention to the show because the belt has been dominated by her and Charlotte, a 5x champ. Audrey Marie also won it twice and a comeback title reign for Melina.

Tag Division: Hennig and Alexander. Pays to have the big names like you. Hennig is dual wielding champion. Also, this is the closest thing to real life, as WWE had developed countless teams like the Usos, PTPs, 3MB, Kidd/Gabriel... never had a title reign. Who got it instead? Eric Escobar and Primo, Ted DiBiase and Eddie Edwards and everyone get ready for Team Maestro in 2014: Brodus Clay and Tensai.

#3 is a dead dream:

The Wrestling Retribution Project

WRP is powered by a monthly big event and a weekly event show all shown on the Internet. Apparently it doesn't pay too much because they only have 1 title. Which is quite comical because those who paid attention when the project actually had a shot at being finalized, there was a heavy devotion to tag teams, and considering at several points they've had Steenerico, the Briscoes, and the Dark City Fight Club, they didn't even think to make a tag belt. Whatever. F you Jeff Katz. F your booker Lance Storm. Their lineage of champions include:

Concrete (Chris Masters, currently back in the E).
Lord of War (MVP, currently in TNA).
Paul Burchill
Davey Richards
Charlie Haas
Jimmy Jacobs
Joe Hennig
Teddy Hart
Matt Sydal (also back in the E).
Tommy Lee Ridgeway (Adam Pearce)

Screw it. Moving along.

I was gonna stop there but it's only fair to name the biggest promotion in Japan, which is ranked at #4. It's a National sized promotion and has the most popular stars in the country. Of course I'm talking about:


For the uninitiated, I have decided to copy & paste the scenario's description of this promotion:

Pro Wrestling Wave is a women's pro wrestling, or Joshi Puroresu, promotion created in 2007 after the dissolution and closure of JDStar. The company was formed by Mikiko Futagami, or GAMI, former JDStar wrestler Yumi Ohka, and former JDStar booker Tatsuya Takeshi, who assumed the role of President for the new company. The company has had a very slow growth and grassroots rise, and is one of the few women's promotions in Japan to do shows on weekdays.

2010 was the biggest year for Wave, which saw them run Tokyo's Korakuen Hall for the first time, along with their first television broadcast by Samurai! TV, which was also a first. Prior to the show, WAVE's shows were (and still are) primarily sold as DVDs.

That's right. A Joshi promotion is #1 in Japan and #4 in the world. You know what else is crazy? Oz is #3 in Japan and is also National. Which means Tanahashi, Nakamura, et al, are being shown up by a bunch of girls. (FYI, All Japan is 2 in the world & 6 in Japan, and NJPW is 4 & 8). I'm not even gonna pretend like I know Japanese females a lot so I'll just go into the champs:

WAVE Championship: Mio Shirai. Currently 33 years in old in game time. 29% of the way toward the Hall of Immortals. Wrestling either in WAVE or Oz is the only way a woman is gonna make it there. Sorry SHIMMER (#24 in the world). There are only 3 names that ring a bell to me here who have held the belt: Ayoko Hamada, Syuri (14% a Hall of Famer), and Britani Knight (Paige from NXT, 59% a Hall of Famer).

WAVE Tag Team: Yoshiko and Yoko Bito. Veronica Vice is the only gaijin to hold this belt.

WLW World Young Women's Tag Team: Veronika Vice and Tsukushi. Since the title is American based, it makes sense that several foreigners have co-held the belt. They include Jacqueline Moore, April Hunter (the bar has been set low so far), Portia Perez, Jetta, Courtney Rush, and MsChif. MsChif and Vice are the only pure gajin team to win the belts.

And there's your fantastic 4, but to round this off, I'll break down the rest of the top 10 promotions by the champs.

#5: Dragon Gate USA. Open the Freedom Gate: 3 time champ Matt Jackson

#6: All Japan Pro Wrestling. AJPW Triple Crown and Champion's Carnival winner: Ricky Marvin

#7: Oz Academy, aka Gaijin Heaven (1/2 of the roster comes from around the world). Openweight Champion: Serena Deeb

#8: New Japan Pro Wrestling. Reigning G1 Climax: KENTA. IWGP Heavyweight Champion: Satoshi Kojima (only 49).

#9: Dragon Gate. Open the Dream Gate: 4 time champion CIMA.

#10: JWP Entertain Project (seriously?!). Openweight Champion: Sendai Sachiko (sidenote: all 3 of the joshi promotions have been #1 in Japan at some point).

And some highlighted promotions:

American Wrestling Association (yep, they're back). AWA World Heavyweight Champion: Jigsaw
AAA. AAA World Heavyweight Champion: 2 time champion Super Crazy.
CHIKARA. Grand Champion: Ice Cream, Jr.
National Wrestling Alliance. World Heavyweight Champion: Shannon Moore.
North Star Wrestling. Our title is vacant but the tournamernt finals to crown a new champ is between Michael Facade and TJ Wilson.
NXT. NXT Champion: Michael Hutter.
Ohio Valley Wrestling. OWV International Champion: Ricky (Ortiz) Young.
Pro Wrestling Guerilla. PWG World Heavyweight Champion: B-Boy.
NOAH. GHC Heavyweight Champion: B-Boy, who took it off of a retiring D-Von
Ring of Honor. ROH World Heavyweight Champion: Michael Elgin
SHIMMER. Champion: 2 time champion Athena (the amount of divas that have gone to SHIMMER is insane. And I do mean divas).

And there we go. How insane would people be now if this was the way of the world?

March 9th, 2013, 10:19 PM
Love this sort of thing, Slim. I still read diaries on Grey Dog's forums from time to time.

March 10th, 2013, 5:26 AM
TEW takes for-fucking-ever. EWR is still fun. It's missing an Elimination Chamber match and some other things, but you can get shit done in a fraction of the time.

March 10th, 2013, 10:20 AM
It does. And I have a crap laptop. I also have no PS3 so it does kill a lot of time for me easily. Moving along, I thought I'd update the world with those who have departed since the game's beginning as well as who made the Hall of Immortals (as well as the future inductees).

In Memoriam...

Bill Goldberg, May 2016 (He was 49).
Cibernetico, June 2018 (42).
Gene Snitsky, June 2017 (47).
Incognito (aka, WWE's Hunico), January 2013 (35).
Jeff Hardy, October 2017 (40). And yes, it was the obvious.
John Layfield, October 2014 (47).
Kurt Angle, March 2014 (45).
Lance Bravado, July 2017 (32). Not even sure if his brother has worked since then.
Rick Steiner, January 2013. (51).
Ron "The Truth" Killings, June 2018. (46).
Shawn Michaels, January 2016 (50).
Steven William Regal, January 2017 (48).
The Necro Butcher, June 2015 (41).
Warrior, April 2017 (57).

Also, the Hall of Immortals has grown to include some notable additions.

Aja Kong
Dynamite Kansai
Jeff Hardy
Jushin Thunder Liger (He wrestled full-time until he was 53).
Keiji Mutoh (another lifer. Wrestled until he was 54).
Kensuke Sasaki
Kenta Kobashi
Kurt Angle
Manami Toyota
Mayumi Ozaki
Mick Foley (he came back for 1 Royal Rumble, his only match in the game period).
Mimi Shimoda
The Rock
The Undertaker (both were semi-active for the longest).

And of course, the future Hall of Famers...

Booker T (semi-active)
Brock Lesnar
Chris Jericho
Glenn Jacobs
John Cena
Paul Wight
Randy Orton
Rob Van Dam (sitting at 99%)

AJ Styles (99%... probably not making it due to his position on the card)
CM Punk
Dos Caras, Jr.
John Hennigan
Rey Mysterio
Samoa Joe
Sheamus O'Shaunessy

Japan Based (all work for NJPW, unless noted):
Go Shiazaki (99%)
Hiroshi Tanahashi
Koji Kanemoto (semi-active)
Masahiro Chono (Japanese Terry Funk? 56 and counting)
Satoshi Kojima
Shinsuke Nakamura
Yuji Nagata (actually works for All Japan and New Japan full-time)
Hiroyoshi Tenzan (DG)
Mariko Yoshida (JWP, DG, Ice Ribbon. Recently retired so will be inducted within a month).

And a quick spotlight on SHIMMER:

#24 Promotion in the World, #9 in the USA
Owned by Dave Prazak, Booked by Terry Taylor
Highest attendance for a SHIMMER event: 6,000

SHIMMER is completely different than the shows we've come to know in reality. Prazak and assorted bookers opted for the best blend of star power and talent, as evidenced by several people who no one would expect to fight in the promotion, let alone be champion. At the beginning of the game world, the cult legend Saraya Knight as well as the team of the Canadian Ninjas (won the vacant titles) held gold in the promotion. A hodgepodge of wrestlers have since worn the belts.
In terms of the tag titles the reunion the Minnesota Home Wrecking Crew led to title reigns in both team formations (Lacey/Rain, Rain/Jetta) along with such incredible teams like Ayumi Kurihara & Ayoko Hamada, Hamada and Kellie Slater, Ariel and Nikki Roxx, Chyna and Mia Yim, Jersey and Lacey von Erich, to the current champions of Ashley Massaro & Buggy Nova.
As far as the main belt goes, 2 time champ Athena follows a ridiculous lineage. Saraya Knight lost the title to Brianna Garcia (yes, the Bella twin), Cheerleader Melissa, Hailey Hatred, Eve Torres, Lacey, Nicole Garcia (yes, the other twin), and Barbie Blank (yes, Kelly Kelly is a former SHIMMER Champion). Barbie Blank also has the highest rated match in SHIMMER history defeating Ayoko Hamada with a 94 rating; it was also the highest rated show in company history.

March 10th, 2013, 11:37 AM
Shit, I'd watch Kelly Kelly vs. Hamada. Bizarro Shimmer sounds pretty crazy and great.

March 14th, 2013, 8:54 PM
Happy New Year in the bizarro future. It's now officially January, 2021. Time to give out some awards.

Most Improved Promotion:
WRP. The dream that died before it began in the real world is once again global size, going into the new year. They probably will slip back down to cult in a manner of time, as they do not have the star power or the necessary stars over to sustain this success.

Promotion of the Year:
Impact Wrestling, aka TNA. The #1 promotion for 5 years in a row.

Female Wrestler of the Year:
Natsuki Taiyo. 1st time winner. Currently working for Pro Wrestling WAVE. Ranked #4 in the Power 100. No non-Japanese worker has won the award since the game started. Currently sits at 49% toward becoming a Hall of Immortals member. For those who are curious, feel free to check out Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Natsuki_Taiyo

Veteran Wrestler of the Year (42 years old and older):
Dos Caras, Jr. 1st time winner. Ranked #2 in the Power 100. Took over the title from fellow IW member, Rey Mysterio. Already Hall of Immortal bound.

Young Wrestler of the Year (24 years old and younger):
Riho. 23 years old. Currently 15 in real life. Already 44% toward the Hall of Immortals as WAVE looks to continue to grow. Came into 2020 with the WAVE Championship.

Wrestler of the Year:
John Hennigan. 3rd time winner. John Morrison has lived up to the Shawn Michaels comparisons. Fun fact, Fit Finlay actually won the award in 2014. That old man was a beast. He's also a road agent for IW, which probably explains why Hennigan has had such great matches. Held no titles throughout the year; just quality matches.

The Power 100:
I'm not gonna type out the whole list. Just know for the uninitiated, the Power 100 is based off of in-ring performance. I'll list the top 5 and then some notables. Also, I'll get this out of the way, my guy was #7 (his highest showing ever)...

1) John Hennigan
2) Dos Caras, Jr.
3) CM Punk
4) Natsuki Taiyo
5) Sheamus O'Shaunessy

8. Britani Knight. Knight is the highest ranked talent that's not tied down with a written contract. Knight wrestles for Pro Wrestling WAVE only as of right now. Sitting at 59% a HOI member. Once ranked as high as #5.
14 & 15: Partners in Crime (Shiima Xion & Mr. Anderson). Held the tag titles in IW for over 2 years, ending in April of the past year. Currently sitting at 84 & 59% toward the HOI.
22. Phil Shatter. Yes, Gunner of TNA fame. 34% HOI eligible. Was the X-Division Champ for over a year. I dunno, man. Blame Gabe. Speaking of, Joe, Shelley, Kaz and Styles followed right after him in that order.
36 & 39. Rain and Lacey. Lacey came out of retirement and went back to SHIMMER for a bit. She and Rain are now wrestling in Japan and are the highest rated American women on the list. 4 and 9% HOI eligible, respectively. 2x Oz Tag Team Champions.
47. The Miz. WWE's 1st entry on the list.
53. Robert Roode. The ace of WRP. Their highest rated man on the list. Roode's contract ran out and signed with Katz
54. KENTA. The highest rated man not attached with a written contract. Still freelancing, still ass kicking.
58. Hiroshi Tanahashi. Long live the king.
61. John Cena. Still around, but not taking up the spotlight.
66. Nick Nemeth (Dolph Ziggler). 79% HOI eligible. For the record, still hasn't had a chance to win the World Title.
77. Matt Cardona (Zack Ryder). 94% HOI eligible.... yep, not gonna say a word.
89. Fergal (Prince) Devitt. 19% HOI eligible. Push this man, please! Currently wrestling for Dragon Gate.

Ok, moving along. Eric Bischoff has finally retired. Which means there is a void as far as the booker for WWE. With the opportunity in front of me, I quit North Star Wrestling in hopes of becoming the booker (they won't let you apply for a booker job while you own a promotion... makes sense to me). However, I was rejected by Stephanie McMahon as my reputation is not high enough (highly reputable loses to highly reputable). Instead Stephanie hired someone near and dear to her heart.

http://ia.media-imdb.com/images/M/MV5BMTY2ODgzNjA5N15BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwODk0MTgwOA@@._ V1._SY314_CR12,0,214,314_.jpg

Yep, Triple H is passed over again. And I'm without a job. The Great Sasuke has come over to Canada and has now taken over as NSW owner. The booker job is available but the amount of changes made already has eradicated practically almost all of what I have done. Moving along.

2 promotions have gone up in level. NJPW is back at a National level and WRP is global as it was mentioned before. So I'll make them my focus for today. Let's start off with...


Owner: Jeff Katz
Booker: Lance Storm
Wrestling Retribution Champion: Kevin Steen
Major Stars (Main Eventers): Christian Cage, Daniel Puder, El Generico, Robert Roode, Tommy Lee Ridgeway (Adam Pearce).

They have no relationships with any other promotions. They only have the 1 title. Veteran presence in the locker room includes Mick Foley, James Gibson (Jamie Noble), Michael Hayes, Scott Steiner and Sting. They have continued this trend throughout the entire duration of the game and are hoping to stay as the #3 promotion and Global for the foreseeable future, all while only being shown on the Internet with PPV deals finally solidified throughout the entire world.


Owner: Takaaki Kidani
Booker: Gedo (both still going strong!)
IWGP Heavyweight Champion: Yuji Nagata. 52 years old and going strong. 3x time champ. Future HOI member. #97 on the Power 100.
Major Stars: Go Shiazaki (#58 in the Power 100, 99% HOI eligible). Hiroshi Tanahashi. Kazuchika Okada (#69, 64%). Manabu Nakanishi (#81, 79%). Shinsuke Nakamura (#70, HOI-eligible).
IWGP Intercontinental Champion: Satoshi Kojima (#86, HOI-eligible). Kojima had a banner year winning both the Heavyweight title as well as this title at the end of the year.
IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Champion: Minoru Tanaka (6x). (17%). The ace of the division as evidenced by all of his title reigns.
IWGP Tag Team: Hirooki Goto and Koji Kanemoto (2x). 95. That's their combined age. Goto is at 9% and Koji is set for the Hall already.
IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Tag Team: Bushi and Mark Haskins. Bushi is now a 9x holder of the belt, alongside partners Nobuo Yashihashi, Davey Richards, Jado, Rocky Romero (2x), Prince Devitt, Shuji Kondo, Drake Younger and now the UK born Haskins. Haskins has been a Dragon Gate staple until recently when he jumped ship.

And the most prestigious tournaments in wrestling today...

G1 Climax and New Japan Cup winner for 2020: Yuji Nagata. Beast mode.
G1 Tag Team Climax: Hiroshi Tanahashi and Manabu Nakanishi. 4x winner and winners of the last 3. Only 1 team has won more than once since the game's inception as well as ever, the team of Jushin Thunder Liger and Tiger Mask IV.
Best of the Super Juniors: Taiji Ishimori (#84, 9%). Former Jr. Heavyweight Champion as well.
Super J Cup: BUSHI. 1 of the top Juniors in the world and is just racking up the titles.

Due to the rise in women's wrestling and constant jumping between the various male promotions, NJPW has fluctuated between "Cult" and "National" level. With a solid stable of good workers and focus on in-ring action, New Japan has bounced back to becoming the #8 promotion in the world and #4 in Japan. A rough road ahead as not only are the joshi promotions WAVE and Oz Academy are National level, but so are All Japan and Dragon Gate. New Japan is a personal fave of mine, as they are the most popular promotion that utilizes tournaments to highlight their roster.

March 14th, 2013, 10:38 PM
Love the reading Slim!

March 20th, 2013, 4:45 PM
I just started one in 1995 with the WWF. No created guys in it though but maybe Ill start a thread too and post some results. I always find these a fun read.

March 20th, 2013, 10:39 PM
It actually happened. I think this is what happened when Biff stole the Almanac and traveled back in time to become rich. Yes, the WWE dream is on... life support. The media mega-conglomerate is officially at a cult ranking. Triple H. The Undertaker. Brock Lesnar. The Rock. Stone Cold Steve Austin. All on the roster to put over talent. So is the ancient ones Big Show, Chris Jericho, Kane, and Rob Van Dam (still fully active). And we can't forget about company men John Cena and Randy Orton. Where could it have gone wrong? This journal's spotlight is currently on World Wrestling Entertainment.

Owner: Stephanie McMahon.
Stephanie has assumed the reigns once Linda and Vince faded away into obscurity. With the WWE now at a cult ranking (and still the #3 promotion in the world), she has seen the book go through a variety of people from Michael Hayes, Eric Bischoff, Kevin Nash and now...
Booker: Triple H.
Yes, Paul is now the booker again. The brand split is eliminated and the McMahon-Helmsley regime is now in full force to turn the ship around.

To give you an idea of how things went wrong, the answer lies simply in the fact that they either released or brought up every single developmental talent they had. With NXT/FCW now used as a random promotion for random talent to join, NXT has seen THREE men signed to developmental contracts (1 has since been released). I'm thinking this more of a game mechanic as the same has been done with TNA/OVW with their lack of developmental talent.

WWE Champion: Bubba Ray Dudley
At 49 years old, Bubba is the WWE Champion. A belt which he took off of Kassius Ohno, he has now worn it for over a year. He is 64% a member of the Hall of Immortals, and with WWE at the status it is, odds are he's not seeing it. Too bad the tag accolades were not factored into this. He was ranked #82 among the Power 100 of 2020.

World Heavyweight Champion: Brodus Clay
After a run with Team Maestro alongside tag partner Tensai, Clay has been a monster heel. The entire team. Video game Steph and co. have some sense. 9% HOI. Triple Crown winner holding the tag titles and is a 2 time Intercontinental Champion.

Major Stars... I'm actually gonna break them down by their accomplishments during game play... brace yourselves:

Antonio Cesaro - As this scenario was done before his US title reign, Cesaro has ONE title reign of note: a 4 month Intercontinental title reign. No HOI credentials. No ranking in the Power 100.
Batista - Came off hiatus. Helped me out in my North Star Wrestling promotion for a bit. No HOI credentials. No Power 100.
Dolph Ziggler - STILL NO TITLE REIGN. 79% HOI. #66 in the 2020 Power 100. Magically has not won a single title in game time.
Doug Williams - 4% HOI. Williams started off in the game developing OVW talent. Once they decided to take him away from that, he has since been a quality worker, ala Finlay's WWE run.
Eddie Edwards - The American Wolf of the WWE. #92 in the Power 100. 2 time US Champion and a former Tag Team champ in the E.
John Cena - #61 in the Power 100. 15 time World/WWE Champion. Still banging. Future HOI.
Kane - Hasn't won a belt in game time. Still entertaining somehow at 54 years old.
Matt M-M-M-M-M-M-ORGAN - Blame me. I tried to make him a big star in ROH (big fish in a little pond). The former ROH Champion is now a big f'n deal... with no real noteworthy accomplishments otherwise.
Nick Aldis - The artist formerly known as Magnus. 14% HOI. Former TNA Television champion, Magnus has jumped ship as a threat to the World Titles and the Tag Titles alongside fellow British Invasion member Doug Williams.
Scotty Goldman - Yes, Colt is a Main Eventer. Colt actually had (in-game injury) cancer at 1 point, which probably robbed him of a major title run while his momentum was sky high. 19% HOI.
Seth Rollins - 24% HOI. Lost the belt to Clay. Obviously the most successful member of the Shield.
Steve Corino - 9% HOI... STEVE CORINO IN A WWE RING?! Let's think about this. His biggest accomplishment was winning the Royal Rumble in his debut show.
Ted DiBiase - 4% HOI. 4x and current Intercontinental Champion. Looks to be just like his Dad as a great talent who never gets a shot with the big belt.
Tensai - Still being managed by Sakamoto.
The Big Show - Seriously. HOI-lock. 5x time WWE/World Champion.
The Miz - 64% HOI. #47 Power 100. 2x time WWE Champion.
Zack Ryder - He and Aldis are pups (35 & 34 years old). Triple Crown champion (WWE, US, and Tag Titles). #77 Power 100. 94% HOI. Who had Ryder with more of a chance at being a legend than Miz? Anyone? WWWYKI

Your Main Eventers everyone. Now who (else) has got belts?

WWE United States Champion: Mark Henry
74% HOI. The Hall of Pain will always be his legacy.

WWE Unified Divas Champion: Charlotte
Oh, you don't know Charlotte? Well, let me say this first. The Divas title might as well be the Family belt. As Charlotte and Raquel Diaz have traded that belt more times than Ric Flair has traded the World Title. Speaking of Flair, Diaz being Eddie and Vicki Guerrero's daughter and Charlotte being Ric Flair's WOO!! 7 TIME! UNIFIED DIVAS CHAMPION!

WWE Unified Tag Team Champions: Joe Hennig and Dawson Alexander
OHHH WAY YOOOOOOOOO.... Michael McGillicutty and David Otunga once held the belts in the E in the real world. Then WWE went through some identity changes and released them. With the Hennig name fully in play, Hennig signed on with WRP for a time becoming their Champion. At 1 point, Hennig held the Intercontinental title at the same time as the tag belts. Meanwhile, Otunga left and became the NWA World Heavyweight Champion, also while holding the resurrected AWA's World Tag Titles. Came back and won the Intercontinental title... before losing it to Hennig.

I don't know what else to say. This game has gone insane. Stephanie and Dixie has raided the independents of the US like no other. I say that due to the fact that WWE is seemingly more and more American. Some of the indy darlings you may be familiar with currently fight in a WWE ring: ACH, Ashley Lane/Madison Rayne, Delirious, Mr. Pec-Tacular Jessie, Kevin Thorn, Michael Elgin, Mike Knox, Luke Gallows (ACES & 8S!), Tim Donst, Willie Mack... but Matt Morgan notwithstanding, the biggest surprises have been the returns of Rosey, Davairi and Muhammad Hassan.

I think I'll leave it at that for tonight's update... I guess I'll ask how could you fix this, since they rejected me.